Tai Lopez Scam

Tai Lopez Scam - 67 Steps & SMMA 3.0 Reviews

The Tai Lopez scam…the debate is all over the internet. Is Tai Lopez a scam artist or not?

In this post, I’m going to go over 2 of Tai Lopez’s major products online and hopefully in the process try to answer that question…

I just want to mention that this review was written independently from Tai Lopez and his brand has had no influence on anything mentioned here.

67 Steps Review

Name: 67 Steps

Website: https://www.the67steps.com/

Price: $67

Owners: Tai Lopez

Overall Rank: 13 out of 100

67 Steps, Product Overview | What is 67 Steps?

The 67 Steps program is all about achieving “The Good Life.” This seems to be what Tai Lopez calls his own lavish lifestyle with his big house, Lambo, etc. The 67 Step program is about getting you there too. This is what he claims it includes:

what is included in the 67 steps program

I don’t know about you, but to me, this seemed awfully vague to me. Nowhere does he actually get into what the Good Life actually is. He doesn’t tell you what he’s going to show you – just that you’ll get a ton of bonus content including “tips”, “tricks” and “secrets”.

If you’ve ever watched a Tai Lopez video, you know that he goes on and on about the secret to this or that but usually he talks around himself in circles before he actually gets to the secret in question. Sometimes, he never actually tells you what it is (even though that’s what his whole video is supposed to be about) because you have to sign up for this or that course to actually find out.

That’s what this program is really about. It’s about giving you a whole lot of video time and throwing everything including the kitchen sink at you to get you to pay the $67. After that, it’s about enticing you to bigger, more lavish courses with price tags into the 10s of thousands of dollars to “expedite” your success.

The course itself is basic business principles and motivational speaking essentially. Furthermore, if you’ve ever read Jack Canfield’s book “The Success Principles” – it’s also in 67 steps and it’s eerily similar…

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


Pro #1: You will get a lot of content (whether it’s of value or not is debatable).

Pro #2: I honestly couldn’t come up with one…


Con #1: Most of the videos are like his free content where he gives you maybe 1 or 2 real tips in 2 or 3 hours of content.

Con #2: It seems very likely that this program was stolen from Jack Canfield’s book

Con #3: The personal calls with Tai Lopez probably won’t happen

Con #4: The 60 Day money-back guarantee, besides being a red flag, is not actually guaranteed

Con #5: The second Tai Lopez’s company gets your information, you will be flooded with promotional emails and offers about courses that are significantly more expensive. In the course, you will also learn about specialty courses that cost more money.

Who is 67 Steps for?

67 Steps is marketing towards the entrepreneur-minded person who is willing to work hard to achieve “The Good Life”. It’s not quite clear what that is, but the insinuation is that it’s for people who want to get rich.

Tai Lopez flaunts his lavish lifestyle when promoting this program including big houses, expensive cars, and then implies that you can have all of that stuff too if you invest in yourself by buying this course (for only $67) where he goes through how to achieve “The Good Life” in 67 steps.

67 Steps Tools & Training | Is 67 Steps any Good?

When you get into the 67 steps system, you are being handed access to a database of articles, documents, and (like I said before) the kitchen sink. A lot of the bonuses, etc. are just fluffing to entice you into purchasing the program. They aren’t very helpful and they don’t really give you any information that you couldn’t ascertain yourself using common sense and Google.

Tai Lopez does not take the time to do personal calls with all of the people who join the program once a month. Rather you can join into a live stream with a ton of other individuals. You can certainly ask questions, along with the hundreds of other people in attendance.

Really, there are no “tools” or “training” included in this program. Rather it’s a whole lot of didactic content that you get access to. Most of this content has been stolen from books.

You will be upsold several times immediately and then throughout the course to access the “tools and training” that Tai apparently has to offer.

67 Steps Support | What do you do if you Have 67 Steps Complaints?

Customer service is few and far between. It’s really hit or miss whether you will hear back from anyone.

Trying to get a hold of someone especially if you want your money back as per the guarantee offered is even more difficult:

Unfortunately, this is one of many comments like this on the Better Business Bureau website, whose sole mission is to expose scams and illegitimate businesses. The problem is that when you Google Tai Lopez, you’ll get a lot of

67 Steps Price | Is 67 Steps Worth It?

Looking at it objectively, the price is definitely reasonable for that much content. if you think about 100+ hours of video content, then you’ll probably agree that $67 for that is good.

