How to Sell Jewelry Online

First of all – congratulations on starting your very own jewelry business! This post is intended to walk you through how to sell jewelry online so that you can set up the sales aspect of your new business successfully online.

how to sell jewelry online

Selling jewelry online requires 3 basic things:

1) A platform online to showcase your work and sell it on

2) Getting a large *interested* audience to see the platform

3) Developing a timely way to ship your merchandise


Building a Website is a Good Place to Start

To sell stuff online, you need somewhere to sell it on. I’m sure that you’ve already thought about this part and if you don’t already have one then you know you have to build a website.

An alternative to this is using a 3rd party site such as Etsy.

It can be tempting to use a site such as Etsy when you’re not sure how to build your own website or how to get that website out there so people actually see it.

Most of us though want something that’s 100% our own like our very own website. 

I agree that it can be intimidating thinking about creating your own website online not knowing where to start. You make jewelry, not websites, right?

What’s nice is that there are easy ways to create websites. In fact, you can have your website up and running within 5 minutes for free using a platform called “siterubix”:

Build Your Free Website

Siterubix is how I first created my websites. In fact, I almost always start with siterubix and then buy the domain once everything is set up.

Click here to set up your website!

The best thing about Siterubix is that it will walk you through step-by-step how to specifically set up your website.

Once you set up your website, you can install a plugin called “WooCommerce” in order to start adding items.

Have Some Fun and Share Your Creative Process Making Jewelry

Share Your Jewelry Brand and Process on your website

I’ve noticed that shoppers love items that are original and unique. I’m sure you have too and that’s exactly why there is so much demand for handmade, homemade, or uniquely sourced jewelry – your specialty!

When you’re shopping online, have you noticed that it’s much more tempting to buy items when you know how they were made or if you know the story of the person who made them or sourced them? It comes down to branding in a way.

As an artist and/or a small business owner, it’s important to distinguish yourself from the bigger brands by sharing your process and what makes you special.

Include the process of how you make or source jewlery on your website. 

A great way to get an idea about how to do this is to go to other websites and see what’s on their “About Us” page, what kind of stuff they talk about on their blog, etc.

Here’s some places that you could start for inspiration: 




Building an Audience that is Interested in Buying Your Jewelry

This is arguably the toughest part besides actually making gorgeous jewelry. You need to find all of those people that are looking for jewelry online right now and send them to your website.

Again, we can break this up into multiple steps so that it’s a little bit more manageable.

Step 1: Do Keyword Research

Keywords are how Google connects people looking for stuff online to the websites that have that information. An example of a keyword that would apply to you would be “gorgeous authentic homemade jewelry” or “unique jewelry gifts for her”.

Just like building a website, this might seem very intimidating at first but it’s really not so bad if you have the right tool.

I personally use a website called “Jaaxy” for all my keyword research.

You can test it out for free for your first 30 searches which should leave you with at least 10-15 good quality keywords to start with. This is MORE than enough to get you started.

When you are searching, you want the following:

 KQI/QSR: “Great”

Traffic: The more the better

SEO: 85+

Also, you want keywords that make sense. Sometimes there are phrases that people accidentally entered into Google for some reason multiple times. Eventually, people will stop searching these so you definitely want to avoid anything that doesn’t make grammatical sense.

Give it a try:

Step 2: Publish posts on your website’s new blog

On your website, you’ll have a “Blog” section, and using WooCommerce, you’ll have your shop/store section.

If you’re terrified at the thought of writing, let me assure you that ANYONE can write in a blog. Just think of it as a place where you can share everything that you’ve learned about jewelry with your audience.

The best way to blog is to imagine that you’re writing about your passion to a good friend in an e-mail or a letter. 

You can share how you make jewelry or how your source your jewelry.

Publish posts on your new jewelry blog

You can share new trends that you’re interested in, different collections of your jewelry, ideas behind your designs, etc.

The ideas are really limitless but make sure that at least some of your posts around centered around the keywords that you found in Step 1 so that people who find your posts are people looking to buy your jewelry.

I know this number is going to seem scary but I’ve found that the magic number to create a real presence on Google is 100 posts that are at least 1000 words per post. 

Again, if you really focus on just exploring all the aspects of your passion for jewelry, it will come much more easily. If you write 1 post a day, you’ll be there in a few months.

Know that you’ll get rankings and traffic before that point if you publish consistently, but 100 is really a magic number. Also the longer the posts the better.

Step 3: Tell friends, family and post on your social media

This is fairly self-explanatory.

You really want to leverage your current community. If you can get even just a few friends to then repost/share onto their social media, you’ll not only jump-start your rankings but it will be a huge confidence booster if that results in a few preliminary sales!

How to Keep Growing Your New Online Business

Keep Growing your online jewelry business

Now that your business is up and running, you need a way to keep growing it.

Below are all examples of things that you can do to keep growing your business and expanding your reach online. Going into that is a little bit beyond the scope of this particular post.


If you are interested in learning how to:

–  Keep Growing Your Website’s Audience

– How to Use “Pay Per Click” Advertising

– How to Monitor Your Google Rankings

then you can start the free online Wealthy Affiliate certification course where I learned by clicking below

This is the same platform that runs SiteRubix and the Jaaxy keyword service. I run all my businesses online from this 1 easy location.

If you start the entrepreneur certification course, feel free to reach out to me for help:

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Best of luck?

– Martina

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6 thoughts on “How to Sell Jewelry Online”

  1. I’m from Dominican Republic, we have an endemic precious stone called Larimar that I’ve always dream of show-case in my own online store. I’ve been focused on many limitations rather than opportunities. Your post has become an inspiration to me (added to the fact of going through a tedious quarantine due to the pandemic virus the whole world is facing these days).

    All of us need to look forward come out of this experience with renewed energies in other to follow our dreams. Not knowing anything shouldn’t stop us anymore, if you don’t know it, go for the information and learn it… but after this break, all of us will have an opportunity to be grateful and re-start our lives like never before!

    Thanks for providing the tools and inspiration needed to do so!

    • Hi Juan, that’s incredible to hear. I am so happy that I was able to provide that for you. Also, I just quickly looked into what the Larimar is and it’s beautiful. You should definitely consider starting up your own little online market for it – authentic and beautiful would easily be selling points. 

      And I agree, in the times that we’re facing now, it’s important like never before to have a positive outlook on the future

  2. Selling jewellery online doesn’t look do hard after all after reading this…From reading your post here, it looks like I wouldn’t need to go through so much stress to be able to see what I have in store but since it is online and I need to open a website, don’t you think it is going to require and amount of technicality of any sort?

    • Hi Riley, there is some technical know-how to be sure. It terms of setting up the website, it’s easy using the step-by-step procedure provided by site rubix as I’ve mentioned above. Setting up woo-commerce and publishing posts on the website are also quite straight forwards. The bit trickier part is growing your audience through organic and PPC traffic generation AKA getting as many people to your website as possible. That’s where online training can help – I learned everything I know through the this online marketing university. Feel free to join and message me! 


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