What to do if your Business is Failing

You’ve tried everything, you’ve spent your budget, you’ve worked hard but have nothing to show for it. What now? 

This is the situation that I’ve been in over and over again. 

Maybe it’s just me so if you can’t relate, feel free to ignore this e-mail. 

But this is something that’s always been extremely challenging for me to get my head around and honestly, I don’t have it full worked out yet. 

There are so many times where I’ve just put hundreds of hours of work into something, I’ve spent a ton of money on it. In some cases I’ve even hired other people to help me do it. 

At the end of all of that, there’s been times where I haven’t even broken even. I feel like I haven’t helped anyone. And then I’m in that spot where I agonize about what to do next. 

Do I keep trying to push with this project. More money, more time, more effort? 

Or do I start yet another new thing and throw out all of that blood sweat and tears? 

To be honest I don’t have a good answer for you today. 

For myself, I’ve gone both ways. I’ve completely scrapped a consulting business that I started. I actually did break even on that but it ended up being so labour intensive for me that I didn’t want to keep pushing for something that could never stand on it’s own two legs. 

Months and months of work and getting clients and everything down the drain. 

I also started a website about fine art. Painting is a passion of mine and I wanted to express that in a website. It was the very first website I ever made and I didn’t know what I was doing. 

That website is still out there, half finished with so much work to be done on it getting a slow trickle of traffic every month with terribly high bounce rates. I tell myself one day I’ll go back and fix it. 

I’m sure you have some half-finished projects sitting somewhere? Or maybe you’ve finished them and they’re not giving you the results that you want. 

What I’ve learned is that you naturally end up persevering at the things that you’re passionate about. 

I’m passionate about helping other people make it through the minefield of online business and investing. That’s why this website survived. 

I’m passionate about horses which is why my horse blog is doing well. 

Believe it or not, I love the world of stock trading and advertising which is why I’ve continued to invest and learned about all sorts of affiliate marketing. 

I did not like doing social media and brand consulting. I’m actually not a big fan of bitcoin but it’s similar enough to investing and I do think that it’s a good enough place to be right now that it works for me. I really don’t like Instagram anything which is why I don’t write about it anywhere on my blog almost. 

I’ve realized that there is no point forcing myself to do things that are more lucrative (or I think will be more lucrative) that I don’t like. Because when the going gets hard, which it always does in the world of making money for yourself, I will not “get going” if I don’t care about what I’m doing. 

Let me know if you agree! 


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