Top 10 Blogging Tools Useful For Your Website in 2022

Are you looking for the Top 10 Blogging Tools in 2022? Lucky you! You’ve come to the right place. You can produce more valuable content, build trust with your readers, and boost your search engine results by using the right blogging tools.

We’ll show you some of the greatest available online to help you write better blog entries, increase traffic, rank higher on Google, and more.

Here are the 10 Useful Blogging tools you can use to optimize your website

  1. Site Rubix
  2. SEO Blog Writing Service
  3. Quora, Reddit, Twitter and Pinterest
  4. RankIQ Keyword Research Tool
  5. Canva
  6. Stock Photos
  7. CoSchedule Free Headline Analyzer
  8. Online transcription Services
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Google Search Console

#1: Site Rubix (WordPress + Hosting)

My top recommendation is Site Rubix. It’s what I use for my three online businesses, and it’s what I’ve been using since 2016 when I was still figuring out what I was doing in my first year online. After a difficult experience with Hostgator, where I was forced to pay excessive fees for my own e-mail addresses, I discovered Site Rubix. More than $100 every month! There had to be a better way, I knew.

SiteRubix is used by members to develop their WordPress sites that are hosted on the platform, but anybody can join, create a free website, and maintain it using a simple dashboard. If you choose to set up your website with them for free, you’ll get a domain that looks like this:

As you can see below, building a website with Site Rubix is super easy and intuitive:

top 10 blogging tools- SiteRubix is a free website builder

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The best part is that if you decide to upgrade to your own website, you can easily migrate it to your own domain with just one click.

So when I first launched my new website, I basically built it up from the ground up (for free!) and only paid for it when I was ready to monetize it and needed to get accepted by affiliate programs and ad networks. That way, I was able to save a few months on the domain and hosting, and you may do the same.

Want to try it out? Build yours now in 5 minutes for free: 

To summarize, here are the PROS and CONS:


  • Without any technical knowledge, you can easily create a website in under a minute.
  • Creates blogs with WordPress with beautiful free themes available.
  • Allows you to create one free site.


  • The free version has restricted features.

Of course, there are plenty of website platforms that you can try out aside from Site Rubix, that is why I have written about the Top 5 Free Blogging Websites and I’ve included in this post everything I wish I knew about finding a free blogging website to start off with. Make sure to check it out!

#2. SEO Blog Writing Service | Outsourcing Content Writers

Because creating content for your website can be time-consuming, you may wish to hire an SEO article writing service. Isn’t it possible to enlist some assistance with your writing? Getting a professional ghostwriter can literally cut months off the time it takes to make the money you want.

You can concentrate on monetization, analytics, and optimization while your writer creates fantastic content.

I wish I could claim that finding a ghostwriter is simple, but that is easy as it sounds. Don’t get me wrong: there are a lot of authors out there, but choosing one who is right for you is a different matter.

human proof designs offer blog writing services for you to save time.

Blog Writing Services such as Human Proof Designs(HPD) help you save time researching for your blog content by giving you already-made SEO-optimized, edited, and proofread blog content by assembling a team of professional writers. All of the information is also completely prepared for your preferred content, allowing you to easily receive and publish blog articles.

HPD isn’t the only option you can do to help you ease your content writing, there are plenty of platforms that you can find. That is why, in this blog post, I’ve written a detailed guide on how you can look for writers online.

#3. Quora, Reddit, Twitter, and Pinterest

Quora, Reddit, Twitter and Pinterest forums to expand your engagement with your audience

Quora isn’t just a place to interact with and establish an online community; it’s also a terrific way to get blog ideas. This platform can point you in the direction of the kinds of questions that real people are asking, questions that you can address in-depth in a blog post.

Reddit might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “blogging tool,”. For those who don’t know, Reddit is a “network of communities based on people’s interests,” as they put it. The fact that Reddit is full of anonymous people in certain communities is one of the key reasons it’s an excellent platform. It’s useful for determining what topics people are interested in, and it’s great for researching your unique target audience to learn more about who they are and what they value.

You may use Twitter Topics to adopt a similar method for finding topics. It allows users to choose and follow trends from a list of “Topics” that they are interested in.

If you follow the Topic “Gouache painting,” for example, news and tweets about it will begin to appear in your Twitter feed automatically. This will keep you informed about the most recent debates on that issue, which can help you plan your blog strategy.

Finding topics on Pinterest is also a piece of cake! To get a feel for how popular a topic is on Pinterest all you simply have to do is research! This can be a little time-consuming at first but can save you a ton of time in the long term. Simply search for a topic and click on the pins that come up. Each pin will give you plenty of insight into whether or not something is worth pursuing.

