10 Simple Steps to Transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to Trezor

Want to get your coins out of Coinbase?

Do you want them on your hardware wallet Trezor?

A person who has considered purchasing a Trezor device may be unfamiliar with how to transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to a Trezor hardware device.

Investing in cryptocurrency has gained popularity since the massive increase in the value of Bitcoin, and there are cryptocurrency investors who are taking risks and making significant profits in the crypto game.

Many people have progressed beyond the stage of experimenting with cryptocurrency investments with spare change. But, despite its impressive gains, cryptocurrency remains a volatile market. There is no guarantee of client protection from hacks and fraudulent online attacks in the absence of government or central bank regulation.

As a result, it is critical for a crypto trader to select a secure wallet and diversify their digital assets. For example, it would be suitable for establishing hot wallets online like the Coinbase wallet while safekeeping the residual long-term digital assets in cold wallets like Trezor.

To do this, you require is a step-by-step procedure.

But, don’t worry. This complete guide has you covered!

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What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a digital crypto storage service or a hot wallet where you can access your crypto coins. Your bitcoin transactions are completed online using a hot cryptocurrency wallet. Because transactions like obtaining, transferring, accepting, and transferring crypto are done online, it may not be exempt from internet fraud and related suspicious attacks. What’s great about Coinbase’s exchange is that it instantly provides you with 100% insurance.

But even so, if you have a large amount of cryptocurrency, it may be best not to dump it all on online trading platforms like Coinbase, even through the assurance of total security. The best course of action is still to diversify and not put all of your eggs in one basket.

What is Trezor Wallet?

A hardware wallet, also known as cold storage, called a Trezor looks like a USB drive. The private and public keys that grant you access to your cryptocurrency are kept in this tiny, discreet storage. This was introduced to the market as the first cryptocurrency cold wallet in 2013.

The most secure aspect of a Trezor is that it functions as a cold wallet, meaning that the software is offline and the keys are locked inside a small device that can be carried around or left in a safe location at home or work.

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How To Transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to Trezor: Step By Step

After describing Coinbase and Trezor, the following are some instructions on how to move funds from Coinbase to Trezor:

Step 1: The first thing to do is to set up your Trezor device according to the instructions that came with it, then create a wallet.trezor.io account.

Transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to Trezor - Trezor interface device setup 10 steps
image by: hongkiat.com

Step 2: Visit wallet.trezor.io while your Trezor device is connected to your computer or laptop using its USB cable.

A word of caution: make sure the website you are visiting is the legitimate one, has the correct URL, and isn’t a phishing site that looks exactly like the legitimate Trezor website or has very slight variations.

Step 3: Input your pin.

Enter your Trezor Pin

Step 4: The Trezor account you want to transfer your coins to can be chosen then click Receive.

Trezor account interface and click receive

Choose the Trezor account you want to send the coins to on the left side, and then choose “Receive” and “show full address” from the top menu.

A word of caution: Avoid sending or receiving payments to addresses created for a different cryptocurrency, such as sending bitcoin cash to a bitcoin address. Select the coin drop-down menu above your device to change the type of coin you want to receive. then pick a supported coin from the list and keep in mind that you must have a stable internet connection to complete and view transactions.

Trezor step, show full address

Step 5: Verify the wallet address. 

Verify that the address displayed on your computer screen and the one on your Trezor Model T device is the same. An essential tip for confirming the address is to read each character and make sure they all match. You cannot afford to only verify the first and last characters while assuming that the rest are secure.

Verify the wallet address

Be careful not to only look at the first and last four characters. VERIFY THEM ALL! The primary function of Trezor hardware wallet is to ensure that you are sending your coins to the correct address because there is no other way to do so. You are assuming an unnecessary risk by not checking every character in order to save a few seconds.

Step 6: Click Continue

At this point, you have the option of confirming by pressing “Continue” or showing a QR code for scanning by selecting the left button (if you are using the Coinbase app, for instance).

To paste the address later in the following steps, copy the address as it appears on wallet.trezor.io on your computer screen.

Step 7: Sign up for Coinbase.

Sign up for Coinbase using your email address and click “accounts” in the dashboard’s upper section after logging in.

Coinbase sgn up

Step 8: Choose Account

Choose the account you would want to transfer coins from in the accounts section.

Your Bitcoin wallet on Coinbase is referred to as “My Wallet” and is indicated by the orange B logo. In this instance, we are sending Bitcoin to our Trezor, so click “Send” under “My Wallet.”

Step 9: Enter Trezor Address

The address that your Trezor provided you with (that you copied in Step 6 into the ‘Recipient’ field), the amount of BTC (or other coins) you wish to send (or a dollar amount of that coin), and, if desired, a note, will now be entered into the “Recipient” box.

This note does not appear on the blockchain and is only provided to assist you in later locating the transaction if you choose.

Enter the number of coins you want to send to Trezor, along with a note for future reference, and click the ‘Continue’ button.

coinbase wallet address

Step 10: To verify the status of your transaction and track its progress, click ‘View Details.’

To find the TXID of your transaction, you click View Details. This allows you to monitor its change and the number of confirmations it receives over time. This will give you an idea of when the coins should appear in your Trezor wallet.

Blockcypher block explorer

The Blockcypher block explorer is another way to track the progress of your transfer from Coinbase to Trezor. It not only displays your details of transactions and status, but it also provides security tips as an added bonus. However, for the time being, this is only accessible for BTC transactions.

It should be noted that the transfer from Coinbase to Trezor is a lengthy process and is not instant. Allow a few minutes for your transaction to reach Trezor’s node. Wait a few moments if the alert says your transaction is ‘pending.’

How Does the Transfer Work?

Transferring from Coinbase to Trezor works as follows: Coinbase broadcasts your send request to all nodes on the network in order for Trezor’s node to pick it up. When Trezor’s node finally sees this transaction, the transfer process begins, and you are notified via a ‘pending’ notification.

Arguably term “pending” is reasonable for managing expectations. But the idea is that your wallets keep you updated every step of the way, so you always know where your crypto assets are.

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Why Should You Transfer Your Coins to a Hard Wallet

Trezor users learn more about cryptocurrencies and realize that crypto exchanges are not always safe places to store their coins.

And no one wants to lose money, no matter how large or small their cryptocurrency portfolio is. The Trezor wallet (and Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S) guarantees the owner complete custody of the private keys.

This is an advancement over exchanges, which retain all of the keys to your coins, making them the “owners” of the funds stored.

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