Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Wealthy Affiliate offers a step-by-step online entrepreneurship course you can start for free
Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $359/year (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Training:  98 out of 100
Support: 97 out of 100
Success Stories:  100 out of 100
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

I’ve tried really hard to make sure this review includes all the good, the bad and the ugly about Wealthy Affiliate. Within 10 minutes, you’ll learn what I’ve learned over the last 5+ years while inside the premium community. If you stick with me until the end, I’ve also included a bonus for you!

What you’ll learn:

  1. What Wealthy Affiliate actually is
  2. Whether it’s worth investing your money & time into it
  3. Why it took me over 4 years to write a review
  4. Why I’m personally never leaving

Wealthy Affiliate Overview | What is it exactly?

In a nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform set up to help people build online businesses. There are many moving parts that make this work because there are many moving parts that need to be included the make a business work.

These online parts are as follows:

  • Community of like minded entrepreneurs
  • Hosting and domain platform with unlimited e-mail addresses
  • Built in website builder
  • “Pay-it-forward” article commenting and feedback system
  • Affiliated keyword research software and article ranking tracker
  • Built in affiliate program
  • Database of affiliate programs
  • Step-by-step training on how to start an online business in any niche
  • Step-by-step training on how to start an online business as an affiliate
  • 24/7 technical support and business support
  • 24/7 live chat with the community
  • Training on virtually every single topic in online business

A Reliable, Realistic & Affordable Platform

Despite inflation and trends in the industry has not changed their prices in the last 15 years despite going from a site to get keyword lists back in 2005 to where it is today, which is essentially a university program wrapped up into a website.

To me, keeping the price fixed is something that I have appreciated because I factor it in as my fixed business expenses and I know as long as I keep putting that amount of money into my business, I have everything I need and more in just 1 location.

I think it says a lot about the team running Wealthy Affiliate that they haven’t increased their prices, which they very well could do and still have plenty of members.

Wealthy Affiliate is also not very flashy, especially in comparison to other programs on the internet. It is most certainly not a get rich quick strategy.

Wealthy Affiliate is a reliable, affordable and realistic way to make money onlineEach of the 2 main courses take several months to get through in order to build a profitable business but also unlike other programs, you learn step-by-step and it’s realistic.

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get rich quick strategy. It will take months.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, the highest price you can possibly pay for this program is $359/year (NOTE: the starter rate is free with no obligation to ever upgrade) for the Premium yearly membership, which includes hosting for all your custom-domain websites.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but no website trying to sell you on anything ever gives you the price up front. There’s always the next step up, the next flashy course you can buy. I’ve seen courses upwards of 20,000 dollars.

I’ve been on the receiving end of that and it’s not fun. So I’m going to lay out the MOST expensive option for Wealthy Affiliate.

The HIGHEST price you can pay for Wealthy Affiliate is $359/year plus $10-15/year per premium website.

Starter Membership: $0 (Join Here)

Premium Membership: $49/month or $369/year (Join Here)

If you want to subscribe for Jaaxy, which is the affiliated keyword tool then you get into the price of $199/year for the PRO subscription.

Full disclosure – my business expenses per year for the last 5 years have been :

$369+$199 = $568/year 

After this, there is NO further:

  • Upsells
  • Hidden fees
  • Extras for more training
  • Charges for customer service

As a reference, you won’t find hosting alone cheaper than $250 anywhere else and the customer service will be non-existant in comparison.

Why I broke the 1st rule of “Online Guru Sales”

I broke the rule that so many “gurus” follow online and gave you the highest possible price of this program up front.

This is because I find that when you’re all wound up with the “promise” of making a lot of money, sometimes your judgement can go out the window. This is generally not a good time to make a purchase and more times than not you end up regretting it.

It’s much more civilized to have all the information (costs, pros, cons, etc.) on the table before making a decision.

