How to Write a Product Review for Amazon

Welcome! This post is intended for beginners to Amazon’s affiliate program and is all about how to write a product review for Amazon (that actually converts).

For the rest of the post, it will be in the structure of an actual review post. Enjoy…

How to Write a Product Review for Amazon

I’m going to use friendly language like I’m talking to a friend of mine; we don’t want to be crude but not too professional either. We want to make sure we’re relating to our audience.

This is the pre-introduction section. This is where you say a few words introducing the product(s) or type of product.

Remember! Always put yourself in your readers’ shoes. What would you want to know about this product?Things to keep in mind for product reviews:

Things to Keep in Mind for Product Reviews

make a list of what you horse tack you will need
  • DO NOT include actual screen shots of the products from amazon – it’s against their policy
  • DO NOT include prices from amazon – they change all the time
  • You CAN include images from Pixabay but make sure they are not visibly other products. So for instance you can have the following image if you’re talking about making a list of pros and cons for the product or something
  • Try and write most reviews on products that are $100+ if possible (avoid small things like buckets/halters/etc.)
  • Do NOT write “Amazon” without having that text linking to Amazon but it’s best to just avoid this all together
  • No external links
  • No links unless to other product reviews by us or the product itself
  • Layout should be Full Page

Introductory Heading: Overview of the Product/Type of Products

This is the introduction section. At the beginning of the post in this area, there should be some sort of introduction about the content of the post. This is going to be very short if you are only talking about 1 product such as a particular vest or a particular pair of jeans.

Generally you are going to be writing long reviews comparing different types of vests and then suggesting the best one.

Things that are good to talk about in the introduction are as follows:

  • why is this product relevant/important/necessary for equestrians
  • what are good things to look for in these types of products (eg. for helmets – are they certified?)
  • what are common drawbacks of these types of products (eg. rubber jumping boots are very stiff)

This is the last sentence of the introduction section (don’t be afraid to have super short paragraphs with only 1 sentence in them!)

This is the Heading for Section 1: Product 1

For each product, you will heave a heading. If you only have 1 product then the following sub-headings will turn into your big headings.

These are the headings you’ll need for each product:

Brand Information

Sometimes this can be part of the introduction if you’re comparing products from all the same brand. But if your products are all from different brands then you’ll need to have this.

Product Information

This is where you talk about the pros and cons of the brand. A good breakdown is as follows:

  • Material: Leather with full grain construction
  • Measurements: 6.5 inches from the arch up
  • Style: Lace-Up with a pull loop
  • Special features: 4LR technology to best secure and support your foot while riding; elastic twin gore panels to improve fit and durability; comfort padded top

Then here you can talk about stuff that people said in they’re reviews. Make sure you don’t quote any of these reviews or include any pictures at all from Amazon.

If you can find a video on Youtube of the product than by all means PLEASE include it!

==> Click here to find out more about the product (link) <==

This is the Heading for Section 2: Product 2

Same thing

This is the Heading for Section 3 : Product 3

Same thing

ETC. until you get thorough all the products

This is my Conclusion Heading: My Top Recommendations

This is where you can recap what you’ve said in your article and choose 1-2 favourites to recommend overall. In the sections you’ll say which ones have the better material, which ones are the better price, etc. And then at the end you have to pull it all together and say overall product X (& Y) are my favourite because… And then you explain why

So for this article I liked product 1 the best because although it was really expensive, it was far superior in terms of material and it lasts at least twice as long as any of the others.

This stuff does NOT cover everything that needs to be done for On Page SEO to get 1st page rankings – please refer to this checklist for that. This is just for organizational and aesthetic purposes.

And then at the end of this section you’re going to have another link for your recommendation as follows:

==> Check out my favourite here <==

==> Check out my favourite here <==

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