You have to ask yourself, however, if the assault on your inbox is worth giving out your information to Tai Lopez’s e-mail marketing funnels. You also have to ask yourself if it’s worth your time to have to sift through the amount of repetition and essentially garbage for the few good pointers that you’re going to get.

Also, one of the many things that I’ve learned over time is that there are usually red flags when it comes to scammers online. Offering a ton of bonuses and extras to get you to sign up for something is one. Offering a 60 or 90-day money-back guarantee has also come up for me multiple times as a red flag.

67 Steps on Google | A List of Hidden 67 Steps Reviews

When you look for this program on Google, the first thing that comes up is all the glowing reviews from Tai Lopez’s own website. You can find a ton of his testimonials on there. I don’t know about you but I don’t really trust hand-picked (and potentially forged?) reviews on a website that Tai himself controls. I would rather go to a third-party website.

Here are some of what I found around on the web…


Better Business Bureau:

My Final Opinion of 67 Steps | Is 67 Steps a Scam?

Yes, in my opinion, it is a scam and it’s not worth your time or even your $67. Yes, you will get a lot of content but 90% of it is garbage and most of the rest is stolen from books that you can just buy and read on your own time. Furthermore, I don’t like how you’re promised calls with Tai Lopez (apparently for which people will pay 10k for) only to be included among hundreds of others in a live stream…I find that misleading.

Also throwing a bunch of principles at you is not actually going to help you make any money whatsoever. That’s like telling someone there is “Dark Matter” in the universe and expecting them to understand what that actually means. Knowing what principles of success are and learning how to actually achieve success are 2 very different things.

Last but not least, I don’t like how there is a money-back guarantee that is extremely difficult to obtain because the customer service is so poor. Overall, I find it a sloppy and messy course and I think its main purpose is to get your information so that Tai Lopez can market his higher-ticket items (5k+ courses, etc.) to you.

67 Steps at a Glance…

Name: 67 Steps

Website: https://www.the67steps.com/

Price: $67

Owners: Tai Lopez

Overall Rank: 13 out of 100


Next, we’ll be getting into Tai Lopez’s other major product – the Social Media Marketing Agency:

SMMA 3.0 Review

Name: Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)

Website:  https://www.tailopezsmma.com/

Price: $697 ($1 for the first 3 days)

Owners: Tai Lopez

Overall Rank: 33 out of 100

SMMA 3.0, Product Overview | What is SMMA?

The Social Media Marketing Agency is Tai Lopez’s social media course. Like most of the products by Tai Lopez, it’s extremely difficult to tease out exactly what you’ll get when you’re inside this course. His current landing page offers it for $1.

It’s laid out to be a 4-month program and the point is not actually to teach you social media for yourself but to teach you how to get clients and manage their social media profiles for 1-10k+ monthly.

So you learn how to run a social media campaign using various automated tools, then you learn how to get clients and convince them that after 4 months of training or less, they should pay you thousands of dollars to run their social media campaigns for them.

The most specific sellers that he talks about if you listen to his various opt-in videos for SMMA 3.0 are the following:

  • Within 4 months getting a 1k client
  • Picking a niche
  • Using free videos in social media to run your campaigns
  • Automation of social media campaigns
  • Offering tiered packages
  • Finding clients and getting them to pay you high monthly rates

The program is broken up as follows:

The whole SMMA world has recently been overtaken by a teen named Iman Ghadzi. Basically, he earns 6 figures a year by landing big clients and managing their social media for them including things like advertising campaigns.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


Pro #1: A concrete plan on how to earn money online (NOT included in 67 Steps)

Pro #2: Step-by-step program

Pro #3: Tools offered such as scripts for talking with clients


Con #1: Lack of transparency on price – landing page offers SMMA 3.0 for $1 per day but the program is actually over $600 which you will be upsold on after the fact.

Con #2: There are more upsells throughout the training and when you sign up in order to further “fast track” your success.

Con #3: The second Tai Lopez’s company gets your information, you will be flooded with promotional emails and offers about courses that are significantly more expensive. In the course, you will also learn about specialty courses that cost more money.

Who is SMMA for?

SMMA 3.0 is targeted at those who want to build a B2B business based on managing social media on a monthly basis for high ticket clients in a specific niche.

The course claims to be designed to get you from 0 – 1k/month in a matter of months. You do need some basic knowledge of social media and how it works in order to understand the training but otherwise, you can be a beginner in the world of social media marketing and management.