If you do choose to sign up today, it’s $0 initially to get basic introductory materials and you can always choose to cancel your subscription at anytime.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly | Wealthy Affiliate University Pros and Cons


  1. There is only 1 upgrade to premium (monthly or yearly) and then no further upsells. Everything is included and you don’t need to pay a cent more. $49 is extremely affordable if you consider all of the training that’s included, hosting for multiple websites and the fact that you have technical and business support whenever you need it. 
  2. (Almost) everything that you need is included: website builder, e-mail service, commenting system, affiliate program database, technical support, business support, training on every topic and hosting and domain service. The only thing that’s not included is a keyword research tool. You can either use Google Keyword planner or Jaaxy (I personally use Jaaxy because I hate Google Keyword Planner’s interface and it’s free for your first 30 searches) 
  3. Unrivalled business support. You can personally message the owner of Wealthy Affiliate University or you can message any of the 200 Ambassadors, who get extra credit on the platform to help out others that are struggling. These are all people who have already succeeded online so they can help you get there too. There is absolutely no excuse to getting stuck! Also, you can always message me 🙂 


  1. Overwhelming as a beginner. There is a ton of training, a ton of new tools to get used to and you won’t know where to start to get support when you need it in the beginning. It will be super easy to spend hours on Wealthy Affiliate and feel like you didn’t really accomplish much while you get the lay of the land. 
  2. Affiliate marketing takes time and patience. Results do not happen overnight and this can be discouraging. 
  3. The main Online Entrepreneur Certification training is a bit outdated at certain points but there’s new live training every week and huge classrooms with the most up to date information – you just need to look a little more to find it sometimes. 

Tools & Training Overview | No-Nonsense Training on How to Master Affiliate Marketing

I was so overwhelmed by the information on internet marketing and residual income outside of Wealthy Affiliate that when found this program, it was so calming to have everything I needed all in one place with no reason or desire to look anywhere else.

Some members get overwhelmed even inside of the platform

I did not personally have this problem but some members do say that the sheer amount of information you get and all the features of the website can be a little bit overwhelming.

I think for me, because I was working so hard to make this work for me outside of the platform, it became easier having everything in one place. The world of online marketing can be a lot to handle at first so it’s no surprise that people get overwhelmed.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

This course is a 5 Level, 50 lesson step-by-step guided journey to making your very own website and online business in any niche that you want.

Every single lesson is supplemented with how-to videos where Kyle shares his screen with you and walks you through the process of creating a website, creating content, and monetizing the site.

Everything that you will need throughout the course is either free or included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership so there are no hidden fees or costs along the way.

This course is how I build my very first website: EquestrianBootsandBridles.com

Affiliate Bootcamp Course

Affiliate Bootcamp Course The other mega-course offered is also taught by Kyle. This one is for anyone interested in starting a business in the affiliate industry. It walks you through the process and includes training on both organic and paid traffic generation

This course has 7 phases and 70 lessons. Again, all the lessons are how-to videos led by Kyle. There is also no additional costs unless you would like to pursue the paid traffic generation methods in which case you would do so on a “PPC” AKA pay per click basis.

Kyle teaches you how to do this in a way that you would be profiting but you would need to put forward money initially.

Generally, I don’t like to hype up things much but in this case, I would bet a good amount of money that there is nowhere else on the internet where you can find the quality of training in 1 place for this price.

Countless Virtual Classrooms for Niche Topics

After the two main programs, there is a bunch of “virtual classrooms” in order to get more training or clarification on niche topics in the world of online business.

For instance, if you’re interested specifically about learning more on e-commerce, SEO, WordPress, Social Media, etc. then you can go to these and learn more. There’s also live classes by Jay, one of the very successful initial members of Wealthy Affiliate every Friday on new and exciting topics.


  • Access to the Entire WA Community
  • Weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays)
  • Live Chat
  • Access to Kyle & Carson (note that they usually don’t answer on weekends)
  • Of course, feel free to message me with any questions or concerns

The Tools You Need All in One Place

The one thing that really frustrated me about online marketing is how annoying it was to have to go to a million different places to get what I needed:

  • A hosting provider
  • A keyword research platform
  • A domain provider (usually not the same as my hosting provider)
  • Somewhere to build my websites on
  • A platform to get good quality comments that I can approve onto my website
  • Somewhere (usually lots of different places) to learn everything that I needed to know
  • Etc.

