How To Make Money with Blog Flipping

Today, we’ll talk about blog flipping, which is a popular way to make money online.

It’s an intriguing idea, and you have the potential to earn millions using it, as very few people are doing it correctly. If you are well-versed in web marketing, SEO, and content writing, you can easily obtain better results in blog flipping.

If you’re completely new to blog flipping, here’s a quick rundown:

Blog flipping entails purchasing pre-made blogs or creating blogs with the intention of selling them for a profit and earning money online. This is a way to buy or sell websites/blogs/domains in which you must purchase any blog at a low price and then sell it at a higher price.

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You can get started with Blog Flipping in two simple ways:

You can either start a new blog from scratch and sell it once you’ve established authority, traffic, and money. Another option is to purchase an existing online site, develop it, and then resell it at a greater price.

Do you realize that flipping websites and blogs can generate thousands of dollars? The greatest part is that it can be considered a side hustle while also allowing you to generate income online.

This blog will help you with all you need to know about flipping websites for an income!

If you are interested, here is more about how to sell sites online for a great profit.

Tips You Need To Know Before Getting Started

Buy a pre-existing website and Sell it for a greater price

In order to use this strategy, you must first purchase a blog that is already up and operating on the internet and is at least six months old. When buying a blog that has already been built, there are a few things to consider:

  • Using the Google search engine, see if any Google algorithm changes have penalized the blog/domain.
  • At least a few people must visit the blog on a daily basis. Nearly every day, there must be over 200 unique visitors.
  • Have a thorough understanding of Google Analytics, like average daily visitors, average read length, referral traffic, and more. Examine its 12-month (or) longer analytics reports before making a purchase.
  • Examine the performance of other similar blogs in the same niche.

PRO TIP: Following your purchase, you must create an action plan and begin working on it to make the website more meaningful than it is now.

Now is the moment to rebuild your site; you should be able to set goals for your rankings, traffic, and blog content. The re-building of a blog can take up to six months. You can recreate your blog by doing the following:

#1. Make Changes to the Theme

To begin, make some changes to the blog’s look. You can do this by modifying the theme or by introducing a new design to the existing theme. You can either utilize website builder plugins like Elementor or the classic Gutenberg Editor to create your new blog from start, OR you can use various free designs to rebuild your blog.

Make your blog match the color palette. Also, make your blog navigation user-friendly and easy to access after installing a new theme. To make the website match the brand’s colors, do the following:

  • Create a new logo new on Canva and choose a standout brand color that matches your brand personality.
  • Align the colors in your menu bars, footer menu, homepage area, blog section, and every other page.

View your blog on mobile, desktop, and tablet when the colors have aligned.

#2. Analyze SEO and perform On-Page and Off-Page SEO, write or update blog content, do some keyword research

Check if your new blog has any old articles that don’t rank on Google (or) don’t generate any traffic before publishing fresh posts. To begin publishing fresh content, you must first determine how to rank it on Google. So, here are the steps to take:

#3. Remove any unnecessary backlinks and focus on link building to boost your blog’s rankings as much as possible.

To get rid of certain spammy, outdated, and irrelevant backlinks. Make a list of all the links that are either spammy or irrelevant and eliminate them. Then it’s time to build fresh, authoritative backlinks after you’ve removed the old ones.

Make sure to check out one of our posts about Off-Page SEO and Managing your backlinks here.

#4. Share your new blog on your social media and create brand awareness

In 2020, social media is everywhere and inescapable so this definitely has to be a consideration when starting an online presence. More and more people will want to check into the business and the business owners more thoroughly before trusting them.

So make sure you use the right tactics for your social media engagement with your customers.

Also, the growth of your flipped blog depends on a successful branding strategy. I think it’s super important to be authentic with your customers, and have a  good ongoing relationship with them. It’s good to keep in contact and to continue the conversation and all of that. I think all of that is super, super important. 

#5. The Time Has Come to Flip your Blog

Now is the moment to sell your blog for a profit. You can sell your blog in a looooot of ways. Today’s Internet has a ton of places where you can monetize your blog by selling it and it can be difficult to choose one that won’t cause you extra time and effort selling, or worse, spending more money than you already do.

So, if you’re seeking a perfect online platform for boosting your income by blog flipping, keep reading until the end! Not only does the Blog Flipping platform have insightful responses from a successful entrepreneurs and bloggers, but it also contains amazing takeaways on the subject of blog flipping.

These types of networks function as brokers, completing the process of buying and selling a blog in exchange for a commission, allowing you to earn money. I’ve included a few of the sites below, but for now, let’s have a look at another approach to Blog Flipping:

Build, Develop and Flip a blog

This is an approach that is strikingly similar to the one we talked about earlier; the only difference is that you are the one who creates the blog from the beginning. You do not purchase a blog from anyone; rather, this approach takes a long time but gives a higher income than the previous strategy.

To begin, you can create a whole website using these approaches:

You can achieve amazing success with a blog after 6 to 7 months; now it’s time to sell your blog. You can use the same approach for selling a blog as we did with the first strategy! | My #1 Blog Flipping Platform

Now that you’ve made it to the most awaited part, I’ve come to introduce you to a successful entrepreneur and blogger that helped me flip blogs and earn additional income as a side hustle: Chelsea Clarke!

