Human Proof Designs Review 2022

Building a new affiliate website is one of the most difficult aspects of the process. While it can be simple once you’ve had some practice, it can be challenging if you’ve never done it before. That is why I chose to write a Human Proof Designs review.

I wanted to see if Human Proof Designs was a suitable location for beginner affiliate marketers to purchase a ready-made website.

Human Proof Designs Review

human proof designs review: a legit shortcut to online success

Name: Human Proof Designs


Price: Variable depending on services

Owners: Byron Brewer (Founded by Dom Wells)

Overall Rank: 93 out of 100

Human Proof Designs, Product Overview | What exactly is it? 

Dom Wells built Human Proof Designs in order to help affiliate marketers out there. Somewhere in the last few years, I think the platform was bought out by Byron Brewer, who is the current owner.

It is essentially a support website for affiliate marketing that offers training, OnPage and OffPage SEO services, content writing services, keyword research services, and last but most certainly not least, pre-built affiliate websites.

The main attraction of the site is most certainly the pre-built affiliate websites. You can buy them at multiple stages of development from pre-revenue generation (for the cheapest) all the way to authority websites bringing in a solid monthly income (these are the most expensive).

buy ready made affiliate websites earning an income

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


Pro #1: Accelerated path to success with affiliate marketing (if you have the extra money). You can literally skip over the first 6 months of content writing, SEO, research, and uncertainty when first starting an affiliate website.

Pro #2: Really high-level support, especially if you purchase a membership to the website.

Pro #3: Extremely reasonable prices for services offered (i.e. ~40-60$/1k works for premium content packages)

Pro #4: If you choose to enroll, Human Proof Designs offers a success guarantee policy within 12 months. If you’re not wanting to continue with the website you bought after 1 year, they will buy it back from you. This only applies to those who enroll in this program by participating in the training and those who purchase a website.

guarantee of success with affiliate marketing


Con #1: The costs of doing it this way are higher than if you were to do everything yourself. If you do everything yourself, you’re costs literally are hosting + owning a domain, which is pretty negligible.

Con #2: Although it appears 100% “turn-key”, nothing online is that easy and this will not make you rich overnight. You still have to maintain your website and work to grow it.

Who is Human Proof Designs for?

Human Proof Designs is for affiliate marketers primarily. Their affiliate website services are for those who are willing to pay a good amount of money up front to avoid the annoying process of getting a blog started from scratch.

Their other services (content, SEO, etc.) are for affiliate marketers who already have a website and are either 1) struggling with getting sales or 2) wanting to outsource a chunk of their workload.

The membership and training offered are for those who would like to learn how to start a business from scratch or those who would like to learn how to scale their own business or an affiliate website that they just bought.

Human Proof Designs Tools & Training | Is Human Proof Designs legit?


#1: Pre-made Affiliate Websites

100% legit. You’re actually getting websites that are grown specifically to be affiliate marketing sites. The sites are aged, they’re in a well-researched niche, they have content that’s optimized for SEO based around hand-picked keywords and they’re ready to grow.

buy a website already making profit

Some of them are even already bringing in a profit:

#2: SEO Services 

I haven’t personally used the SEO services but I think they are also legit from everything else I’ve seen and used. They only use White Hat methods so you don’t have to worry about Google punishing your website for any sketchy backlinks.

#3: Content Creation

I would say the premium content creation options are legit. I would probably stay away from the regular ones as you might get some questionable English. Not so much that the grammar and punctuation wouldn’t be correct – it’s more just that the “conversational tone” that you really want in blog articles will fall through the cracks and thus won’t convert very well.


The membership at Human Proof Designs includes a database of training videos as well as some new content every month. It’s all centered around creating successful niche websites. I do think there is an overwhelming amount of content and it takes time to actually watch all the videos.

The training is definitely legit and if you have the time and the patience, you can 100% learn how to build a profitable affiliate website or grow one. I just don’t think that it’s done the best it could be. I think it could be condensed, redundancies removes, and it could be made a little bit simpler to follow.

I really hate “content for the sake of content”.

Overall, it’s 100% legit but there are other platforms with better training.

Human Proof Designs Complaints & Support | Is there someone who is actually going to help you?

The answer to this is yes. Human Proof Designs has one of the best support programs I’ve seen. Although it is not right away and it’s all e-mail based, you will always get a reply to your question that is actually helpful.

There is a full team working on the platform with customer support, IT, and project management.

When Dom Wells was running the website, I used to talk directly to him while I was building out my websites. I’m not sure if that’s the case with the new owner but I do know that you’ll still get the help you need.

