How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress: Quick Start Guide

Welcome! This post on how to write a blog post in WordPress is intended for blogging newbies and is structured in the way I would normally write my blog posts. Let’s get started!

How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress - onpage seo basics, how to write a blog post for SEO

This is the pre-introduction section. This is where you say a few words introducing what you’re going to talk about and the outline of the post. Eg. In this post, I’m going to show you how I would like each regular post organized.

I’m going to use friendly language like I’m talking to a friend of mine; we don’t want to be crude but not too professional either. We want to make sure we’re relating to our audience.

Remember! Always put yourself in their shoes.

The pre-introduction section will be super short – usually only 1-2 short paragraphs long like this.

Introductory Heading (H2): Overview

This is the introduction section of your WordPress post. At the beginning of the post in this area, there should be some sort of introduction about the content of the post. Things that are good to talk about in the introduction are as follows:

  • why is it important for people to read about this topic
  • why did you decide to write about this topic
  • how this topic relates to other topics you’ve written about in the past (include LINKS!)

This is a Small Header (Heading Size 3)

You can use small headings within the same general areas of the post but where you have multiple ideas and want to break them up. Remember! We are trying to be as logical as possible at all times.

We want to have an introduction, at least 3 main sections, and a conclusion for each article. So each article will have at least 5 main sections (beginning with H2 headings).

This is the last sentence of the introduction section (don’t be afraid to have super short paragraphs with only 1 sentence in them!)

This is the Heading for Section 1 (H2): H-Tags & Extras

I like using H2 for the big headings as opposed to H1 because I find H1 is just too big! H2 is good for the 5 big headings you’re going to have in each post. After H2, always use a line as I have here.

After H2 you can use H3, then H4, etc. to further break down your sections as is best to sort through your ideas.

Here I’m using H4 to make a strong point: remember to have pictures throughout!

You want to have at least 3 images per post and more if it’s a long one. As we have discussed, you want to have an article that is LONG!

Last but not least you want to try and get a relevant video in the post. If you can’t find a relevant one then that’s totally fine but hopefully, you can. This is because videos boost SEO.

This is the Heading for Section 2 (H2): Writing Style

Longer articles rank better as long as they are clear and well-written.

We want to make sure the article is long because there’s a lot of information in it not because there’s lots of fancy unnecessary language being used and repetitive wording. Aim for over 1000 words and ideally over 1500. If you get an article over 3000 words, that is SUPERB.

To put that into perspective, once we get ~100 articles over 3000 words that are well written and well organized, we will be the top horse blog on the internet.

Example of a bad paragraph:

Horses are really divine creatures. They are so beautiful and we need to treat them with respect. I am always awed by the power and beauty of horses and how majestic they are.

Example of a good paragraph:

Horseback riding is most generally divided into 2 overall styles: Western and English. Western saddles will have a horn on them, they’ll be bigger and riders will generally be dressed more casually in jeans. English saddles are sleek and light and riders will generally be dressed more formally in breeches.

Can you see the difference?

The bad paragraph says the same thing over and over again using flowery and extravagant language. But the reader is not gaining anything from reading it. If you were looking online trying to find information about riding or about your new horse, you wouldn’t want to waste your time reading a paragraph like that.

People value their time enormously so we have to make sure we pack AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE into each post. That’s why we make the paragraphs shorter also so that people can digest all the information we’re throwing at them.

Remember we want to educate our readers!

This is the Heading for Section 3 (H2): Links

Links are something I’ve noticed that we’ve been struggling with.

So as an example I’m going to the small excerpt previously as an example:

Horseback riding is most generally divided into 2 overall styles: Western and English. Western saddles(link here to western saddles review OR post about western saddles) will have a horn on them, they’ll be bigger and riders will generally be dressed more casually in jeans(link here to jeans review). English saddles(link here to English saddle review OR post about English saddles) are sleek and light and riders will generally be dressed more formally in breeches(link here to breeches review).

External Articles

We ONLY NEED 1 (max 2) good-quality external article per post. NEVER in review articles, only in regular posts. Always make sure these open in a new tab and make sure they are excellent quality sources. We don’t want too many of these because this just directs people away from our blog.

How to write a blog post in WordPress | Conclusion

Write A Blog Post In WordPress - conclusion

This is where you can recap what you’ve said in your article.

So for this article:

  1. Introductory heading, at least 3 body headings, and Conclusion heading
  2. Use H2 for main headings and then go from there to breakdown further information
  3. 3+ images
  4. Video if possible
  5. At the very least 1000 words; aim for 3000 where possible
  6. Write clearly as if to a friend; don’t embellish with fancy words
  7. Only link where appropriate
  8. 1-2 links to external sources that are of excellent quality

And then always end with a call to action at the end of the post to comment if there are any questions or concerns. You should also have a link either to another post/page or the shop at this point.

Please comment below if you have any questions or comments!

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