Now you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Everything is just nicely organized and packaged into one website for you.

Actually, Wealthy Affiliate even recently added a content writing software to the mix so you can even write your content more easily using templates.

They give you some templates and you can also make your own which is awesome because it facilitates the process of writing so much and for slow writers like me, it’s just one less thing I have to think about.

Here’s all the perks that you get with your hosting as a Premium member:

Included with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Note that you will get 25 free websites as a free Starter member as well. Try it out for yourself:

The one thing that I do think should eventually be implemented is some sort of email management/funnel system because I think that would speed up the success process even more. And I personally would not mind paying extra for that service.

My goal for you is to be more successful than me and in less time

If you decide to try out the community and invest a little bit of time, you’ll be able to find me right away because I’ll reach out to you through the platform. You can also just search for my name easily using the search bar – here’s what my profile will look like:

my profile on Wealthy Affiliate

I’ll be there every single step of the way during your journey to help and guide you through it.

And I know that you can do it because I’ve been through all the training, I know the platform like the back of my hand and I can tell you exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Short cuts and planning tips that aren’t covered step by step (like how to structure the timing of your social media engagement long-term, how to leverage influencers in your niche, etc.) I know how to do and can teach you.

Although to be honest everything that you need to be successful in less than 6 months is build in already. But I find it’s nice to have a real human being to talk to during the process.

My Unique Take on the Training Available and How to Get Started

The only reason why I haven’t put 100% above for training is because I think the niche training isn’t as up to par as the affiliate training.

So basically the training you will get is the most comprehensive, up-to-date training on how to be an affiliate but they break it down into 2 main categories depending on which website you want to start with.

You can either start by choosing your own niche (in my case I chose horses) or you can choose to be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate if you’re passionate about helping other succeed online or you just don’t have an idea right now of what you want to do yet.

I did not want to start with the latter because I had such bad experiences with people “helping” me make money online that it made me anxious just thinking about “trying to sell someone” like that.

Of course, I realize now that the program actually works and I just want to save you guys the emotional rollercoaster I went through.

But anyways, my point is that I found that the niche affiliate training (where you choose your own niche) is not as robust as the WA affiliate training. Mostly because the focus is solely on SEO rather than on training you how to do PPC and other paid strategies so it is much slower if you’re a slow writer (like me!).

The Community at Wealthy Affiliate

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely huge. There is a lot of like-minded people and you will definitely find your people if you engage regularly and participate in the Live Chat.

That being said, there is no penalty for not participating but there are incentives for how active you are in the community.

The philosophy of Wealthy Affiliate is to “pay-it-forward”

In my case, the person who referred me to Wealthy Affiliate never actually answered any of my questions and kind of abandoned me. I will definitely NOT do that to you by the way.

But thankfully there were so many awesome people in the community that I found. There are people who go out of their way to be helpful in order to achieve “Ambassador” status and increase their rankings at Wealthy Affiliate.

This gives you credits which you can exchange for feedback or comments on your websites while you’re building them. If you make enough credits, you can also exchange them for money.

you can earn money being an ambassador in wealthy affiliate

Just like in any community, there are some people who can be rude and there are people who won’t be close to your current level (whether that’s complete beginner or advanced marketer). This can be frustrating at times and I’ve experienced the frustration.

Overall, I find the community a positive more than a negative because for the most part, people really do want to help.

24/7 Technical and Business Support

Prior to using this platform, I was with another hosting service and I don’t want to name any names because the industry is really so small but if you’d like to know you can email me and I’ll tell you so you can steer clear.

Anyways, this hosting service had the absolute customer service despite their horrendous rates and the upsells they would charge for having 1 domain specific email address!

I spent over 2 days setting up that email, whenever I had any sort of problem with my hosting, it would take me hours to get through and even when I did get through, they generally could not answer my question.

24/7 customer service for technical issues and business supportGoing back to the beginning of this post, I mentioned that I would talk about how I’m never leaving Wealthy Affiliate.

