Top 10 List of Best Crypto Forums to Join in 2022

If you’re a serious trader in bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency, you’ve probably heard that forums are essential to the industry. It is also evident that without the proper information, nothing functions. The best place to learn about cryptocurrency, though, is a question that emerges.

The top 10 best crypto forums to join in 2022 can be found in this blog. You can increase your knowledge and make the most of your overall experience with cryptocurrencies by finding out what these online communities have to contribute and why they are so crucial. What can you take away from these general discussion forums? Let’s find out.

Table of Contents:

  1. Bitcoin Forum
  2. Trendri
  4. AltcoinTalks
  5. Hard Forum
  6. Master The Crypto
  7. The Cryptocurrency Forums
  8. Dash Forum
  9. IG Client Help
  10. CoinExpansion

List of 10 Best Crypto Forums

1. Bitcoin Forum

The developers, scholars, and businesspeople who make up the Bitcoin Forum are all committed to the bitcoin discussion, instruction, and promotion of the bitcoin community. They firmly think that cryptocurrencies will replace traditional currencies in the future and that the only way we can see that future is through a free exchange of ideas.

Additionally, it’s a terrific opportunity to communicate with other users and stay up to date on the newest advancements in the bitcoin field. It’s incredibly simple to join up and navigate the website.

2. Trendri

One of the best place to join crypto forums in 2022 is Trendri. This make-money online community is focused on doing so. With other cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts, you can debate cryptocurrencies on these various topics. Find out why the crypto market is moving in a certain direction and decide whether to trade or not.

Discussing cryptocurrency with other traders is a good idea. Come here to investigate trading, learn the reasons behind the market’s movements, and chat with other traders about Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BTC, and other cryptocurrencies.


Over 1.5 million people utilize the internet forum (PEx) each month. By responding to and expressing their general debate on the most recent national and international news, updates on entertainment, sports, technology, and other hot and intriguing crypto-related topics, users interact and engage in conversation.

Go no further than this cryptocurrency trading forum if you want to learn about cryptocurrencies and the most recent advancements in the field.

4. AltcoinTalks

All supporters of cryptocurrencies are invited to join Altcoins Talks, where they can find the ideal setting for learning and imparting their knowledge. All cryptocurrencies are covered, along with news, information on mining, technical analysis, and trading.

5. Hard Forum

All PC hardware enthusiasts are welcome to talk and exchange knowledge on the Hard Community Forum. The news, information, and other topics relating to mining and cryptocurrencies can be discussed in this section of Hard Forum. One of the top bitcoin communities in 2022 is this one.

6. Master The Crypto

A knowledge base and resource center for all things related to cryptocurrencies and blockchains, Master The Crypto. By presenting materials that are simplified and simple to grasp for many, MTC strives to close the knowledge gap caused by the technical complexity of the cryptocurrency market, which is a significant barrier for the general public.

Consider joining! It’s one of the most well-liked forums to be a member of in 2022.

7. The Cryptocurrency Forums

The Cryptocurrency Forums are an educational and thriving community that welcomes both new and seasoned cryptocurrency investors as well as those who are simply curious to learn more about what cryptocurrencies are, how they operate, and what they may be used for.

There are no fake news, no following, and no sway from certain businesses or organizations.

8. Dash Forum

The Dash Forum is an excellent place for cryptocurrency discussions of the linked technologies. Dash is a global digital currency that was created to give everyone financial independence.

DashDirect makes online shopping fast and simple, so you can always save money. This well-known forum also offers some great tools for general marketplace discussion and impending cryptocurrency-related ventures.

9. IG Client Help » Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

This discussion section is a perfect place to focus on issues connected to the crypto industry and the blockchain. The IG Community is a forum specifically for talking about blockchain and cryptocurrency-related topics.

Additionally, it serves as a forum for technical discussion on distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, ripple, and Litecoin.

10. Coinexpansion

To suit the needs of all crypto enthusiasts, Coinexpansion was created. Coinexpansion compares, analyzes, and provides frank reviews of cryptocurrencies and their derivatives.

In very straightforward terms, it offers profound insight into the fundamentals of blockchain technology in the crypto world. The finest cryptocurrency community to join in 2022 is this one.

Crypto Sub-reddits

The crypto industry’s beating heart is unquestionably Reddit. Every type of digital currency you can think of has its own forum, each with its own set of passionate supporters eager to persuade you to invest in the “next big coin.”

best crypto forums - Reddit crypto forums

But it can be difficult to decide where to concentrate your attention if you’re not committed to a particular cryptocurrency or crypto-philosophy — or if you’re new to everything.

  1. R/Binance: With over 25 million members, the cryptocurrency trading platform Binance is used by the majority of cryptocurrency traders. This is a wonderful subreddit to join if you’re trying to understand Binance or want to stay current on currency changes.
  2. R/Cryptocurrencies: This group prides itself on being the top resource for learning the most recent information about cryptocurrency. If you’re interested in politically heated cryptocurrency updates or you just want to have an open discussion, this is an excellent subreddit to add to your list.
  3. R/Daytrading: The greatest place to find more meta discussions on day trading crypto is on this subreddit. This group is a terrific place to escape the chaos and have some thoughtful, in-depth conversations because memes, marketplaces, and promotional postings are all prohibited there.

My thoughts to you

We hope that you’ll find the above information useful, and will be able to use it to make your cryptocurrency portfolio more profitable than ever before. Only by staying up to date on today’s trends can we hope to succeed in the future.

Cryptocurrency is still young, but given how rapidly its popularity is spreading, things might start happening very quickly. It’s important that we’re not caught off guard by sudden shifts in behavior, values, or even prices—there might not be time after they’ve happened to take advantage of them.

To ensure that we always stay on top of things, hopefully, this list of forums will be excellent resources to bookmark. We’ll continue updating it as new cryptocurrency-related topics become available too, so check back if need be.

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