Make Money with Ads on Your Website

Building and maintaining a website is not that easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to design and manage one, and even after that, you must constantly update and optimize it to be competitive. 

Is it worthwhile, though? And, how can you make money with ads on your website? Your efforts will be totally paid back once you have a well-managed website, as it will become your digital asset and provide several options to earn money for a variety of businesses

Having a website allows you to not only communicate your message with the rest of the world but can also become a reliable source of income once you start monetizing it. So, how much money do you make from ads? What are the factors that determine if your website is allowed to get ads?


  1. Its benefits
  2. Make Money With Ads
  3. Lists of Advertising Networks
  4. Its downsides
  5. Conclusion

make money with ads

Displayed Ads | Its Benefits

The possibility to make money from users viewing your website is, without a doubt, the most important benefit of posting ads on your website. This income allows you to cover the costs of running a website, such as platform fees, employing a writer or graphic designer, or even paying yourself.

  1. It increases your credibility and authority in Google’s eyes

You may believe that your readers would just download free adblockers to prevent your advertisements from appearing. However, there is still a benefit to including them on your website. Your website’s credibility may enhance if you are sponsored by well-known brands. Furthermore, if your ads appear professional, first-time site visitors may believe and believe that your website is legitimate.

  1. It encourages you to keep your website up to date

People are motivated by a variety of things. Even so, you can’t deny the thrill of earning money for managing a website. Although this is not the same as working a 9 to 5 job, it still necessitates commitment and effort. Earning money from adverts might help you stay motivated to keep your site up to date. It can also assist you with day-to-day expenses.

  1. It helps a lot in establishing good relationships 

One of the best ways to develop business ties is to communicate with advertising platforms. You can establish a significant network with fresh connections added to your book that you might utilize in the future.

When businesses recognize you as a valuable partner, you will get instant credibility. Even if establishing new professional contacts “may” not lead to personal friendships, you never know what might happen in the future.

Make Money With Ads

This depends on a variety of criteria. There are a lot of factors to consider, beginning with the blog niche. Nonetheless, you should consider these factors because they can have a significant impact on how much money you’ll make. 

We’ll go over some of these points in detail later, but first, let’s take a look at the big picture. Let’s look at some data to see how much money websites make from advertising.

While some bloggers earn a lot of money through ads, others may barely be able to cover their website’s maintenance costs. Nonetheless, there are many opportunities available. For example, 1000 page views on a Google Adsense account might earn you up to $10. 

These are reasonable rates, but getting higher than that can be difficult, so if you want to monetize a site, we strongly advise you to look into other options.

A lot relies on the pricing plan that most bloggers adopt, so before we get into the figures, it’s important to understand some of them. There are a variety of pricing models for calculating ad income on your website, including:

  • CPC
  • PPC
  • CPM
  • CPI

The most popular are CPM (cost-per-thousand) and CPC (cost-per-click) (cost-per-click). Both can vary greatly depending on the country and industry, however, there are average figures that can be used as a guide. So, let’s start on the CPC first!

CPC Model

CPC Model is in which ad revenue is determined by the number of people who click on an ad. An advertiser pays a fixed fee for each click, in this case, hence the blogger’s ad income is determined by the CTR of the ad.

The term CTR or “click-through rate” refers to the number of times a person clicks on a link or ad whenever he/she visits a website. It’s a measure for calculating the proportion of persons that clicked on an ad vs the total number of people who saw it.

So, how much money do you make from advertisements? CTR has an impact on this. Here are some figures showing average CPC and CTR rates per niche:

As you can see here, certain niches (or industries) perform better than others; for example, dating and financial and consumer services websites have the highest rates. B2B (Business to Business), law, and real estate industries are among the other profitable niches.

CPM Model

The cost-per-mille, or CPM, is defined as the price per thousand impressions. An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on a search result page or other sites on Google. So, each time your ad appears on Google or someone’s website (even on YouTube), it’s counted as one impression.