#4. RankIQ Keyword Research Tool

Rank IQ is a cloud-based software designed to assist bloggers and content creators in getting their blog articles on the top page of Google. As a new blogger, you can use RankIQ to improve old blog content or generate whole new ones. It can help you reach your goal of generating organic search traffic to your website.

RankIQ is software that tells you what words to use in an article to improve your chances of ranking on the first page of Google for your chosen keyword.

While Google Keyword Planner worked for me at first, I found RankIQ to be more user-friendly and to have other unique features that I enjoy utilizing. This is definitely one of the best tools to help you rank #1 on Google Search results.

To succeed with a blog, you must first conduct keyword research to determine the search intent of your target audience. RankIQ can assist you with this. You may use RankIQ to know the proper keywords, determine how competitive they are, and learn what themes your competitors are using successfully.

RankIQ is a set of SEO tools that allows you to find keywords that people are entering into Google and other search engines and then analyze how popular they are.

#5. Canva

Canva lets you design anything you want for your website;s visuals.

Canva is a visual design tool that allows you to make stunning graphics for your blog and social network. Canva is an excellent alternative if you’re not a designer and can’t afford to employ a graphic designer to generate unique graphics.

You can use Canva’s tens of thousands of templates to make infographics for your blog posts, featured photos, and other graphics. Because humans are visual learners, adding aesthetically attractive visuals to your blog content can help to spice things up.

Canva is also useful for resizing photos, creating transparent backdrops, and other common design jobs. It’s free to use, but for additional templates and more features, you may upgrade to one of its paid plans.

#6. Stock Photos

Using stock photos is one of the finest methods to improve your social media game and create a visually appealing website that is clean, unified, and envious. There are several free stock photo sites where you may look for the appropriate photographs to enhance your image without spending any money.

Free stock pictures are either without copyright limitations or are in the public domain under the Creative Commons license. They are free to copy, change, and distribute without authorization.

#7. Coschedule | Free Headline Analyzer

Headlines help readers find your posts and entice them to click through to read more. Learning how to create headlines that capture visitors’ attention and pique their interest will encourage them to stay longer and return for more.

With the growing competition in blogging, I have to make sure that my blog posts are catching my readers’ attention. If no one clicks on my headline, you can write the most epic post in the world and no one will read it.

With the help of CoSchedule, it lets you:

  • Use the most popular headline types to increase social shares, traffic, and search engine ranking by making suggestions for you.
  • Find the right word balance.
  • Check out the best word and character lengths for search engines like Google and email subject lines, as well as how your readers will scan your headlines.

#8. Online Transcription Services

Writing can feel like a daunting, time-consuming chore, so it may never make it onto your to-do list. However, you should not ignore creating blog articles because they are one of the most successful and inexpensive marketing techniques available. The information is stuck in your head. All you have to do now is get it on the screen. There’s an easy way to avoid staring at a ceiling, as I call it.

Another simple and easy trick that you can do in order to save time in front of your computer, typing about things you want to share, is to use an online transcription service such as TranscribeMe.

Another simple and easy trick that you can do in order to save time in front of your computer is to use an online transcription service

I like TranscribeMe since it’s one of the most affordable; automatic transcribing costs only 10 cents per minute, but you can upgrade to a more expensive option if you want a completely finished essay that’s been proofread.

I always use the software one since I find it to be enough, and then I go through and parse out the paragraphs, add titles, and do all of my SEO stuff right before publishing.

So, if I dictate an essay that takes 20 minutes and I only pay 10 cents per minute, I’ll pay $1 every ten minutes and $2 for a total of 20 minutes.

Using this transcription app is one of my secret tricks in helping me optimize my blog posts. If you are interested to know more about article writing and content creation tips and tricks, make sure to check that out!

#9. Google Analytics

For any blogger, Google Analytics is a must-have tool. Google Analytics gives you access to every conceivable piece of information. You can track your total website traffic, unique visitors, bounce rate (this is the percentage of site visits that are single-page sessions, with the visitor leaving without viewing a second page), traffic sources (social, organic, direct, etc. ), visitors’ specific location, what day of the week and time they’re most active, which of your pages are performing well, and much more.

Google Analytics is critical to a blog’s performance. It gives you the knowledge you need to keep improving what you’re doing and double down on what’s getting you the best results.

#10. Google Search Console

Google Search Console also allows you to keep track of external and internal backlinks, as well as key on-page SEO elements like Core Web Vitals, Page Experience, Mobile Usability, and more. Get your blog set up with Google Search Console if you’re serious about getting organic visitors.

