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Hi internet friends and welcome! My name is Martina and today I’ll be going over a resource for Pinterest templates that you can use for your pins from Carly – author of Mommy on Purpose. 

I don’t use personally use them but I have taken her Pinteresting Strategies course on how to get 100k+ pageviews to your blog with manual pinning and it was amazing.

I did want to write a quick review as I have seen a very large number of Carly’s pins and also as you can see from her profile, clearly she’s doing something right…

She fluctuates between 3-5 million viewers a month and she has over 40k followers as I’m writing this post right now. It will probably be more when you check as her followers consistently keep growing somehow. 

Carly has used Pinterest as her #1 traffic source for her blog and all of the attention that she gets from Pinterest have allowed her to do really well in Google search rankings as well. 

Photoshop Pin Templates Review 

Name: Photoshop Pin Templates 


Price: $17

Owners: Carly Campbell

Overall Rank: 83 out of 100

Feel free to jump ahead! 

  1. What is it?
  2. Pros and cons
  3. Who is it for? 
  4. Training and tools 
  5. Support 
  6. Pricing 
  7. Overall quality

 Pinterest Templates
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Pinterest Templates, Product Overview | What are Pin Templates?

It is literally a database of templates from Photoshop that you can use and save a TON of time desigining your own pins. 

I did take Carly’s free course on how to create pretty pins though before I started designing my own pins and it has made a big difference:

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


Pro #1: Pinterest is a visual platform. 

If your pins are ugly you could be doing everything else right and still not getting results. By using Carly’s proven templates you can legit stop guessing at what works. 


You don’t need to spend hours designing your own pins. Just fill in the templates and you’re golden. 

Pro #3: New pins added on a monthly basis so you won’t run out. 


Con #1: PSD format therefore the templates CANNOT be edited with Picmonkey or any other software. 

Who are Pin Templates for? 

This is for anyone looking to increase their Pinterest audience. This is especially useful for bloggers looking to increase their traffic through Pinterest. 

If you want to SAVE TIME and you want to use templates that are TRIED AND TRUE by an expert, than this is for you. 

Pin Templates Training & Tools 

No training is included in this package. 

You’re getting Pinterest pin templates in Canva format that you can edit to suit your blog posts! 

Pin Templates Support

You’ll get access to Carly’s Pinterest Mastermind Facebook group – I’m also in there so please say hi!

If you’re looking for how to actually grow your Pinterest, this is Carly’s course I took that’s working for me on growing your blog’s pageviews over 100k with Pinterest. 

Pin Templates Pricing

$17 is reasonable given that you’re getting a database of templates that has worked for Carly, who gets 100k-400k+ pageviews per month from Pinterest and who has an audience ranging from 3-5 million monthly. Clearly she’s doing something right. 

Furthermore, you get new pins added every month free of charge! 

My Final Opinion of Carly’s Pin Templates

I think it’s totally worth it because you’ll save so much time designing pins and also it takes the guesswork out of what works.

Lastly, new templates are added everymonth so you’ll never run out! 

I would 100% recommend this template pack if you’re comfortable with Photoshop and are okay with investing in the software (or own it already). Otherwise, what I do is get inspiration from popular pinners in Pinterest and make my own designs based on what I’m seeing that works in Canva. 

Currently, the Pinterest algorithm is favouring new pins and new content. That means that if you’re able to produce new content on a regular basis, then you’ve got a huge advantage over others in Pinterest. 

I’m still looking for a good pin template pack for Canva. Personally I don’t have enough experience on Pinterest in order to make my own that I would feel confident sharing with you but if I find one I will 100% let you guys know so you can get in on the action if photoshop is not your thing. 

Pin Templates at a Glance… 

Name: Pin Template Starter Pack


Price: $17

Owners: Carly Campbell

Overall Rank: 83 out of 100



Since you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this post, I have a surprise! This bundle helped me get my blog off the ground and finally making profits for the first time. It’s pretty much the cheapest set that you’ll find for the information anywhere online and if you stick with it for 6 months – it will work for you too [limited time offer – not currently available as of Aug, 2020]: 

blogging like you mean it bundle
What it includes: 

  1. 2020 BLOG PLANNER [VALUE = $17] 



Did you have a personal experience with Photoshop Pin Templates? Please add your experience below! 


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Photoshop Pin Templates


Tools & Training




Overall Quality



  • Pinterest is a visual platform - you need clickable pins.
  • New pins added on a monthly basis so you won't run out.


  • You have to buy Photoshop and it ain't cheap.
  • You have to use Photoshop and it ain't easy.
  • PSD format therefore the templates CANNOT be edited with Canva, Picmonkey or any other software.

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