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I know better than anyone that a latte habit is expensive but I’m going to walk you through 2 ways to sell coffee online (#2 will surprise you and is a LOT easier than you think) to pay for that expensive habit…

Unfortunately, any time you’re trying to cut back on monthly expenses or trying to create a budget, the lattes are always the first to take the hit.

The problem is that I am super grumpy without my daily latte – I find plan coffee harsher on my stomach and it’s not nearly as fun to drink. Plus, I heard that the daily calcium from that is good for you and I can’t seem to force myself to drink nearly the same amount of milk at any other time.

Method # 1: Physically Selling Coffee Online

If you’re a coffee connoisseur and you love the idea of physically sourcing, trying, and then shipping your very own brand of coffee, this method is for you. Just remember, that this is more labour-intensive and you’ll have to invest some money into the process because you’re going to have to actually source your coffee beans.

At that same time, it’s also really fun trying different coffee, creating your own brand, and managing your very own legitimate coffee business!

i love my daily latte too much to cut it out of my budget

Personally, I’d rather just manage my entire business from my laptop without getting into all of that but I know that everyone is different

Selling coffee the old fashion way requires 3 basic things:

1) A platform online to showcase your own line of coffee

2) Getting people who are interested in buying specialty coffee to visit

3) Coming up with a process for inventory management and shipping

Also, think about when you go online to buy something rather than buying it in the store with everything else. Especially if you go to an independent website to buy it. Why would you spend the extra time going to that website?

It’s usually because what that website is offering is somehow more appealing. Take that concept and think about how you’re going to make your specific coffee more appealing than the coffee you can get in the stores.

Why would people buy directly from you?

Inspiration from others on how to make your brand unique:


Once you’ve decided what’s going to make your coffee special, come up with a name and design a logo using Canva. Get creative with this! You can then give your logo to the company you’re sourcing from so that they can ship it to you in bulk with the logo already on it.

Building your Website + Online Store in Less than 5 Minutes for Free

Thankfully, in the modern age, it’s really easy to build a website. You don’t need any fancy skills, a computer degree, or anything of the sort. In fact, you can build one for free in less than 5 minutes.

Free websites will always have part of the domain as your hosting provider. Once you’re ready to really get your business off the ground, you can invest 10-15 dollars a year to buy a domain that’s completely your own.

At this stage, don’t worry about that. You just want to set everything up for as little money as possible at first.

Once you’ve set up your website, you want to find the plugin called “WooCommerce” and add it to your website. Don’t worry about learning all the ins and outs of this yet. The only thing you really need to know about WooCommerce is how to add a product to it.

Once you’ve sourced your specialty coffee with your logo on it, take a picture (you can even do this before you’ve actually bought a shipment by getting the company you’re sourcing form to send you a sample picture) and upload the picture onto the website for the product.

Adding Content About your Coffee Expertise to your Website (Get Creative!)

how to sell coffee online

Now is the time when you’re going to build the beginnings of your online presence. When you go to you’re competition’s websites (listed above), what kind of content do they have on their blogs?

You can draw inspiration from that in terms of what to write about. At the end of the day, however, you want to be unique. This website should be a reflection of what makes your particular coffee unique, special, and excellent.

Get creative and share your passion for coffee with your visitors.

Think about what you would want to see if you were a visitor to your site. What would make you intrigued and want to sample the product?

From personal preference and experience, I find being completely open and transparent about your process is a great place to start and gives you tons to write about:

  • Where did you source your coffee?
  • Why did you choose that company?
  • What makes your coffee different?
  • Why is that important to you?
  • How are your beans processed?

Getting People to Visit your New Website where you Sell Coffee Online

When starting a new store, it’s easy to get caught up on logos, designs, the setup of your website, etc.

There is a reason I skimmed over a lot of that stuff: it’s not nearly as important in this phase of your business as generating visitors. If a website doesn’t have people visiting it, it might as well not be on the internet. Being on page 50 or 100 of Google when people look for “best organic espresso beans”  is useless because no one is going to keep clicking that far, even if you have the nicest looking website.

how to build an online business around coffee

This next step is going to make up the biggest chunk of work when you’re getting your business up and running. You can always omit this completely and jump straight to paid advertising.

Personally, I think it’s better to get ranked on Google because even though it’s way more work, it’s way less money and it gives you the time you need to work on building your brand and your website up before you start spending your hard-earned money to advertise it.