I can honestly say that even if the training didn’t work (which is does), if the community was terrible (which it’s not) and if the research tools didn’t work, I would never leave WA solely because there’s no upsells for additional websites, emails or anything like that and customer service answers within 5-10 minutes on average.

Usually they will answer in less than 5 minutes but I’ve had once so far since I started that they took 2 hours, which was weird.

I didn’t give support 100% because the impossible “perfect” standard of immediate support on every issue as it happens but this comes pretty close.

Does it Actually Work | Have Others Succeeded Using Wealthy Affiliate?

The success stories here are not just random pictures on a landing page somewhere with some testimonial or even a video. For absolutely no money, you can create a membership, go onto the platform and find hundreds of people with live affiliate websites bringing in income for them every single month.

The best part is that you can direct message these people whenever you want, leave comments on their profiles or check out their websites and social media.

I could copy/paste a thousand testimonials here but that’s not nearly as powerful as just going and looking for yourself at all the real people who have “made it” using this platform and continue to contribute to the community. Anyone can forge some testimonials or pay off some people to say what they want.

So how much money can you actually make?

Of course, it depends. In terms of the affiliate program though I can give you some concrete answers.

Here’s some numbers to give you a feel of earnings and when you create your account you can put in numbers that make sense for you to reach your goals:

Possible Earnings As An Affiliate

When you’re working through the course if you choose to do the affiliate bootcamp, I can help you keep track of your progress using this chart so that you can follow how your income is increasing over time.

We will also be using it to reverse engineer and figure out how much more work you have to do exactly in terms of clicks and conversions to get to your goal.

Let’s Wrap Up | The Final Verdict and Your Bonus!

Alright so bringing it all together, you’ve got all you need to succeed with a fast track success plan built into the 7-stage affiliate bootcamp program.

You can ask all the questions you want to me, the owners, support, the live Q & A or any of the other successful members (or other members who are just starting just like you).

And of course, I’ll be with you every step of the way, just email me and we can even set your account up together and create a starter plan for you 🙂

What I really think you should do right now is try if at all possible to put everything else you’re doing, and trying and experimenting with (yes I mean all those other “get-rich-quick” programs too!) on hold for now because you really can’t do it all at once.

Success comes when you immerse yourself in one thing and become an expert at it. It’s not hard to do that in WA.

So, if after you’ve looked around inside and you like it, commit to yourself that you will work hard for 6 months straight and try and make this thing work for you.

Not just so you can make money but so you can build something that is your own, so that you can help other people out of the same mess if you want, so that you can reconnect with a passion that you used to have.

If you do that, I don’t think you will regret it for a second…and if you do, feel free to leave a nasty comment below and let me know.

Here are your options:

If you’re ready, let me know either via email or once you’re inside and let’s get to work.

Otherwise, I’ll contact you once you sign up!

Join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $0. Get Rolling Now!

Lots of love,

– Martina

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot!

I did say we were going to wrap up with a bonus…

Once you join with your FREE Starter Account, if you love it and decide to become a premium member in the first 7 days, you will get the following:

(1) A 59% discount off your first month ($19 instead of $49)

(2) 1-on-1 help from me with some tips based on my 5 years of experience at Wealthy Affiliate

(3) Access to “The Diamond Traffic Program”

(4) Access to my “1-Month Roadmap” on how bypass overwhelm and jump-start your results in the first month at Wealthy Affiliate

What I should also mention is that there is an added incentive as part of the affiliate bootcamp. I’ll tell you the details when you get in touch but basically, if you do the work and finish the program and keep up with it to hit a target threshold, you’ll come with us to VAGAS next year on an all-expenses-paid exclusive trip with all WA’s successful members.