Advertisers are expected to pay a set fee for a thousand impressions, regardless of how many clicks these impressions create. Things are a little more tricky when it comes to CPM, as even more factors influence it, making it difficult to obtain precise data across industries.

For example, video advertising offers the best value, with average CPMs ranging from $11 to $17. They’re followed by user-friendly native ads with CPMs ranging from $4 to $10. Finally, both online display advertising and mobile advertising have a CPM of $1-6.

As someone who earns money through managing a website, these factors are important to learn when you decide to choose Ads as a way of generating money from your website.

Here’s a photo displaying ads on a website:

How does Making Money through Ads work | Pay-per-click Advertising

Companies pay you to advertise their offers on your website, then you get paid every time someone SEES them or CLICKS on them.

This is called Pay-Per-Click Advertising. The more people visit your site, the more money you’ll be able to make. Ads will be displayed on your website with PPC advertising, and you will be paid every time someone clicks on them.

Companies pay Google (and other PPC Ad networks) to advertise on their network. Google then finds related sites within their network to display their ads on, which could include your website.

Pay-per-click advertising can be divided into two types:

  • Advertisements that show as search results on search engine results pages are known as search advertising (SERPs)
  • Ads that appear as graphics, videos, or paid postings on social media feeds and other third-party websites are known as display advertising.

The amount of income from ads depends on your niche and on the time of year. This is also why having Ad Income as your source of earning can be tricky. It can quite vary a lot. When it’s a peak season, such as Christmas, or when advertisers have a lot of products or services to promote, then, your Ad Income can boost from that time of the year alone. 

And before I introduce to you some Advertising Platforms you’ll want for your website, let’s get to know some terms:

  • Pageviews – these are the number of times a user visits a page
  • Impression – It refers to the number of times your messages have been displayed to your visitors. This is from an Advertising Company’s point of view.
  • RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions) – RPM is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of impressions or page views, and the result is then multiplied by 1000.

For example, a website that gets 40,000 page views a day and generates $600 in daily ad revenue has an RPM of $15.

$3,600 revenue / 4,000 pageviews x 1,000 = $15.00 page RPM

Advertisers set up these kinds of thresholds in how much money you can make based on the number of people who visit your site.

  • $10-20 per day for every 1,000 people 
  • $300-600 per month with 30,000 page views 
  • $450-900 per month with 45,000 page views 
  • $1000-2000 per month with 100,000 page views 

Based on the numbers above, if you want to make money with ads, you need to get a significant amount of traffic to make a good income. But of course, it’s definitely possible! If the number of page views that you see on the threshold seems unreachable, then you’re undermining your potential.

Remember that you are doing this because you want to help your audience in solving their problem by providing informative and valuable content!

Examples of Where Pay-Per-Click Is Used

PPC doesn’t work only through your website. If you are able to create a build a good platform outside your website, such as being active on Facebook or any social media platform, earning money through ads lets you have plenty of options.

  • PPC Ads on Search Engine

Search engine advertising, also known as search engine marketing (SEM), lets the advertisers (not us bloggers) display advertisements to users depending on the keywords they type into the search box (for example, “bike rentals in California”). The major search engines, such as Google and Bing, use this kind of PPC approach.

  • PPC Display Ads

A means of attracting the audience of a website, or other social media platform is called display advertising. These are typically composed of text-based, image-based, or video advertisements that persuade users to visit a landing page and take action (e.g. make a purchase).

  • PPC Ads on Social Media Platforms

These ads are incorporated into the user’s social media experience, either in the news section or in a side column. Pay-per-click advertising is available on most social media platforms, including Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Instagram Ads.

List of Ad Networks

As you might think, there are a lot of networks eager to assist you when it comes to displaying ads. And we’ve rounded up six of the greatest options for bloggers and publishers of various sizes in this piece.

All of these advertisers can assist you in monetizing your content in various ways. Some focus on display advertising, while others can assist you with relevant advertising links, sharing sponsored content recommendations, and more.

This is the simplest Ad Network to join. It does not specify a minimum number of page views or sessions required to apply. 