SMMA 3.0 Tools & Training | Scripts, Checklists, etc.

Unlike 67 Steps, which is basically just a ton of lectures on how to vaguely be successful, SMMA 3.0 actually does offer real tools to help you in the process of setting up your social media marketing agency.

You will also get step-wise training to a certain extent on how to set up your new business and how to get clients for that business. His claim is that you’ll be able to score your very 1st ~$1,000/month client in 4 months which is the timeline of the program.

Besides Tai Lopez, there are other 6 or 7 income earners teaching within the course. This is where you learn how to actually do the whole social media management part of the business.

SMMA 3.0 Support | Same old, same old.

Unfortunately, the verdict on customer support when it comes to any of the Tai Lopez courses is the same – sketchy and inconsistent.

You may or may not hear back from a support representative depending on the luck of the draw as far as I can tell.

Other comments at the Better Business Bureau:

SMMA 3.0 Price | Is SMMA Worth It?

This is a direct quote from a review promoting Tai Lopez: “I was also invited to Vaynermedia to hang with Gary Vaynerchuk and be a part of a mastermind style class for a 5 figure price tag and I plan ongoing. Why? Because we can always keep learning.”

SMMA 3.0 on Google | What are the SMMA Complaints?

When you look around on Google, there are 2 main complaints that come up again and again related to the whole SMMA trend that’s emerged:

#1: Businesses are being burned again and again by these agencies that actually have no idea how to run social media campaigns but have been taught how to market themselves in such a way that it really looks like they know what they’re doing. This shows me that this might not be around for very long because, just like pyramid schemes, people learn and don’t make the same mistake twice.

#2: At the end of the day, no business is going to keep paying you month after month if you don’t deliver results. You just CANNOT deliver results without expertise in the niche you are working with. This is just not going to happen without years of hard work and testing. You can’t expect to master this in a few months. If you could realistically learn how to grow Instagrams to the point that accounts are making sales and selling things using FB Ads, it’s a much better idea to just start your own business.

The bottom line is that you can’t do those things – it’s SO challenging. It is not challenging, however, to temporarily con a business into thinking you qualified for a few months while you earn several grand from them. The problem I have with this is that although it’s not nearly as difficult, it’s also not nearly as ethical.

My Final Opinion of SMMA | Is SMMA

Overall, I do think that this course is more legitimate than 67 Steps. I do think that you could actually learn something from the course and I even think that you might be able to make a little bit of money. You could even make a lot of money.

The problem that I have with this problem comes from the way that it’s run. I find it very sketchy that a business is expected to pay you 1k+ per month to manage their social media when you’ve only been learning about the industry for a few months. It’s almost impossible to grow your own social media in a legitimate way more than a few hundred followers a month with a ton of work.

How are you going to grow other people’s accounts so that they’ll want to keep working with you and you develop a good reputation when you’re managing multiple at once and you only have several months’ experience? It’s not realistic to think that you’ll be able to do that with any kind of wholesome, legitimate content.

If you want to make some money quickly and potentially hurt your online reputation, you could go with this program but if you want to build a long-term business that actually offers value and that you’ll be able to grow, I don’t know if this is the right way to do it. Again, that’s only 1 person’s opinion. You could always give it a chance and see how you do.

SMMA at a Glance…

Name: Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)

Website:  https://www.tailopezsmma.com/

Price: $697 ($1 for the first 3 days)

Owners: Tai Lopez

Overall Rank: 33 out of 100


Overall I would say that Tai Lopez 1) lies a LOT so I don’t trust him, 2) steals a LOT of his ideas from other people, and 3) makes a LOT of money from teaching others how to make money in fast, unsustainable and unethical ways. In general, I don’t like any of these qualities and in my mind, that makes him a scam artist.

Here’s a comment on one of the reviews (a general review on Tai Lopez) I came across while I was writing this and I couldn’t have said it better myself: 

Did you have a personal experience with 67 Steps or SMMAs of any kind? Do you know someone else that did?

Or would you like to share a personal opinion on the matter?

If so, please add your experience below! I would love to hear it.

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Tai Lopez


Tools & Training




Overall Quality



  • Some useful information (amidst a whole lot of useless information).
  • Client acquisition tools in SMMA.
  • Step-by-step plan for beginners in SMMA.


  • Lack of transparency on price.
  • Lots of upsells.
  • Poor or absent support (including defaulting on money back guarantees).

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