How to Drive Traffic from Pinterest

Hi internet friends and welcome! My name is Glorie and today I’ll be going over a course that I’ve taken about how to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog (400k+ pageviews/month type of traffic) called Pinteresting Strategies

This course is by Carly Campbell, one of my favourite lady bosses! You may know Carly from Pinterest: 

She fluctuates between 3-5 million viewers a month and she has over 40k followers as I’m writing this post right now. It will probably be more when you check as her followers consistently keep growing somehow. 

Carly has used Pinterest as her #1 traffic source for her blog and all of the attention that she gets from Pinterest has allowed her to do really well in Google search rankings as well. 

I really believe that for the price, Carly’s course is probably THE BEST Pinterest course out there and it’s probably one of the only ones if not the only one that you DO NOT NEED A SCHEDULER FOR (yep that’s right – no Tailwind!). 

I don’t know about you but when I first started blogging, I just could not get traffic. It was literally the bane of my existence trying to get enough people to my blog. Of course, I couldn’t monetize properly because I just didn’t have the numbers. Also, it definitely wasn’t “passive”. 

I tried advertising but that never ended well and I wasted a lot of money. 

What I wouldn’t have given to have learned about this course back then and saved myself all the grief. 

Pinteresting Strategies Review 

Name: Pinteresting Strategies


Price: $47

Owners: Carly Campbell

Overall Rank: 87 out of 100

Feel free to jump ahead! 

  1. What is it?
  2. Pros and cons
  3. Who is it for? 
  4. Training and tools 
  5. Support 
  6. Pricing 
  7. Overall quality
how to drive traffic with pinterest
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Pinteresting Strategies, Product Overview | What is Pinteresting Strategies?

Pinteresting Strategies is all about how to use your Pinterest account to get traffic to your blog. 

We’re not talking about 10-20 clicks here. We’re talking upwards of 100k pageviews/month. Those are big numbers. 

With numbers like that, you can earn a full-time income by partnering with an elite ad network. 

What you need for this strategy: 

  • A Pinterest account 
  • A blog with some posts on it 
  • 15-30 minutes a day to pin 
  • A few hours each week to create pins
  • Canva or Powerpoint or Photoshop to make your pins 
  • A niche that is conducive to Pinterest (i.e. probably not going to work for “wrestling” but definitely going to work for anything “mom”, “baby”, “shopping”, “blogging”, “decor”, “organizing”, “art” etc.) 

What you do NOT need: 

  • Tailwind or any sort of scheduling app
  • Advertising of any kind 
  • Followers 

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


Pro #1: Videos of Carly’s screen so you can follow along and do exactly what she does. 

Pro #2: No scheduler required. That means you can save money every single month on Tailwind. 

Pro #3: Pinterest is MUCH easier to gain traction and followers compared to Instagram or Facebook if you understand the principles of how it works because in addition to being a social media platform it’s also a search engine. 


Con #1: It’s not paid ads therefore it’s not instantaneous. Plan for at least 3-6 months before you hit the 100k+ mark. 

Con #2: There’s no “secret formula” to creating clickable pins. Although you can definitely check out this Photoshop Pin Collection for ideas that work for Carly. Personally, I don’t use these – I use Canva because I find it way easier to use although it is more limited. 

Con #3: No support if things don’t go right (you can always comment below and I’ll get back to you and we can try and figure it out) 

Who is Pinteresting Strategies for? 

This strategy is for bloggers of literally any level looking to either incorporate Pinterest into their blogging strategy or who aren’t seeing the results they want from Pinterest.

This is also for you if you use a scheduler for Pinterest but are looking to cut costs or are not seeing the results you want from that scheduler (i.e. Tailwind). 

Pinteresting Strategies | Training & Tools 

The training in Pinterest strategies is mostly in the form of screencast videos but there so you can see Carly walking through the steps as she is doing them on her own Pinterest account. 

Everything is also in written form, however, so if you’re more of a reading person you’ll also be able to read the instructions step by step. 

At the end of every chapter, there is a key takeaways section so you know what was important and what you need to make sure you implement the core things you need to before moving on to the next step. 

Pinteresting Strategies | Support

Carly states in the course that she is not able to provide one on one support via e-mail without upping the price. 

She does include some FAQs within the course and goes through the process of how to troubleshoot if things aren’t working. 

Pinteresting Strategies | Pricing

The price is pretty reasonable in my opinion but you have to be prepared to do the work. 

What I like about the course is that it’s no fluff. She shows you in screencast videos exactly her daily pinning strategy from start to finish. It’s totally transparent. 