To be approved, you simply need to have your blog up and running with a few posts. However, keep in mind that it is also the least profitable Ad Network available. On average, you can get $5-8 RPM.

Signing up here is free, the requirements are pretty easy, especially for beginner bloggers and there are a lot of Ad types you can choose from (text ads, graphic ads, or video ads).

However, they can terminate your account instantly, and it’s not very forgiving if you break the rules: 

  1. Your content must be valuable, unique, and interesting.
  2. Your content must comply with Google Content Policies
  3. If your site is inside a host partner, like YouTube, you can apply for Google AdSense, but there are other requirements you need to meet.
  4. Your site should be at least six months old and have enough organic traffic (not fake).

Make sure to read through what I made in a more detailed guide on how you can start with Google Adsense! is a leading global advertising company with one of the most diverse advertising technology portfolios in the industry, spanning search, native, display, mobile, local, products, and video.

The requirements from are almost similar to other Advertising platforms:

  1. You’ll need to have unique, high-quality, and regularly updated content
  2. The majority of your traffic comes from the US, Canada, or the UK
  3. Does not contain excessive advertising or spam/bots usually pays about $5 RPM, which is among the best in the industry. 

You can run 3 ads per page, meaning if you have 334 views, that’s about 1,002 impressions. At $5 RPM you can make $5/day or roughly $150/mo off only 334 visits/day.

Although they don’t have a specific number on how many page views you should have a month if you’re able to meet their requirements, you should consider applying for their Ad Program here.

With this platform, they use a pay-per-view (PPV) model, where each ad impression earns you some income. With PPV, you earn money even if nobody clicks on the ads. All you need to do is attract enough traffic to your blog to maximize your ad impressions.

To sign up for Monumetric, you’ll need to have:

  1. A WordPress site.
  2. A sidebar on most of the pages on your website. If you install a plugin in WordPress called Elementor, you can easily customize your website by having a sidebar that has at least 300px wide to allow ads to be displayed on it. This is what it will look like:
  1. You’ll also have to pay a one-time $99 implementation fee. But don’t worry, you’ll make it up quickly once you’ve been approved.
  2. Your website receives 50% of its traffic from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and/or Australia.
  3. Have a monthly page view count of 10,000. 
  4. You must also be approved by their major advertisers and agree to display a minimum of 6 ads on the pages and posts where you choose to display ads.

If you meet those requirements, go ahead and sign up for the Monumetric propel program to get started!

SHE Media is primarily a digital media company created for and by women. They help you with your site speed and make this one of their top priorities if you’re accepted into their blog advertising platform. 

If you’re a female blogger with an audience that is primarily focused on women, SHE Media can be a really good fit that allows for better target blog advertisements.

Though SHE Media doesn’t have the highest traffic threshold, it does prohibit new bloggers from applying. Their requirements include:

  1. SHEMedia needs your site to have regularly updated content that is at least 3 months old.
  2. Ideally, they need you to have at least 20k page views or more in a month
  3. Your website must have 80%+ of traffic from the US.
  4. Your website should have 5% or less fake traffic (such as spam/bots)
  5. Your site must be able to support their ad products

Learn more about SHEMedia and what your partnership entails! They take their application process, and it can take 3-4 weeks for you to get a response.

If your website hits over 50,000 sessions per month then it’s definitely worth signing up to Mediavine if you want to make passive income from your blog. 

While there are other ways to make money blogging, such as inserting affiliate links and selling products, Mediavine allows you to make money while you sleep. 

Mediavine offers some of the best RPMs in the industry. If you are in a travel niche and you have a travel blog with 100,000 sessions per month that would be around $1,500 per month passive income. 

Aside from having 50,000 pageviews a month, you’ll need to have:

  1. Unique and high-quality content in any niche as a lifestyle blogger or publisher
  2. Your traffic to come from the U.S., Canada, or the U.K.
  3. Good standing with Google Adsense

Mediavine will review your application and forward it to their advertising partners for review. The approval process typically takes 2–4 weeks. To apply for the Mediavine blog advertising network, you simply have to fill out their application here.

