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In this post, you’re going to learn the step-by-step process of how to make a Facebook Page and grow it to 10k+ followers.

I created facebook business pages for 2 of my online businesses and then grew those pages to over 10k followers each.

This strategy worked for me on separate occasions in two completely separate niches (one of which is a very difficult niche – horses) so if you follow it exactly, there should be no reason you don’t get the same results.

First thing’s first, let’s go over how to actually make your Facebook Business Page…

Step 1: How to Setup a Facebook Page for Business

You want to make sure that’s you’re properly setting up your business page.

Also depending on how integrated your personal life is with your business life, you may want the two to stay seperate. When you create a facebook business page, Facebook keeps that information private so no one from your personal facebook profile will know that you own your business page.

Here’s where you go when you open Facebook:

how to create a facebook business page

Next, you want to do your setup:

  • Choose a name for your page (try and get your domain name of your website)
  • Choose which industry that you’re in
  • Choose a profile picture and a cover image that are coherent with your brand (someone should know without seeing your business name that your website and your facebook page are from the same business)
  • Fill in all the business details that you want to appear publicly

Step 2: Setup a Pinterest Business Account & Verify your Website Domain

I know you weren’t expecting this part BUT it will all make sense soon I promise.

Go to Pinterest and create a new account:

Again, you want to do your setup the same way:

  • Choose a name that matches your domain and your facebook page name
  • Choose a profile picture of yourself preferably but if you’re shy, you can use your brand logo
  • Fill in all the business details that you want to appear publicly

Here’s an example of my Pinterest business account:

Finally, you want to create 10+ boards that are related to your niche. Make sure they’re fairly specific (i.e. instead of “painting” use “original watercolor paintings” or instead of “social media” use “instagram tips and tricks”)


This has nothing to do with growing your Facebook page, but to help your website, you should create a board with the title of your domain (i.e.: “”) and make sure all your posts are in there with nice images. I personally use Canva.

BUT WAIT! Before you start actually pinnning anything, we have to complete the next few steps…

Step 3: Create a Zapier or a Tailwind Account

For this strategy to work the most effectively, you should have one of these accounts. They both have free options so you can start for free and you can still grow your facebook page but – being completely real here – it will take a while.

To grow your facebook page fast you need the capability of at least 20 tasks per day. 

  • The free Zapier account gives you ~3-4 per day (100 per month)
  • The free Tailwind account gives you ~3-4 per day as well

Personally I prefer Tailwind because 1) it’s easier to understand, 2) you can 100% automate everything for the week or month and 3) and it’s got Tailwind Tribes if you ever want to also grow your Pinterest account, which can be really useful for making affiliate sales directly.

Tailwind is also cheaper than Zapier ($15/month for unlimited tasks vs. $19.99 for 25 per day).

Anyways, I’m going to continue with Tailwind but using Zapier is exactly the same principles.

To setup Tailwind, just create your account using your Pinterest account and get the chrome extension because you’re going to need this for the next step. You also want to link your Facebook Page to Tailwind.

***UPDATE May 28, 2020***

As of May 2020, I actually have stopped using Tailwind for Pinterest and my Facebook Page.

Instead I’ve gone back to using Zapier and I’m almost completely manually pinning.

Zapier allows you to automatically post a Facebook post whenever a pin is pinned. So the second I pin a pin on Pinterest, a post appears on Facebook with the same image and description.

Tailwind did increase my views by a lot but I found that I was actually spending SO much time trying to optimize it and keep everything organized, that it wasn’t worth the effort.

I’ve gotten just as good results manually pinning for just 10 minutes a day.

Also Pinterest keeps re-vamping it’s algorithms which makes it really tough to really grow your account with just Tailwind.

That being said, I did find that Tailwind Tribes were sometimes very useful.

Not saying that Tailwind won’t work for you but I just didn’t find it was working well for me for Pinterest anymore so I didn’t find the cost worth it for my business.

When I read Pinteresting Strategies by Carly and that’s what really changed my mind about pinning manually.

If you feel like you might want to learn how to pin manually and save yourself the money and hassle of Tailwind, I would 100% recommend checking it out.

Inside my review, I’ll also tell you a trick on how to get some money off the course ?

>>My Pinteresting Strategies Review<<

Step 4: Fill Up your Pinterest Boards & Start Growing your Facebook Business Page

Now that you’ve got everything setup, it’s time to fill up your Pinterest boards but there’s a special way you’re going to do this.

#1: First you’re going to go to Pinterest and search for pins to put in one of your boards. Let’s take an example of “blogging for beginners” which is one of my Pinterest boards:

#2: Once you’ve got a full page of relevant pins from, you’re going to click the little Tailwind extension on chrome.

#3: Next, you’re going to pick everything relevant off that page and you’re going to add it to Tailwind by clicking “Go Schedule”:

#4; Next, you’re going to choose the board that you were searching for and then click the little Facebook icon next to all your pins. This means they will be posted on Pinterest as well as your Facebook Page.

