Simulators for Leverage Trading Crypto: My 2 Favourites

Most people who begin trading crypto withdraw some of their funds, and dive in headfirst. Others are a little more cautious, testing the waters first before diving in. Leverage trading is an advanced trading strategy that can greatly increase your income. In this blog post, I’ll share with you everything about Simulators for Leverage Trading Crypto.

What is Leverage Trading Crypto?

Leverage trading crypto is an advanced trading strategy that can multiply your profits.

This is how it works: you borrow money to execute trades and then repay the borrowed money plus interest once the trade is completed. Even if your starting money is tiny, you can use it as collateral to conduct leveraged transactions with leverage. You could borrow up to 100 times your account balance, depending on the exchange you’re utilizing.

Trading using leverage can increase both your profits and losses. Assume you have $100 in your account and wish to open a $1,000 bitcoin position at 5x leverage, which means you’ll borrow 4/5ths of the total value ($800) from the exchange.

Now, before you go ahead and start trading on leverage, it’s really important that you practice on the chosen exchange or platform for at least 3-to 4 months. The Crypto world isn’t as easy as some people claimed and when it comes to day trading, you are at risk of the volatile movements of the prices in a day.

Choosing a good exchange is not enough. It’s important to get used to a simulator where you can practice with paper money, as well as practicing the strategies and knowing how and when to implement risk management.

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Are Simulators Safe and Legit?

What is a cryptocurrency trading simulator, you might be wondering? Simply said, all digital marketplaces, including the crypto market, have simulators. But why would you use a crypto simulator? To begin with, they’re ideal for newbies who want to learn the ropes without risking their money.

Simply put, if you lose money on a trading exchange, you haven’t actually lost any money — it’s not real money! Furthermore, many trading bot software will show you historical data so you can see how effective or ineffective your original trades were and learn new techniques and gains. Cryptocurrency trading simulation software also enables you to try out new strategies without putting your real money at risk.

Simulators for cryptocurrencies are the safest and most convenient approach to learning how to trade. Furthermore, simulators are excellent and useful not just for beginner and beginner traders, but also for professional traders, who may utilize simulated funds to try out and develop new trading methods and strategies.

2 Reasons Why I Think Simulated Trading is Important

  1. A trading simulator is an excellent way for traders to understand how important it is to be able to control their emotions when trading. Though no real money is at risk when trading on a simulator, the circumstances are authentic, and your brain often reacts as if the real money is on the line, giving you a sort of experience when it comes to investing with real money on the real market.
  2. Because no real money is at risk when trading on a simulator, it is the safest way for beginners to study the basics of crypto, understand the structure of trading, and how to develop a successful trading strategy through trial and error. You may trade more securely and learn more successfully on a simulator without fear of losing money if you make a mistake. More experienced traders will benefit from simulated trading because it allows them to improve their trading strategies.

Top 2 Simulators for Leverage Trading

If you’re interested in crypto and want to become the next big crypto trader, you’ll need to learn how to operate a simulator. And not just any simulator will do, because choosing the correct one might make or ruin your career as a crypto trader.

That’s why, at Dontwantaboss, we’ve put together the top 2 simulators for Leverage Trading that will help you on your trading journey:


Bybit testnet is a platform that allows you to trade any cryptocurrency without having to make trades using “paper” money. This can have a number of benefits, such as allowing you to test different tactics before going live with a trade or letting you see how an economic event will affect your chosen cryptocurrency without risking any money.

Simulators for Leverage Trading Crypto - Bybit testnet

This exchange stands out from the crowd thanks to its feature-rich and user-friendly trading interface and testnet feature. It also provides a seamless and fast platform for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, futures, and other altcoins.

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Phemex testnet is a fantastic platform that allows people from all over the world to safely and easily trade digital currencies. It has great efficiency, and numerous trading approaches can be employed safely here.

phemex testnet

You only need to input your email address when signing up, and once you’ve done so, double-check that the email address you supplied is correct. You can do so by clicking a link Phemex supplied within your email. If you can’t find the link in your inbox, try looking in your spam folder.

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My Final Thoughts

It is not enough to master the fundamentals of crypto exchange trading to be a great trader; you must also use a crypto trading simulator. A simulator can assist you in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it is a reliable source of free cryptocurrency instruction, especially for those who are new to the sector.

Another thing you can do using a simulator is to learn things like how to examine an item you want to invest in, how to calculate trading fees, and how to account for interest.

In addition, the finest cryptocurrency trading simulator should include a lot of realistic features and benefits. It should resemble the conditions you’ll encounter in the actual world, but it should also be intuitive and simple to use. In order for beginner traders to get up to speed as quickly as possible, the learning curve should be smooth and swift.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this resource to figure out how to leverage trade crypto in a simulated environment. I think you make a good point about figuring out a strategy without the emotional distress of winning or losing your own savings added to the mix. There have been wild swings in the crypto market lately, and it can only help to have practiced for these big changes and have an advance strategy in place.

  2. Crypto currency is such a volatile market and would like to get involved with crypto trading, but have been scared. Mostly because I don’t have enough knowledge and need training. So it looks as if learning how to use a simulator for crypto might be the answer for me. How easy is it for a complete beginner to use? 

    Do you have a suggestion for a course or training that I should be doing before learning a bout crypto simulators?

    I was not aware of the possibility to use leverage for crypto trading, or that one can borrow from the exchange. So thank you for introducing me to these.

    • Hi, Line!

      Martina prefers to have a coaching session or mentorship program for beginner traders. She finds it very effective especially in a long run. Crypto isn’t something that can be mastered in just a span of 3 months or less. So learning through courses out there can be a bit of a learning curve with all the technicalities in the trading world. She would always advise beginners to practice trading in a simulator before stepping into live trading.

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    Like I mentioned if ever I would want to do research your my go to thank you again for sharing

    Melanie Harvey

  4. The crypto market is crazy, and newbies can get totally freaked out by the swings. You make a good point about practicing, so let’s figure out how to use this simulated environment to test out some strategies, without all the emotional distress of having to deal with these big swings in real life!

  5. There is a third category of people, including myself in those, that read about crypto, are interested in it but never made the move to actually start. I have read so many articles that I can hardly remember and I still haven’t decided to do something about it. I don’t know why but I still feel a bit skeptical about cryptocurrency. I think a lot of people are scared of it although it has been with us for such a long time now.

    • Good thought there!

      I’d understand if some people don’t want to get in because of the high-risk speculative nature of it. Because they’re new, they have not withstood the test of time yet. 


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