Step-by-step Guide To Write And Launch Your Profitable ebook

So, you’ve got an idea for an ebook that you want to publish, and you’re looking for a way to make money from it. Awesome! You may have come up with a killer idea or have found an awesome topic that can be of interest to both readers and potential buyers (if there are any, right?). But don’t stop there — you need to know exactly what kind of ebook to put together and the best place to start is to launch your profitable ebook.

“I have no idea what to write about, how to structure or design my ebook, how to market it, or how to persuade others to buy it. How should I start?”

I often hear this question quite a lot, and I think it’s a normal reaction for most of us not knowing how to start, when to start, and where to start. It seems like creating your own profitable ebook from scratch to finish might seem daunting because you don’t know the tools needed and what platforms are best to promote it.

Dale made sure to create this comprehensive course to help you face up to your fears of uncertainty and help you get started like a pro!

When I launched my first ever The Beginner Rider’s Ebook (from my Equestrian Boots and Bridles website), I had to plan everything from scratch and I tell you, it wasn’t that easy! But I’m thankful for this ebook guide as it saved me a ton of worries on how I can launch my own ebook from start to finish, in just 1 to 2 weeks!

And before we get into the nitty-gritty part of this blog, here are some of the reviews I’ve written about Dale’s other course which I find helpful for those starting to make money online on Pinterest and Amazon:

Launch Your Profitable Ebook Review

Name: Launch Your Profitable Ebook


Price: $97

Owners: Dale Persons

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Launch Your Profitable Ebook | Product Overview

What is an ebook?

An ebook is a kind of marketing advantage that distributes info in an automated, long-form book. Ebook is short for “electronic book” and uses either a computer, mobile device, or ebook reader to show the content.

Ebooks have several digital “pages” that people can direct through, and they are often published as PDF documents so they can be shared with no trouble among book lovers.

Launch Your Profitable Ebook shows you precisely how to write and sell your personal ebook.


  • How to jump-start a blog (the true way!)
  • How to build a promised email list
  • How to discover and validate PROFITABLE ebook concepts
  • How to write your ebook
  • How to sell it to your audience
  • How to have a fruitful launch
  • How to market your ebook to make sales on AUTOPILOT
  • Secret ways to further influence your ebook
  • PLUS 3 Bonuses

The course will guide you step by step through all you need to do, from coming up with concepts, forming a rough draft, writing, arranging, designing, introducing, and promoting your ebook to your audience.

Plus, Dale covers the greatest lesser-known sales and marketing approaches that will let you make sales on autopilot long after your original launch period finishes.

Here’s a little bit about Dale:

Dale Persons
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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Don’t know if you can do it? Here are some PROs and CONs about Launching Your Profitable ebook.

PRO #1: Launch Your Profitable Ebook encompasses seven parts with over 30 lessons.

PRO #2: You will also get access to four special bonuses for this course!

PRO #3: You’ll obtain all upcoming updates to the course for free.

PRO #4: Aside from the 7 modules with in-depth lessons, you will also get immediate lifetime access to the following bonuses valued at over $140:

launch your profitable ebook - bonuses

CON #1: There’s so much info and process about this course that it can be overwhelming once you start.

CON #2: In contrast with Dale’s Pinterest strategy, this course will not make your conversions instantaneously.

CON #3: If you learn more effectively from audio or video, then this course may not be suitable for you since this covers text-based lessons only, with visual aids like screenshots and illustrations to simplify learning.

CON #4: You’ll need to be eager to put in the effort to grow your blog and email list before launching your ebook – while you don’t necessarily need to have a massive audience to make sales, you do need a solid base.

CON #5: Because of the digital nature of this product, it is non-refundable and all sales are final.

Launch Your Profitable Ebook | Who is it for?

If you are somebody who’s:

  • looking to add a new source of revenue to your blog,
  • well-informed on a certain topic, but aren’t sure how to monetize it,
  • tired of making pennies from advertisements or affiliate marketing and want a consistent, lucrative income stream for your blog, and
  • having countless ideas but just need some help making your first ebook a reality

then this course is for YOU.

Ebooks are one of the best digital products that you can offer to your blog audience. Creating it is all about bringing high value at a small price point to produce a high volume of sales.

As long as you have outlined what achievement looks like for your ebook promotion, you’ll gain the rewards of this self-sustained product for months.

Launch Your Profitable Ebook | Tools & Training

When you sign up, you’ll gain instant access to Launching Your Profitable Ebook, as well as $140+ worth of exclusive bonuses. Dale’s courses are really straightforward, which is why I enjoy them and have written reviews for them (with more to come!)

tools and training included in Launch Your Profitable Ebook

Here’s a sneak peek at the exact lessons you will get inside Launch Your Profitable Ebook once you join the course.

sneak peek of 7 modules inside the course

Launch Your Profitable Ebook | Customer Support

If you have any questions about the ebook, Dale gives you access to her business e-mail (

I have not made any attempt to contact her about it, but in my experience, answers to these types of business blog e-mails are delayed. I could be absolutely wrong, though. 