You don’t need to worry about getting ghosted or guarantees not being upheld.

Human Proof Designs Price | Is Human Proof Designs worth the money?

Pre-Made Affiliate Sites:

I would say that these websites are worth the money if you want your research, writing, and SEO to be done properly. You can always buy a super cheap site on Flippa that’s been aged with a good word count for cheap as long as it’s not making any money.

The real advantage that Human Proof Designs offers is the ability to actually buy websites that are already making money! If you try and buy sites that are earning money on Flippa or Empire Flippers, you’re looking at a lot of money. A lot more than Human Proof Designs charges.

Also, you’ll get a guarantee here that if you’re not successful in 12 months, you get your money back – that’s pretty good if you ask me. You won’t get that if you’re buying a website elsewhere online.

buy premade affiliate websites

Other Tools:

#1: Content Creation 

I would say that the content creation is definitely worth the money with a caveat. If you look at the article packs (without the added charge of them posting it on your website) but just for the writing, you’re looking at around ~50$/1000 words which is an absolutely excellent price.

The caveat is that you have to buy quite a large package in order to get that rate. They don’t sell single articles or pay as you go – you have to buy expensive packages.

#2: SEO

The SEO services are also very reasonably priced. It’s on the lower end of what’s available out there in the marketplace. It’s not the cheapest option by far and again, you’re signing up for a monthly subscription, but it’s also far from the most expensive option.

Remember that with SEO, you’re going to have to wait a little bit to see results. It’s not all going to be obvious right away so just keep that in mind – it’s going to take at least a few months to see real results so you should budget for that.


The membership at Human Proof Designs starts at $7 when you first join but ends up being $399 per year. The training is excellent but I do find it a little bit on the expensive side. It’s still a lot of work and it’s time-consuming to go through all of the training and implement it.

I don’t think that it’s “made easy” enough or “step by step” enough to justify charging that much money.

Human Proof Designs on Google | Human Proof Designs Reviews…

Jamie: “I read a lot of material before I started, but learned the most by making a lot of mistakes. It’s best to just get stuck in and you’ll learn really quickly. The beauty of all of this is that there’s nothing complicated involved.”

Jamie’s 3-month Amazon commissions after 18 months of work: 
Alejandro: “When you think long-term, you make smarter financial decisions. You invest with a plan. You put extra effort into a single piece of content or in picking the right anchor text for your links. You do things right. And that always pays off.”

Alejandro’s monthly Amazon commissions after 8 months of work: 

My Final Opinion of Human Proof Designs | Would I recommend it?

Human Proof Designs Review: A Legit Shortcut to Online Success?

Overall, I think it’s a great website and has amazing services to offer.

I do think that it’s a lot of money to invest in an affiliate blog. I’m not saying that the tools and training offered won’t make you money but it’s hard when you’ve invested so much upfront because then you’ve got a lot of pressure riding on making everything a success. This works for some people and doesn’t work for others.

If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer and are looking for a shortcut to bypass the first 6-12 months of creating a website from scratch, then this is 100% for you. Also, if you’ve got a website that’s bringing in monthly revenue but you want to scale or automate in order to make more money while freeing up time for other projects, then this is also 100% for you.

For the beginner, I’m not sure if I would recommend this path because it’s a lot of money and a steep learning curve. Once you invest that money, you’ve got to make it work or it’s a waste. With the Human Proof Designs guarantee, at least you’ve got a security cushion so if you have the money to invest – it’s definitely legitimate. That being said, it’s still a big investment, and for any internet purchase over 1k on the internet, I would highly recommend sleeping on.

Don’t put yourself into a situation where you’re tight on money or into a situation that you’ll regret. You want to be in the right frame of mind.

As I’ve said before, this is not for people who want to get rich overnight. Building a legit website that brings in monthly revenue is hard work. Human Proof Designs cuts down the timeline quite a bit for you but it still works and you still have to do it if you want to make a profit.

Human Proof Designs at a Glance…

Name: Human Proof Designs


Price: Variable depending on services

Owners: Byron Brewer (Founded by Dom Wells)

Overall Rank: 93 out of 100


Did you have a personal experience with Human Proof Designs? Do you know someone else that did? Or would you like to share a personal opinion on the matter? If so, please add your experience below!

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Human Proof Designs


Tools & Training




Overall Quality



  • Accelerated path to success affiliate marketing.
  • Exceptionally high level of support with certain tools/training.
  • Reasonable pricing compared to other companies.


  • Cost is higher than doing it yourself.
  • Nothing online is "turn-key" even if this makes it appear that way.
  • Overwhelming number of options - hard to know where to start.

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