If you start off with her “Perfectly Pinteresting Pins” course (100% free), Carly offers a $5 off coupon Pinteresting Strategies at the very end!

You’re welcome!

Pinteresting Strategies’ How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest | My Final Opinion

Every single thing I’ve seen on Pinterest about Pinterest marketing is about Tailwind. Literally. 

And so eventually I decided that I needed to get Tailwind to succeed on Pinterest. I did get Tailwind and I won’t lie it did spike my growth significantly BUT it was another cost and to be honest, I spent at least 5-6 hours per week trying to organize everything. 

Tailwind tribes ALONE took me so long to figure out and try to get it to work. My personal opinion is it’s not as great as it’s cracked up to be but maybe I just wasn’t using it right. 

If I could make Pinterest work for me (100k+ pageviews on my blog definitely qualifies) without a scheduler, then that is exactly what I needed.

The best part (for me) about this course was that it is NOT vague at all. There isn’t some magical X factor that you know you won’t be able to figure out. There is no guesswork. 

You follow exactly what Carly does in her videos. 

I’m definitely not at 100k pageviews yet but this is what it’s looked like for me so far and it’s been 1 week (I will update in a few months and let you know how it goes)…



Pinteresting Strategies at a Glance… 

Name: Pinteresting Strategies


Price: $97

Owners: Carly Campbell

Overall Rank: 87 out of 100



Since you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this post, I have a surprise! This bundle helped me get my blog off the ground and finally make profits for the first time. It’s pretty much the cheapest set that you’ll find for the information anywhere online and if you stick with it for 6 months – it will work for you too [limited time offer – updated as of Feb 2022

What it includes: 




Did you have a personal experience with Pinteresting Strategies? Please add your experience below! 

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Pinteresting Strategies


Tools & Training




Overall Quality



  • Videos of Carly's screen so you can follow along
  • No scheduler required.
  • Pinterest is MUCH easier to gain traction and followers compared to Instagram or Facebook


  • It's not paid ads therefore it's not instantaneous.
  • There's no "secret formula" to creating clickable pins.
  • No support if things don't go right

6 thoughts on “How to Drive Traffic from Pinterest”

  1. Thank you so much for this insightful article, Martina! I will be the first to admit that I do not have a Pinterest account, but I’m willing to create one if it helps me to reach more people with the word of God and generate sales (that first sale alludes me. Haha). I have always been leery of social media, both for privacy reasons and the list of restrictions that they place on advertising and interacting with your customers on their platforms. However, I do realize that there are millions upon millions of people on social media, so it’s a great way to get more eyeballs on your product. I will definitely take this into consideration. God bless you!

    • Hi CN,
      I’m the same way with Instagram and to a certain extent Facebook. 1st I find that for the purposes of sharing blog contents, they haven’t been that useful for me. 2nd they are SO MUCH WORK it drives me nuts.
      Pinterest, on the other hand is easy to use, it’s quick (I’m only on it 15 minutes a day right now actually pinning – I do spend more time than that making my visuals for my blog that I can then pin) and it’s a search engine in itself like Google or Yahoo. That means the smarter you are, the more traffic you get, which is exactly what Carly teaches in her course.
      Also your niche being children and Christianity could not be more perfect for the Pinterest audience which has a large mom audience.
      To start I would suggest:
      1) Create a business account
      2) Verify your website
      3) Create 10-20 boards with “Keyword” phrases that are related to topics you talk about on your website – you can find keywords by typing into Pinterest search bar and seeing what it autofills with
      4) Fill the boards with 30-50 pins that are related (I promise, this takes way less time than you think)
      5) *This is the long step* Create Pinterest sized graphics (2:1 ratio verticals) for each of your blog posts in Canva, Powerpoint, Photoshop or Picmonkey using inspiration from other beautiful pins in your niche that you’ve already added to your boards – remembering that Pinterest audience is largely female
      6) Pin from your blogpost onto your Pinterest account

      That’s a basic starting guide! I hope it helps – let me know if you have any questions

  2. I am actually looking to learn more about Pinterest as my blog needs traffic, this course looks affordable and the fact that it does not require tailwind or scheduler is better. Your week 1 traffic spurt is impressive, I wish you all the best and look forward to learn Pinterest strategies, thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Satz, I’ve found Carly’s to be a really nice add on to everything I’ve learned the last few years – especially in terms of traffic from Pinterest and in terms of e-mail lists through her affiliate blogging course. She also just released a pack of Canva pin templates that have spiked my traffic further.
      Let me know if you have any questions ?


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