How to Start a Blog with No Money

There is still hope if you have no money to invest in your blog. It is possible to know how to start a blog with no money (and one that actually makes you money)

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But, if you want to achieve something that very few other people achieve (i.e. a blog that supplements or replaces a full-time income), you do need to invest in yourself and invest in your business.

It’s possible to start a blog with $0 but impossible to start a successful one. To actually have a SUCCESSFUL blog with the potential to become a 6-figure revenue generator one day, you need at LEAST $49 a month. 

In order to get this extra money, you could try living a little bit more frugally and minimalistically. You’d be surprised how much you really just don’t need in your life. 

Businesses are the same as plants. They need to be watered and given sunlight. Without investment from you, the business will die. That investment is $49. 

Blogs Eventually Turn into Passive Income but Not Right Away…

In terms of blogging, you can leave your blogs alone (mostly) once they start earning a good amount of passive income.

Once you have Google AdSense (or another advertising platform) knowing how affiliate marketing works, plus, Google sends monthly traffic your way, you can just enjoy the benefits and do updates here and there maybe once a month. But you have to work really hard initially to promote your blogs.

You have to get them ranking for a TON of keywords and get them actually appearing in search engines. 

Then, if the content is good content that actually helps people, and the visitors who come to your blog stick around to read the stuff that’s on there because there’s value to it, Google is like “oh, look! people like this website, let’s keep it ranking high” and voila! Passive income. 

I’ve ignored one of my blogs for almost 2 years now and it’s still making an income. Actually, it just had a massive spike in traffic during the quarantine because people are spending more time online searching for things. 

Initially, however, I was working really hard on that same blog. While I could have been chilling, watching movies, going out with friends, or hanging out outside, I was on my computer trying to figure out this whole online business thing. 

I knew that if I could just crack the code, it would be worth working my bum off initially because, in the long run, I wouldn’t have to work (maybe at all!).

Your Options | How to Start a Blog with No Money

If you have no money to invest in your blog, here are the options: 

1. You could get a job. There are SO many online jobs right now it’s not even funny. Then use the money to invest in your online business. 

2. Cut out things that you don’t really need like fancy coffees, rent, nice cars, cable TV, etc. Also, please don’t tell me you smoke or have like 5 streaming services. You should only be buying what is 100% necessary. You could always move back in with your parents or get a roommate. 

3. Now, you can start a blog and get ALL the training you need for as little as $49 a month. Eventually, you might want to start some pay-per-click advertising but that’s a ways away and it’s NOT mandatory. If you cut out 16 lattes a month, you’ve achieved this! Or if you buy a cheaper car that’s better on gas. 

4. Do NOT outsource if you don’t have money. Don’t try and get out of creating the content. Don’t shortcut with pay-per-click in the beginning. Focus on growing your blog with good old fashion quality content as you’ll learn in this course. Write every single day. Publish 1 blog post per day and within 3 months, you should be getting in a respectable amount of traffic to start generating some good revenue.

5. Do all the promotions yourself using free methods. That means pinning manually on Pinterest, and comment on other people’s blogs.

6. You can always go to the library or a coffee shop if you can’t afford the internet right now. Well, maybe not right now because of quarantine BUT after quarantine. Also, working on an online business in a coffee shop just feels awesome for some reason. 

With Little Experience And (Almost) No Money, Here’s How To Start A Blog In Any Niche

1st: Finding your passion

Finding your passion is crucial to the long-term success of your blog. It will assist you in finding like-minded people who share your enthusiasm for the same things. Your “why” for starting a blog in the first place must be strongly aligned with your passion.

What makes you shine, exactly? What are your passions? What are some of the topics that inspire you and make it easier for you to write?

2nd: Discover your people

All of your traffic, shares, and click-throughs are useless if you can’t connect with the person on the other side of the screen. The most successful bloggers find a way to connect with their readers on a very personal level. This is what I refer to as your followers.

So, where do you look for your tribe and how can you connect with them online?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Write about their worries, dreams, issues, and challenges to gain a better understanding of them.
  • What websites do they frequent? Twitter? Facebook? Where else could it be?
  • In your field, who else do they look up to? Build a relationship with these people.

Your followers share your passion, and you want to transform your blog into a place where they can connect. If you can accomplish this, you will be perpetually relevant in your field.

3rd: Building your website

Whenever you start to build your own website, it needs a website builder (also known as a blogging platform).  What is a Website Builder? A website builder is software that you use to structure your blog and write content. 

