What to Blog About to Make Money

Are you ready to start your own internet business but you don’t know what to blog about to make money?

Here’s the secret: you can create a blog about almost anything and make money.

The catch is that some topics will make you a lot more money than others because a lot more people are looking to buy things in certain niches compared to others.

For instance, hobbies like golf or tennis and house & home topics like kitchens or cleaning are a lot more amenable to making a profitable blog when compared to things like poetry. You may be super passionate about poetry but it’s just not a good way to make money online. 

So, how do you go about finding something that you’re both passionate about and will make you a good amount of money quickly? 

What to Blog About to Make Money

The key to finding a profitable niche is research. I mean you can guess to a certain extent but to really make sure that you’re investing your time and effort into something totally worth it, it’s comforting to know that you did the research first. 

If other blogs are making money, you will too. With more and more people using the internet for more and more things and people transitioning even more to online shopping than ever before (I mean look at Amazon’s stock price!), competition in the online space is a good thing and you shouldn’t be scared of it. 

What you should be scared of is no competition. 

Today, we’re going to brainstorm together some ideas for you to start your blog, then we’re going to use 2 resources (1 social media network that’s actually a search engine like Google and 1 major affiliate network specializing in digital products) to make sure that people are looking to buy things in your future niche and that there are plenty of products to sell both physical and digital. 

Step 1: Brainstorming

The first step is brainstorming. You don’t want to rely solely on research because it’s hard to know where to start and you also don’t want to end up putting a ton of effort into a topic that you don’t have any interest in. 

Ideally, your blog should be something that you’re passionate about or that you at least have some interest in. By the time you’re making a great income with your blog, you will have become an expert in that particular topic because of how much time and effort you will have invested and how much content you will have written. 

Trust me, this can become draining even with a niche that you like so you don’t want to start a blog on fashion if you hate fashion. 

****STOP HERE****

I want you to get a piece of paper and a pen right now and write down the first 25 things that come to mind when you think about starting a blog. 

Try not to think about what you “should” blog about. At this stage, you also don’t want to think too much about whether it will be profitable or not. 

Just write down whatever comes to mind that you have an interest in. 

Once you’re done, move on to Step 2…

Step 2: Pinterest 

Now you’re going to go through each item and research it on Pinterest. 

Let’s say your first item is tennis: 

Search for topics on Pinterest on what to blog about to make money

The pre-populated fields that come up like “tennis shoes”, “tennis outfit”, “tennis skirt outfit”, “tennis bracelet diamond” are ALL indications that this is a good niche. Every single one of those things is something that you could sell to people and the fact that people are looking for it means that they are looking to buy. 

You want a niche where your readers are shoppers too. There are some niches where people love to read about stuff but don’t actually ever want to buy anything. Those are niches like “writing”, “poetry”, “inspiration”, “motivation”, etc. There is NOTHING to sell in those niches. 

Searching for topics on Pinterest.

Now, let’s say you want to look into coffee because you’re a coffee addict (like me): This is not as good. There are some cool things to write about for sure, but which one of these things could you sell on a blog? Maybe a coffee table but definitely nothing to do with coffee shops, coffee quotes, or coffee photography. 

Now, let’s say you like cooking and spending time in the kitchen: 

Kitchen ideas on Pinterest

This again is not good. Kitchen is too broad as you can see with again, nothing to sell coming up. The ideas that have come up though have some merit – maybe we could look into these individually and come up with some ideas. Let’s choose kitchen organization: 

looking for more specific kitchen ideas from Pinterest

There might be some merit to this. You could sell organization tools for the kitchen space. Again though this is not as good as tennis was where literally everything associated with it was something that you could sell on your blog. 

****STOP HERE****

Keep researching until you’re left with 3 solid niches with tons of stuff to sell that people are actually looking to buy. 

Now, we’re going to see if there’s potential for digital products because they are easy to sell on a blog and usually you get much higher commissions on digital products…

Step 3: Clickbank

With the 3 niches that you’ve narrowed it down to, you’re now going to go to Clickbank and make an affiliate account. Then you’re going to go to Marketplace: 

Going to go to Clickbank and make an affiliate account

Let’s go through the same niches that we did before starting with Tennis: 

Clickbank marketplace to look for niches or topic ideas

If we scroll down the page…

Clickbank marketplace to look for more specific niches or topic ideas

Perfect! There’s lots of stuff that we can sell digitally! This niche is a winner. 

Next, let’s move on to kitchen organization: 

Clickbank marketplace to look for more specific niches or topic ideas

As you can see, most of the products are getting organized in general and the avg $/sale is half of what we saw above in tennis. Furthermore, the product with the highest amount has nothing to do with the organization – it’s actually hydroponics…

So we’ve learned that kitchen organization or even organization, in general, is probably not as much of a winner. 

*****STOP HERE******

Look through Clickbank for your 3 niches and chose 3 programs for your favourite niche. 


You’ve just found your blog niche. You know that you have physical products and digital products that you can sell. You know that people are actually out looking for those products right now and are ready to buy them. And your topic is something that interests you. 

Not only that, but you’ve just found 3 affiliate programs using Clickbank already that you can get started with. For physical products, I would recommend starting with Amazon’s affiliate program and ShopStyle Collective. You can definitely look for more later on but just start with those.

What to Blog About & Make Money | Other Tools to Use…

These are other tools that I use to come up with good niche ideas: 

#1: Trends (using Jaaxy)

Using Jaaxy tool to look for good niche ideas

#2: Amazon Best Sellers

Using Amazon Best Sellers to look for good niche ideas

Amazon best-sellers are also a great place to find affiliate products to sell on your blog once you’re part of Amazon Affiliates. 

Now, How do you Actually Make Money?

Okay, at this point you should 100% have a niche. But now you need to build out your blog in a way that you’re actually going to start making money from it. 

This means you need to do the following: 

  1. Build a website 
  2. Choose a blog theme and set up your main pages 
  3. Start writing content using the SEO (search engine optimization basics) so that Google finds you and ranks you 
  4. Include your affiliate links within your blog posts so that buyers click on them and you get a commission 
  5. Scale until you’re getting at least 25k viewers a month so you have a full-time income 

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