If your website starts ranking a lot for 1st page in Google and getting a lot of visitors, then you know that it will do well when you’re ready to actually put money in to scale it.

Step 1 – Doing Research Online to Find People Interested in Specialty Coffee Products 

Keywords connect people looking for something to the websites that provide that information or product. Google looks for websites with those words and then ranks them according to quality based on a list of criteria.

Basically, Google finds all the websites that have that keyword and then decides which websites are the best. The “best” ones get ranked first.

We’ll get into how to be viewed as a quality website by Google a little later but for now, you just need to figure out what keywords people are looking for so that you can make sure they are included in your website in a way Google can find them.

You have to be in the race before you can come in 1st.

There are 2 ways to do keyword research online. Don’t worry neither one is very hard!

Method 1: Alphabet Soup 

This is where you type in stuff in Google and see what appears below. You know when you’re in the middle of typing a phrase into Google and it tries to complete your phrase. These phrases are things that other people commonly search for in Google.

For instance, you can start with “where to buy keto-friendly coffee” then delete “keto-friendly” and just put an “a” there to see what pops up. Then a “b”, then a “c” and all the letters of the alphabet. Anything relevant that comes up that you think you can write about or provide a valuable answer to, write it down somewhere. You are creating a list of posts that you’re going to publish on your website.

Method 2: Jaaxy

I personally use a combination of alphabet soup and a website called “Jaaxy” for all my keyword research.

You can test it out for free for your first 30 searches which should leave you with at least 10-15 good quality keywords to start with. This is MORE than enough to get you started.

When you are searching, you want the following:

– KQI/QSR: “Great”

– Traffic: The more the better

– SEO: 85+

Also, you want keywords that make sense. Sometimes there are phrases that people accidentally entered into Google for some reason multiple times. Eventually, people will stop searching these so you definitely want to avoid anything that doesn’t make grammatical sense.

Give it a try:


Step 2 – Add More Content to your Website Using your New Research

Now that you’ve got at least 30 keywords to start with, you need to get writing. Set a schedule for yourself and aim to publish 1 article per day.

Once you hit 100 posts within 6 months (each post should be at least 1000 words), you’re definitely going to get ranked by Google and people will definitely start coming to your website. After that, it’s just a matter of working your way up the ladder.

The faster you get those 100 posts written, the faster you can do all of the other stuff to help you scale your business.

Step 3 – Share, Share & Share! 

It’s a smart idea to share your content and your store with the network you already have.

Most likely, you have a Facebook account. Maybe you also have Instagram, Twitter, etc. It might be a good idea, in the long run, to create new accounts for your business but it’s definitely not the time to do that now.

You’re in the beginning stages of your business and your 1st mission is to get the word out there. The more you share, the bigger your reach.

Every new post you publish, you should share with your community.

Step 4 – Rinse and Repeat (On a Reasonable Schedule)

Until you’re getting the number of visitors that you want on your website, you want to be creating content and sharing it with your networks. In order to track the number of visitors to your website, you can use Google Analytics. Just follow the steps to get it set up.

Scale your Brand New Coffee Business!

Now that your business is up and running, you need a way to keep growing it. Below are all examples of things that you can do to keep growing your business and expanding your reach online. Going into that is a little bit beyond the scope of this particular post.

That being said, if you are interested in learning how to:

–  Keep Growing Your Website’s Audience

– How to Use “Pay Per Click” Advertising

– How to Monitor Your Google Rankings

then you can start the free online Wealthy Affiliate certification course where I learned! Scroll down to the bottom of the post to learn more…

Does Sourcing Coffee Beans, Creating a Brand, Managing Inventory, or Shipping Orders Seem Overwhelming?

There is Another Option! Whew!

Method #2: Build a Business About Coffee Without Needing to Sell Anything Yourself

If you don’t want to actually own inventory, you can follow the same basic steps as above but without adding a store to your website!

Don’t think it’s possible? Here are some examples of successful websites about coffee bringing in money every single month without moving any inventory:


The whole process of how to do this is taught in step-by-step video tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate University. SiteRubix (which you can use to build your website in 5 minutes) and the Jaaxy keyword service are all connected as well. 

I run all my businesses online from this 1 easy location. 

By the way! If you start the entrepreneur certification course, feel free to reach out to me for help. So, if you’d like to learn how to start your own coffee business online with ONLY your laptop:

Please share any comments with everyone below. I would love to hear about your experiences selling coffee online.

– Martina

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