It’s an awesome chance to network, suggest changes or improvements to the platform and just to celebrate all your work. I’m obviously going to be putting in my two cents about the email autoresponder. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

P.P.S. If you enjoyed this article, please pin it for later and share with your friends!

wealthy affiliate university - a-z affiliate marketing training and how to build a legit online business in 2020
Wealthy Affiliate University Review

20 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate University”

  1. I think you covered it all. I do enjoy the training courses Wealthy Affiliate offers. It is simple yet assuring. As a beginner I am still yet to see income but these things take time and patience Its definitely not a quick cash method and they don’t advertise it that way either which is honest.

    • Hey Arian, 

      This is 100% not a quick cash method and it’s not meant to be because quick cash is temporary. If I really wanted to make 5k today I probably could by emailing my list and promising riches overnight in some webinar or other and a few people might sign up. But that’s not true or honest – I can’t help anyone make millions overnight. 

      So I’ve made quick money but it’s not sustainable because those people will now not trust me, they’ll probably unsubscribe or even sue me. So in the long term I’ve just devalued my business. And that’s how quick cash systems work. They’re about making money upfront at the expense of loosing the customer long-term. WA is the opposite. We don’t want to make any money upfront because it’s all about the relationship long term and the value that comes along with that. 

      I’m not sure where you are but on average you should start making some solid profits around 2-3 months in, you should be able to achieve full income supplementation by year 1, and you’ll be set to retire without a care in the world by about 4-6 years. Some people make it work faster and for some it takes longer, it all depends how consistent you are. 

      If you’re well within this time frame and aren’t seeing results, I would recommend if you have not yet – go to the Affiliate Bootcamp section and power through all of the training. Once you’re done and you have a solid 25+ articles on your website, focus on PPC rather than SEO as SEO will come with time. Next check out my training on how to create superposts (you can find it on WA) and there you’ll learn how to drive a ton more traffic much quicker to speed up the whole process. 

      If you need additional help or support, Kyle will usually answer unless it’s the weekend in which case it takes him a few days. And I’m always around if you look me up, I’d be happy to set up a concrete plan with you 🙂  

      Best of luck! 



  2. Affiliate marketing has always fascinated me and seeing other people making so much money from it in the past, i actually got interested. How much do i need to invest in total on this program and how long will it take for me to make a good profit after i have covered up all the expenses incurred in joining the earning side.

    • Hey Anita, 

      Thank you for your comment! 

      So to get started, you don’t need to invest anything and I would strongly suggest that you don’t invest anything up front. You should keep with the free option for as long as possible where you can start the training and get a really good idea of how the whole platform and community work and also how to build out an affiliate site. After you’ve seen the training, talk to other members of the site and since I would be helping you – I would also help you with your article writing and building out your site. 

      Once you have built up your site to 50+ articles or so, at that point I would switch to a paid account (47$/month) so that you can take advantage of the more advanced SEO training, the PPC training and having your own domain. Your own domain costs about $15 per year or less. I would assume around here you’re at about 3-4 months in and should already be earning commissions. You could very realistically already have your monthly fee covered. By 6 months, you should be making significant profit and by 1 year you’ll be earning a full-time income. If done properly, there is no reason why you should be in a deficit. 

      Of course, some of the additional tools are super convenient so if you decide to upgrade to premium from the get-go than you’re looking at ~$200 invested prior to earning back that around month 4. 

      Hope this helps! 


  3. Hey Martina!

    Your Wealthy Affiliate story is amazing! I was also very similar–spinning my wheels trying to find the right way. I’m an author and I had written 15 books that I had listed online. There are many people who will tell you publishing books will get you affiliate income. I did that and got trinkles until I learned the full scope of internet marketing. Now, that I’ve joined WA, my affiliate income has increased, my book royalities have increased, and I’ve only been a member for two weeks. It’s crazy the results I’ve gotten simply by having good directions. It’s crazy how many people are charging to teach you ways to make money online that don’t work! Great review and great company!

    • Hey Tiffany, 

      Thank you for your comment! That’s awesome, I’m really happy to hear that everything is working out for you. That’s also impressive that you’ve been able to write 15 books, definitely keep writing those. And yes, you can have income from affiliate sale of books based on your recommendation and you can also have income from book royalties when people buy a book that you are the author of.