AdThrive basically has a similar feature to Mediavine. Overall it really depends on your niche, and the typical RPM (revenue per 1,000 pageviews) for publishers with AdThrive is $15. So, if you have 50,000 page views per month that would be $750.

Their requirements are:

  1. You’ll need to have at least 100,000 page views a month
  2. The majority of your traffic is from the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and/or Australia.
  3. Original, one-of-a-kind content that engages the audience and is a good fit for advertisers.

Their approval process usually takes weeks because are reviewed manually by AdThrive, 

Once you’ve been accepted into AdThrive, they’ll take care of everything. They offer a boutique ad management service. They will handle the technology, ad placement on your site, bidding (via the tech), and payment of your ad income once per month.

Once you’ve grown your website with tons of traffic and page views, AdThrive is the way to go.

Other than Ad Networks which can help you earn income from your website, there are other types of advertisements that you can display on your blog.

What do you need to offer to Advertising Networks?

Other than meeting their respective requirements, there is so much that you can prepare when you’re ready to display ads on your website. This is particularly important if you are still growing to have more traffic.

Do research on your own website’s traffic and visitors

This means you must first conduct research on your own website in order to effectively pitch it to potential advertisers. Going to Google Analytics for researching your website and its target audience is a good way to start. Here are the areas you need to look out for:

  • When people come to my website, what do they look for?
  • What pages do my visitors spend the most time on?
  • What are my most-read pages?

You can create a picture of what interests your visitors and what advertisers might be willing to pay for access to people who share those interests with this information.

Know your visitors’ interests

Tracking what people say about you on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook is another wonderful approach to figuring out what interests your audience. You can use Twitter to track mentions of your website or a certain word in tweets or you can use Facebook comments as a reference.

Choosing your Ad Network | Things to prepare

You’ll want to prepare for the requirements to present when it’s time to choose your advertisers now that you know about your audience’s interests are. You might want to include the following items:

  • Advertisers will be interested in your website’s pageviews, bounce rates (the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page,) and average time spent by a visitor on your website so make sure to disclose them.

    Advertisers would be interested to know whether a large portion of your traffic only stays for a few seconds. The longer your visitors stay, the more likely your adverts will be viewed and clicked.
  • Advertisers will want to know your website’s consistent statistics over a period of time to see how much traffic has increased and how many unique visitors you have per month.

When you’re ready to transact with Ad Networks, the info that you gathered will come in handy. Your objective is to demonstrate how you’ll be able to use your audience to produce a customer for them. No matter how your traffic is tiny, if you can do that successfully, you will demonstrate value.

Downsides of Displaying Ads

  1. Your readers might feel uncomfortable with the ads displaying

Many people don’t like ads that much, so including them on your website may irritate visitors. There is, however, a method around this. Your readers will put up with the ads if you provide them with valuable and unique content. Also, you will not be displaying ads that lead to malware or scams.

Properly placing the ads should be done to help you monetize your site without being too distracting. As a result, once you have traffic going around your website, they will become accustomed to the ads.

  1. Difficult to establish your own “name”

People visit distinct websites to learn about solutions to their problems or thoughts on a topic. They’re looking for unique content that has a purpose. When you place random ads on your website, your visitors may believe that your website only is for making money.

So, what are your options for resolving this issue? You must, once again, produce excellent material that your audience will find beneficial. Your readers will realize that you aren’t just there to pad your financial account if you do this. They’ll regard you as someone who is prepared to put in the time and effort to provide readers with value.


Having advertisements on your website has both benefits and drawbacks. To be clear, it does assist you in earning money in order to operate the site. However, these marketing pieces may irritate readers.

Fortunately, though, you can still turn things around by producing excellent content and intelligently arranging your ads to prevent being distracted. So, if you’re thinking of having ads on your site, consider how you might provide value to your visitors, and you’ll be well on your way!

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