My Daily Pinterest Strategy

Another short & sweet email this week! This is exactly what I do daily on Pinterest to get traffic to my blogs. 

I generally try not to go above 30 boards ever on Pinterest because, frankly I get overwhelmed. 

Also I don’t think it helps anymore to have a ton of boards. 

I also don’t bother with shared boards really anymore. I do have them but I don’t use them a lot anymore because I stopped getting any better results on them than I do with just pinning on my own boards so I figure what’s the use? 

1) I make 1-2 new pins for 1-2 posts on my website in Canva. I always use a image that reflects the topic of the article and I use REALLY BIG FONT. 

2) For each pin, I make 3-5 copies of that pin using different images or different colours but keeping the text and general layout the same. This prevents Pinterest from aggregating my pins later. 

3) I choose my favourite pin and add it to the bottom of my blog post. 

4) Then I pin to Pinterest on the most relevant board immediately from my blog using the little Pinterest button using my chrome extension. I make sure the title and description have as many related keywords as possible. I don’t care how the description looks – usually I’ll just do a list of keywords. I make the title look decent. 

5) I go to the Pinterest Native Scheduler and I add all the copies of that pin. I schedule these to be pinned once a day for the next 2-4 days on other related boards. I copy the title and description from the one I already pinned into all of them. 

6) I might pin some related 3rd party pins while I’m at it but not always. 

7) Rinse & repeat daily. 

TAKE HOME POINT: Pinterest LOVES new content. New posts, new pins. The more new stuff you make the better. 

TAKE HOME POINT 2: When you search in the Pinterest search bar, it will automatically try and fill in your search query. Those are KEYWORDS. You need to have related keywords in your title and description in order to rank for them. 

Hope that helps – let me know if you have any questions! 


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