Launch Your Profitable Ebook Pricing | Is It Worth the Money?

The purpose of this Dale’s Ebook is to help you develop the confidence you need to successfully launch your profitable ebook.

For $97 (including amazing bonuses worth over $140), you will learn to create an ebook outline, improve your writing skills, get your ebook ready for publishing, avoid common traps that cause most ebooks to fail, and market your ebook so it can reach its full potential.
By following each step precisely in the 7 modules, you will discover that publishing your own ebook is not as hard as you might have thought, and just follow the steps you outline.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Things don’t just happen overnight. Rome was under construction for almost three centuries and today it is considered one of the greatest cities in history!

Each of us can become great authors, but we must understand that nothing comes for free. Everything takes time and effort. But your effort will be well worth it when you finally make your first sale.

My Final Opinion on Launch Your Profitable Ebook

There’s an old saying about the rich getting richer. They’re not getting richer just by taking, but by giving as well. I’d say that applies to ebooks. The more you give—by writing a book, providing valuable information in your ebook (not just regurgitating salesy claims), and giving it away to others— the more you’ll get back in return: happy, satisfied customers who will be more than willing to share the wealth with you.

I just want everyone to know that Dale’s ebook doesn’t guarantee to give you sales INSTANTLY. Although her strategies have worked for me and for others, if you cannot get into the whole process and work through all of that with your maximum effort, you won’t get the results that you desire.

Ready to get started on your profitable ebook journey?

Do you want to be part of a community that shares the same passion as you in building your first profitable ebook? This Wealthy Affiliate community is specially catered for you who’s working on your online businesss and you can receive lots of help and insights here.

That’s it for the post! I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Please feel free to share any other things that have worked for you in publishing your own ebooks!


Launching Your Profitable Ebook


Features and Bonuses


Customer Support





  • Launch Your Profitable Ebook encompasses seven parts with over 30 lessons.
  • You will also get access to four special bonuses for this course!
  • You’ll obtain all upcoming updates to the course for free.


  • There’s so much info and process about this course that it can be overwhelming once you start.
  • If you learn more effectively from audio or video, then this course may not be suitable for you since this covers text-based lessons only, with visual aids like screenshots and illustrations to simplify learning.
  • You’ll need to be eager to put in the effort to grow your blog and email list before launching your ebook.

6 thoughts on “Step-by-step Guide To Write And Launch Your Profitable ebook”

  1. This is interesting, I have made a few eBooks already, one from a course provider that disappeared on the students.  So I haven’t looked into another eBook course until I came across your review.  It seems pretty good, the cost is reasonable  and you can even get personalised individual feedback on your eBook. That is valuable.

    Another thing I agree with is that any new blogger should build their blog and email list first.  There is no point having an eBook until then.  You will need your own blog, blog traffic and email list to start with – that’s the audience you can use to market your eBook too.  It’s great that you have used Dale’s course and have sold your own eBook.

    Can I ask how did you sell it, was it ThriveCart, SamCart or another checkout software?

    • Hi, John. It’s Thrivecart! This online checkout software helps to take payment from customers who want to sign up for a course. You can accept payments from webinars and sales pages and it allows sales tax calculation, ensuring you don’t have to work out the maths. 

      ThriveCart can connect to both your email provider and course platform!

  2. Hmmm…I’ve always loved this kind of courses as I want to write a profitable ebook myself in the next 9 months, after I make some profit with my website. I also feel that there are a lot of information to process but it’s normal when you have many information in writing. She can put some in writing and present some information in video so that it will be easier to learn. However, if she offers all of this for only $99, I’m her woman!nI’ll buy it!

    • Hi, Angel! Glad you took interest in this review post. Surely creating an ebook can be overwhelming. But with Dale’s helpful ways to have a more creative and efficient ebook, this one is packed with everything from start to finish.

  3. Hello glory
    I’m only 18 and looking for ways to make money online. I already had the idea of writing an eBook. But I’m not sure if I should do it alongside school. Do you think this is possible or would you rather advise me against it? And then I’m not sure if I should afford the program if the time I can invest isn’t enough.

    • Absolutely posssible! Every day, people create and sell eBooks. Although I haven’t seen any new numbers, my intuition tells me that this is increasing rather than declining.

      To further elaborate, not every eBook sells. To ensure there is a market for your selected topic, you must first conduct research to determine where the readers congregate and precisely what they are purchasing.

      Next, search for your target audience on social media and discussion boards and provide one or more answers to the queries or issues they are raising. Instead of simply writing the eBook and hoping it will sell, identify what is selling and tailor your eBook to that audience.

      Spending a lot of effort writing something that no one will read or purchase is pointless. Make sure your information is well written, up to date, and current (again, do your homework).

      It is customary to add checklists or mind maps to an eBook to enhance it and turn it into a complete bundle rather than just a book. Start some self-promotion when you launch your eBook on social media, a blog, etc. Before you sell the actual eBook, people will likely perceive you as an authority on the subject, which will increase your chances of making sales.

      In the end, it all comes down to your marketing and research. Good luck, Lou!


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