There are a lot of builders out there. Some of these are specifically designed for building a blog-based business whereas others are more of a sharing platform and others are for things like E-Commerce. 

What you want to do is use WordPress. All of the successful websites that I talked about earlier use WordPress. 40% of ALL the websites on the internet worldwide currently use WordPress.

I use WordPress for all of my blogs. 

The only downside of WordPress is that there is a little bit of a learning curve compared to some of the other platforms such as Wix, which is very simple due to its drag-and-drop design.

This ends up being an advantage once you learn your way around the dashboard because you can customize your blog significantly and make it epically beautiful. 

What Host should You Use? 

Personally, I use a company called SiteGround.

SiteGround approaches web hosting differently than most of its competitors. It, like many other web hosting services, offers low introductory pricing (that skyrockets upon renewal) to entice new users. SiteGround offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in addition to saving you approximately 65% off the original price for your first term.

The best part is that if you decide to upgrade to your own website, you can easily migrate it to your own domain with just one click.

So when I first launched my new website, I basically built it up from the ground up (for free!) and only paid for it when I was ready to monetize it and needed to get accepted by affiliate programs and ad networks. That way, I was able to save a few months on the domain and hosting, and you may do the same.

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Want to try it out? Build yours now in 5 minutes for free: 

4th: Create valuable content

The most successful bloggers are those who have made a name for themselves in this blogging industry. They’re the ones who amass a fan base of tens of thousands. Those who make a living doing what they love. There is one thing they all share in common.

They make awesome content on a consistent basis.

So, what makes excellent content? What makes a blog post interesting to read?

Here’s a basic rundown:

  • It has a headline that makes you want to click on it.
  • It tells a story that is deeply linked to the headline.
  • It’s jam-packed with visual images and a variety of media.
  • With bullet points, subheaders, and smart design throughout, it’s simple to scan.
  • It concentrates on a single topic, and the rest of the piece develops a compelling opinion on that point.

You Can Make up for Lack of Money with Work Ethic & Patience 

If you have drive, passion, and purpose, don’t let a lack of money stop you. It will take longer and you’ll have to work harder but it’s possible working 1-3 hours a day to build an empire within 6 months if you focus on the most important things (i.e. write quality content and publish 1 post per day) and stick to 1 resource where you literally have everything you need in 1 spot. 

Do not get shiny object syndrome. It’s very common in online business owners because while creating your online business, you inevitably stumble upon what other people are doing that look successful and you want to try it because you want to make things go faster. 

This is a recipe for disaster and prolonging the time until you actually make any money. 

How I Stayed Focused and Actually Made Money Blogging

For me, the thing that worked the best was the following: 

#1: Joining 1 community where I knew I had everything I needed to make money. This prevented me from always trying to find another course and paying more when I wanted to learn something new or I felt like I was missing some crucial piece of knowledge because my strategy just wasn’t working 

#2: Outside of paying for this, the ONLY things I was allowed to spend money on were pay-per-click advertising campaigns because I would find out very quickly if I could become profitable with them AND 1 social media management software so I wasn’t spending 10 hours every day starting at social media feeds (I use Tailwind). 

#3: I told myself that only when I was PROFITING (not making in total, but profiting) $500 a month, only then could I reinvest some of that money back into the business in order to help out with writing costs and social media management. In the end, I didn’t end up doing any of that.

I got into such a routine of writing blog posts. Also, I know that I can write quality content now that works for me and my readers so I don’t like the idea of getting someone else to write it for me. The point is, however, to make a rule for yourself about when you’re allowed to offload some of the work with outsourcing and stick to it. 

You Can Get Richer Quick but you Can’t Get Rich Quick 

Getting rich quick is not a thing unless you already have a good amount of money. Getting richer quick is definitely a thing but if you have nothing to start off with, it takes a lot of hard work to build it from scratch. 

How do you know if all your sacrifice is worth it? It’s really hard and this is something that I struggled a lot with when I was first starting my online business. Again, what helped me was joining a community where I knew other people were continuously using the same method to achieve results and it was working again and again. I knew I could ask others for help and so I knew that if I did the work and asked questions when I got stuck, I could succeed because so many others had done it before me. 

If you have money then you are definitely ahead of the game because you can invest in your blog to make it fancy from the get-go and your outsourcers and your marketing! 

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