      Best of luck, 


  4. Hi Martina,
    Simply loved your write up of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined the club in July of 2017 and to be quite honest know absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing or building a website or SEO or any of that stuff. It is true that it is very much like a University course for less than $400. Plus the sense of community is amazing.
    I’d love to get your input since you’ve done such a fantastic job. I’ve been cranking on the content and am approaching 50 posts. I put up 2 per week. I need to slow down and go through and do some things like making the whole experience neater and cleaner. Plus I feel like I really need to start building up an email list. To this point I have not made $1 although I’ve got $40 built up with google adsense. What do you think would be good next steps for me?

    • Hey Mat,

      It’s awesome that you’re just getting the posts out – I would say that’s the toughest part for most bloggers is to get out the content on a consistent schedule. 

      In terms of building an email list, I would definitely set that up. 

      You can set up a free account with Mailchimp in a few minutes and then add the plugin on your site so you can collect emails in the sidebar. I would put it at the very top of the sidebar so it’s super visible and give away a free gift that you’ll send out to people when they put their emails in. Good examples of free gifts are : “How I build websites in less than 5 minutes” or “How I get 50 keywords that will rank in less than 5 minutes”. Basically, make it something that you would have loved to have when you were starting out because you’re trying to help your audience get to the level that you’re at. Even though you’re not making money yet, you’re likely a lot farther than someone who is just getting started in the space. 

      Mailchimp now offers autoresponders in their free version so create a series of 3-5 emails and in the 1st give them their free gift and introduce them to your brand. Then in the 2nd, tell them your story. In the 3rd & 4th, add more value – so teach them stuff that you know that you wish someone had taught you early on. And then after that, you can send them back to your website and present them with the programs/softwares that you use that you think will help them and that you might earn commissions for. 

      Hope this helps! 


  5. Yeah, I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for some time now as well, and I would never leave this platform, because it’s just too good! Aside from the awesome main training, there’s so much tutorials, tips and tricks posted here every day by other members! It almost feels like there’s not enough time in the world to get through all that… And of course, all the great tools, support, hosting, etc… There’s so much value here.

    • Hey! 

      100% agreed – as I said, I would stay with the platform solely based on the hosting & domain services haha



  6. Martina, I absolutely love this review! I don’t know what else to say. Not only have you nailed Wealthy Affiliate, but the way you write is fantastic! You are real! and your readers will see that. That is what we want to portray here at Wealthy Affiliate. Excellent job, and all the best to you with your ranch and your future!

  7. Great job Martina. A review of Wealthy Affiliate is always overloaded with so many pros. Just as you said, it is very difficult to find cons to balance it. I personally have never seen a platform online like it before. I joined with expectations but the platform has surpassed my expectation because of the leadership qualities of Kyle and Carson. The training is very easy to follow by anybody no matter the level of previous experience. The activities help as one learn along because. the best way to learn is by doing. The Wealthy Affiliate community is also very helpful and vibrant. It is a very good product for anyone to promote with confidence. Well Done. Good Job. Cheers

    • Joseph, agreed! I also have never found another online platform to actually be helpful to me. This is the first to make the process of building an online business seamlessly and in a small amount of time with the least amount of money. 

  8. Starting an online business requires you to undergo some set of training so you can find it easy running your business and without doubts, wealthy affiliate is just the best I can recommend to anyone who is interested in going into it. Starting with how easy it is for beginners to get along with the training and use of live videos to teach it’s members is really nice. Availability of tools of which they can be used to better you site like Jaaxy is a feature i have only seen at WA.

    • I agree Benson – Jaaxy especially is so useful! I use it all the time and it saves me from having to try and decipher the complexities of Google’s search console.


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Wealthy Affiliate University


Tools & Training




Overall Quality



  • Everything is included in Premium. No further upsells.
  • Access to all tools needed to run a successful online business.
  • Unrivalled business support from those who are already successful.


  • Overwhelming as a beginner. Hard to know where to start.
  • Affiliate marketing takes time and patience. It can get discouraging.
  • The main training course has some outdated videos so you have to refer to live training and classrooms for updates.