It can also assist you in optimizing a website for SEO from a variety of perspectives. For starters, it allows you to keep track of your results, such as how many impressions and hits you’re getting, your average click-through rate, and your average Google position. All of these data categories can be customized depending on specific time periods, geographic locations, individual pages, and keywords.

Top 10 Blogging Tools | In a Nutshell

While constantly releasing high-quality content is the “secret trick” of blogging success, choosing the right tools may help you generate better blog posts faster, optimize procedures, and build up your blog for long-term success. This list of blogging tools can hopefully assist you on your way to success.

I’m constantly interested in learning more about the many tools available. If you have any tips or tools to give, please do so in the comments!

I’ve put together the most thorough, in-depth guide to assist you in getting started with your blog. This isn’t going to be a quick read. I’ll reveal all of the strategies I utilized to build a six-figure blog with you. Simply click here to get started with a comprehensive tutorial that will walk you through all of the processes!

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  1. I have been using Site Rubix as a member of wealthy affiliate and what I can tell you is that it’s a good program, there are others out there as you pointed out that have their special features and functions but as for me, it’s site rubix. As far as I can remember I don’t think that I have had issues with this program. 

  2. Hey Glorie,

    This amazing, as an experience blogger there a few tools in here I never even heard of, let alone think about using on my site. I can vouch for Site Rubix and Jaaxy, they are fantastic to get you started with a site and the keyword research. The google sites for tracking your visitors and errors on your pages. The other ones I really have to check out, thank you for this information, bookmarked.

  3. I love websites like this! So informative and helpful. 

    I especially like the idea that you have listed websites for stock photos as this is something that I sometimes struggle to find without having to sign up for free trials.

     I will definitely be looking into some of these. I’ve not heard of Co schedule so this is something that I will be looking into as well.

    Canva recently changed its format which did put me off so I found one called BeFunky which is very simple to use.

    You have covered so many tips in your article so I will be saving it for future reference.


  4. This article had a quite a bit of information that I can learn from.  Instead of taking notes, which was what I did at first, I just printed out your whole post.  A lot of wonderful information and tools that I should be using but am not….yet anyway.  the headline analyzer sounds like an especially useful tool, since I find myself using very similar headlines for each post 🙁

    • Hi, Leahrae! Glad you learned something from this article! Let me know if you’ve tried CoSchedule and I would love to hear your experience with it.

  5. Hello Gorie and thank you for another wonderful article! I love that you have included Canva on this list. I use it every day when creating thumbnails and backgrounds for my YouTube videos. I have only used the free version but have noticed the app is very glitchy at times. I’m not complaining because a quick exit usually solves the problem but was wondering if you have had these same experiences?

    • Hi Joseph! Glad you loved the article.

      I use Canva every day for my infographics and images and I noticed that whenever I create a lot of pages (6-ish), they sometimes get all glitchy, but I don’t mind it because my works are saved automatically. But it’s kind of a bummer getting errors out of nowhere. Good thing Canva lets us save it instantly, I’ll probably go crazy if something gets all glitchy and I haven’t saved 8 hours worth of editing!

  6. Very much enjoyed your article as I am new to blogging. I use a lot of the tools that you mentioned through Wealth Affiliate and find the them useful, especially Jaaky.  Loom, CoSchedule and Google Search Console are new to me so I will be checking those out.  Thanks for the tips!  Dave  

  7. There is a lot of very helpful tools in this post that anyone building a website and creating blogs, would find useful. I used SiteRubix to create my two websites, and loved using it. It is easy and intuitive and I would recommend it to everybody, specially if you are a non-techie like me. 

    Another tool that I find invaluable is Jaaxy. I use it every day to do keyword research and will certainly recommend it. Thank you for sharing some great tools that every blogger needs. 

  8. Thanks for the useful blogging tools. I think these are the basics.

    You mentioned the Human Proof Designs(HPD) and said that they can provide anyone with already-created content. However, are those content unique? Because we bloggers always want to make sure we don’t have duplicate content on our website.

    Reddit is also good for blogging. I was surprised when I saw some of my articles on Reddit ranking on page one of Google. So, this is a great opportunity. But, I am not so sure if it’s possible to put affiliate links

  9. Thank you for all these suggestions for useful blogging tools. There are many blogging tools out there and as one starting in the business the greatest problem is paying for sites before you have income flowing. Free options are available but often time they are more timeconsuming or lacking in features. It is excellent to know that many helpful tools exist to help in the blogging effort. Any help and assistance given that will help the site to make it to the first page are desirable tools to use as the goal is to ultimately get a revenue stream. Online Transcription Services seems like a cery dynamic way to keep on producing valuable pages and yet do it at a reasonable price.


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