5 Types of Ads You Can Sell on your Blog

It’s definitely a struggle with determining the best types of ads you can sell on your blog. It’s completely understandable. Different types of advertisements are more effective for different types of products, services, and brands. How can we choose the one that will attract more visitors while not interfering with their browsing experience on our website? It all comes down to understanding what the four types of advertising are and what they are good at in terms of marketing.

There are various types of ads you can run on your blog, and some approaches work better in certain situations than others. We’ll show you the most popular ad options you can use down below:

Pay-per-click Advertising

Types of Ads You Can Sell on your Blog

AdSense is a Google feature that allows website owners to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their pages. You, as a blogger, are paid per click (PPC) when visitors click (or, in some cases, view) the advertisements. You don’t have to put any money or effort into it because the advertiser will place ads on your blog and pay you every time someone clicks on the ad.

But, you must be careful when deciding which ads to display on your blog, as having irrelevant advertisements will yield no results and it will make no sense at all.

It’s in your best interest to do this correctly and avoid putting ads that have nothing to do with your blog or content. If you have a travel blog, you should promote fashion style outfits, travel gear, and travel brands.

The most common phrase, and the most difficult to answer clearly, is “How much money can I make from AdSense?” ”. Earnings from 1,000 ad impressions are estimated to be $1 across the wide community. In reality, AdSense prices are versatile and determined by bidding.

Many websites earn real money from AdSense, but you have to consider starting it to see what you could earn on your site. It’s also crucial to spend time enhancing the ads you’re running in order to maximize your earnings. Google Ads generates additional revenue for some websites.

Direct Advertising

When it comes to placing advertising ad space on your blog, it’s one of the most effective methods of advertising. You are not depending on third countries to make an ad with this method. Rather, you approach advertisers on your own and strike a direct deal with them.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to selling direct advertising on your blog.

You will be able to make more profit from your ads in this manner, and you’ll have to put in some effort to seek these offers. To get good offers, your blog has to be easy to reach and well-trafficked. Because if not, advertisers will not even bother about putting ads on your website.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored content is when a company pays a blogger to publish a very specific piece of content, which usually promotes or reviews the company’s product. This is what it looks like:

How much money can you expect to make from sponsored posts? Sponsored posts pay anywhere between $50 to more than $50,000. Social media influencers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on their follower count and outreach success.

Offer your audiences the high-quality sponsored product or service reviews that they will enjoy! The best feature is that you don’t need a lot of website traffic to start monetizing in this manner.

Writing sponsored posts is an important part of running a profitable blog business. Your viewers are curious about where you got your preferred products and services. What’s more, this content is beneficial to the progress and success of your blog. Sponsored blog posts increase your credibility while also providing you with more particular content to connect with others.

If you are interested in sponsored content, check out this website from Rachel of Joyful Derivatives to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates, is a form of affiliate marketing. Becoming an Amazon Associate is completely free for website owners and bloggers. They promote Amazon.com products on their websites by including links to Amazon.com. Customers earn affiliate commissions when they click on the links and purchase products from Amazon.

It doesn’t come to our surprise that Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces.  There are numerous affiliate markets, but Amazon is one of the most popular among bloggers and businesses. To begin with, you can earn up to 10% in advertising fees on each product sale made through your affiliate link. It may appear to be a tiny portion, but it can help you earn a good living.

The Amazon Affiliate program is an amazing way to earn a source of passive income by advertising other products from Amazon. Choose a profitable niche, write high-quality content or reviews, and include relevant affiliate links, and you’ll be sure to grow your Amazon Affiliate income for the long term.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways for a blog to generate revenue. You will be able to gain their trust if you create a blog with high-quality content and a large number of loyal readers. That means they will respect your insights and be willing to share their opinions from you and your blog posts.

Nonetheless, you should not mislead your viewers by directing them to pretty poor products or services as a result of your affiliate deals. Don’t include flawed links that take them somewhere they didn’t expect to go. Besides that, you must place links in strategic locations and ensure that they are useful to your readers.

My Final Thoughts

Always keep in mind that your blog and your readers come first. Work on developing your blog into a credible online presence. Even if you start displaying ads to earn income, never let those ads degrade the quality of your posts or the reader experience. Your blog will always be popular and a valuable asset for advertising if you maintain this attitude. Best wishes!

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