Chelsea currently manages HerPaperRoute, where she assists aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams of working from anywhere. Her blog called surely does amazing work for flipping blogs that can help you earn $1000 and more.

They specialize in selling content blogs, e-Commerce businesses, and niche digital assets.

Here at the marketplace, you will find a selection of established online businesses for sale, as well as starter blogs. They represent the sale of established websites with a variety of assets and revenue sources. assists buyers and sellers in the process of acquiring and selling niche online businesses.

blog flipping

She and her team have built and developed hundreds of blogs over the years. They’re currently developing 5 niche blogs right now, with the intention to sell them next year after a year of growing them. They have sold blogs for $1600 each, $5000 each, they’ve sold a blog for $50,000 in the course of her business.

Since 2003, she’s been creating blogs. She began her career as a freelance web designer, building websites for clients on a project-by-project basis.

For a decade, she worked as a corporate marketing strategist, and she used her marketing skills to monetize her blogs. She soon accumulated a collection of web pages! People were eager to purchase her websites because they already had traffic and revenue.

As a blog flipper, she soon found herself purchasing, growing, and selling websites for profit. It’s now her full-time job!

There are great reasons to use to sell your website:

  1. You get a FREE evaluation of how your website/business and find out how much they could potentially sell it for.
  2. When you plan to sell your website, an agent will be assigned to you for working on your behalf, in terms of managing your listings, emailing potential buyers and negotiating, and MORE. Your BlogsForSale agent provides a white-glove service that takes care of you from start to finish.

Is it time to sell your website?

There could be several reasons why you want to sell your website.

To make money from your website, it will need to be maintained on a regular basis, including the content that is published as well as any up-to-date affiliate links. It can be difficult to manage your time, especially if your site is not your primary source of income. Your website may have been successful as well, but perhaps you’d like to devote your time to bigger and better things.

You will make money from selling your website, so your efforts will not be in vain.

Why don’t you try it out for yourself?

>> Evaluate your Website with Blogsforsale NOW<<

Other than BlogsforSale, here are some good platforms you can sell your website:

#1: Flippa 


  • 1.5 Million+ Websites:
    Flippa is hands down the biggest marketplace for websites. The upside to this is that there’s a very good chance your website will sell if it’s profitable ($500+ per month or more is a good place to be). The downside is that the competition is high because there are so many websites.
  • Valuation Tool:
    Flippa will help you evaluate your website fairly so you don’t have to worry about trying to set a price


  • Fees:
    Flippa has listing and selling fees. If your website isn’t going to sell for more than a few hundred dollars, you should really ask yourself if it’s worthwhile selling it
  • Competition:
    Comparing Faveable and DCTribune, one is almost half the price and their net profit is almost the same. Which website do you think will sell a LOT faster?
how to sell websites online using Flippa

Overall, Flippa is very easy to use but it’s expensive.

#2: Empire Flippers 


  • Valuation Tool:
    Again, Empire Flippers have their own valuation tool
  • Customer Service:
    You don’t need to worry about transferring data, domains, hosting, etc. “You don’t need to buy the software. You don’t need to contact your web host. [Empire Flippers] do it all on your behalf.”
  • Only Serious Buyers:
    They vet buyers before you deal with the
  • Wide Range of Profits:
    This platform is only for businesses that are making a very high profit or at least revenue with their website. Revenue ranges from $700 per month to $70k per month:


  • Fees: Empire Flippers has very high fees. “First-time listers pay a $297 listing fee and repeat sellers pay $97. The fee is 100% refundable if we reject or can’t list your online business.”
selling sites online using empire flippers
selling sites online using empire flippers price ranges

#3: Exchange Marketplace 


  • Valuation Tool:
    Exchange Marketplace has their own valuation tool
  • Streamlined Exchange:
    They walk you through step-by-step how to hand over your entire Shopify Operation


  • Shopify Only:
    This platform is ONLY for Shopify stores
selling sites online on Exchange Marketplace

#4: FE International 


  • Simple Valuation Tool:
    You just enter your URL and your e-mail address to get a valuation
  • Customer Service: 
    With high-end websites comes high-end customer service
  • Confidentiality: 
    You can remain completely anonymous throughout the whole process
selling sites online using FE International


  • Ultra high-end ONLY:
    The cheapest website available on this platform right now is $30,000 with ~$12,000 yearly profit

My Final Thoughts

For me, is the most lucrative and popular option from the above list of places to sell your blog. You can always utilize a traditional method of advertising it on Facebook Marketplace, and you may receive a greater offer from readers.

However, if you’re selling a well-established site for genuine reasons like not having enough time to blog or being unable to update it, this approach is ideal. Otherwise, it would be better if you started selling your blog on sites like It may be difficult to grasp and make a large profit at first, but if you get it right, you can make a lot of money just by generating and selling blogs.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Share this with your friends as well!

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    Does BlogsForSale, or any of the other blog flipping sites, have an escrow account to make sure that the sellers will receive their money if one does sell through them? This is a financial security feature that I deem essential for flipping websites.

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