In the caption part, I want you to copy paste in the following: “[Your Board Name] | [the caption from the pin] Learn more: [Link Here]”

#5: Now that you have a bunch of drafts to publish to your board, you’re going to go into Publisher -> Your schedule and make sure you have at least 20 pins per day:

#6: Schedule your pins!

#7: I would go to your scheduled pins and “Pin Now” for as many as Tailwind will allow you to.

#8: Repeat #1-#7 every day (Tailwind won’t allow you to “Pin Now” an unlimited amount because Pinterest doesn’t like too much pinning at once) until all your boards have at least 50 pins each. After that, you’re Facebook Page will have at least 500 new posts on it (50 posts * 10 boards).

Step 5: Automate Everything

Obviously that was a lot of manual work and you don’t want to be doing that all the time! Here’s how you can change all of that daily work into 30 minutes of work once a week (or a few hours each month)…

Now that you’re Pintrest boards and Facebook Page feed are full, you can slow down your rate of posting because you’re in the maintaining phase. It doesn’t look like youre accounts are new anymore.

So every week (or month – just multiply all the numbers by 4 weeks), you’re going to do the following:

#1: If you have our own content, schedule it and lock it in the timeslots that you want:

#2: Get 20+ new pins (or however many you need to fill up the remaining empty time slots) for each board from your board suggestions and schedule them:

#3: Shuffle your queue so you’re not posting to the same board consecutively for 20 posts at a time:

#4: Just let the system run…

Step 6: 2 Tricks to Increase your Facebook Business Page Followers Exponentially

If you just let this system run, you will eventually get followers to your Facebook business page. It’s just a matter of time with all of that daily content spaced nice and regularly throughout the day.

Of course, there are ways to make these things go faster…

Trick #1: Don’t just pick pins haphazardly. Make sure the pins that you’re picking are 100% relevant to the board that you’re choosing and make sure that they are useful to your audience. You want to fill up your business page with a TON of relevant, actionable content so that when people see it, they’ll want to follow you as a useful resource.

Trick #2: Invite people who interact with your posts (like, comment, share) to like your page every week (or month) when you spend time scheduling your content. You can do this by clicking on the little icon of “likes” or shares” in each post and then this page will pop up:

Some Parting Thoughts and a Bonus!

I really hope that this post was helpful to you. If you do decide to give my strategy a try, I would love to hear how it went for you in the comments section below.

If you’re having trouble with an asepct or if you have any questions, you can also feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you and help you out.

Bonus time! If you didn’t notice, the strategy that I’ve outlined in this post basically grows your Pinterest at the same time as your Facebook business page.

So here’s my thorough review of “Get Paid to Pin” which is an e-book that completely changed the way I look at Pinterest and helped me create an additional income stream with like no extra work.

As of May 28, 2020, I’ve used the strategies from Get Paid to Pin for 1 month.

Although I did get conversions at first, I really did not find that these worked very well after about 2 weeks or so.

It’s almost as if Pinterest’s algorithm decided that these were spammy and they didn’t show them to anyone.

I started to worry the effect this would have on my account and I also didn’t want to chance being banned from Pinterest so I decided to stop.

Now, my strategy is 100% manual pinning based on Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies course in order to drive traffic to my blogs and then monetize those with affiliate links and ads.

If you did implement this strategy, then it will be minimal extra work for you too to grow your Facebook Page while growing Pinterest.

– Martina

P.S. Pin this for later!

Make a Facebook Page & Grow it to 10k step by step
Make a Facebook Page & Grow it to 10k Step-by-Step

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  1. Thank you for this post as I’m currently using Pinterest as my main social media for posting, with 3 pins per blog post. I also have a Facebook business page, but never thought of posting my pins! I assumed they’d be the wrong size but yours look great on the page:)I’m definitely going to start posting my pins to Facebook!

    • Hi Kathy,

      Happy you enjoyed the article! Yes, some super long vertical pins can look a little weird – I usually stay away from those. But as long as the image is good quality, I find they look great



  2. Hi Martina, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this guide. I’m aware that social media following is one of the most important factors for SEO (I own a website) and success with online business in general. This guide about growing your Facebook page is awesome and I’ll definitely bookmark this page, study it a bit, and implement these suggestions at one point in the future. Thanks a lot and have a nice one!

  3. Thanks for the great info Martina! This is all very helpful. Just to clarify, when you say to create 10 boards and then post relevant pins, do you mean pins we find on pinterest that relate to our board or we are creating the pins from scratch?

    • Hi Christina,

      I would say initially you want to repin some just so Pinterest has some idea what the board is about. But long-term, you want to be creating new, original content and posting it to your boards. Because of Pinterest’s updates this past year and a half, I typically will post 2-3 original pins a day and I repin much much less than I used to.

      Hope this helps!



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