How To Calculate Crypto Profits: All-in-one Guide

There must be some hope of profit for every investment made. An investment made under unprofitable conditions will almost certainly result in a loss. A poorly prepared investor will quickly discover that making knowing how to calculate crypto profits is just as important as using the right strategies for successful investment.

Earning consistent profits from crypto investments is no easy task. The current market volatility ensures that investors can never be completely certain of the outcomes of their investments. Even with the most brilliant strategies, it is all too easy to violate the most fundamental principles.

how to calculate crypto profits

Calculating your cryptocurrency profits and losses is an excellent way to improve your crypto portfolio by assessing what did go wrong and what could work more effectively in the future.

How to Calculate Crypto Profits

There are several ways to profit as a crypto trader. You can make money by giving the network computing power, powering the blockchain, and validating transactions as a miner for a proof-of-work blockchain.

Additionally, smart long-term cryptocurrency investments can result in sizable trading profits. Additionally, profitable trades are consistently made by cryptocurrency traders who analyze the charts and follow this strategy. Hedging is another common strategy for making extra money with cryptocurrencies.

You can use straightforward arithmetic techniques to determine your cryptocurrency profits. However, before determining losses and capital gains, it is important to consider a number of important factors.

You will discover these important elements in this article, along with the most effective ways to record your profit and loss margins. Learn more by reading on.

Basic math

You don’t need complicated charts or formulas to figure out your cryptocurrency profits. The simple arithmetic-based profit-loss formula is all that is required. Overall profit is defined as the selling price less the purchase price.

Several of the side-along determining factors are listed below:

Gas costs

Using the Ethereum network to build Dapps has a token-gas fee for developers and users.

The Ethereum blockchain is home to a wide range of other ecosystems and tokens as one of the decentralized platforms with smart contracts that are growing the quickest. In conclusion, gas costs are necessary for Ethereum investments.

Financial Charges

In addition to gas fees, there may be additional investment fees. Defi apps in particular have a variety of structures and frequently demand various fees. You’ll incur significant crypto losses if you jump into a new investment strategy without thoroughly investigating the fees involved.

To calculate your cryptocurrency profits, you must use a base fiat currency, such as the US dollar or the Euro.

Here’s an illustration:

A crypto investor invests $20,000 in cryptocurrency assets, selling them for $60,000. Here, the mathematical formula—i.e., selling price minus cost price—will be used to determine profits. In this case, the serious investor earned $40,000 in profit.

The profit margin calculated in the preceding sentence is only a gross estimate, though. You must subtract other depreciations, such as the various fees incurred per transaction, in order to determine the net profits.

These trading fees are charged when you conduct transactions involving swap trades, liquidity, and other types of transactions on different platforms.

You must subtract every one of these supplementary expenses from the total to calculate the net profit. In other words, the net profit is equal to the total profit minus depreciation (additional transaction fees).

Exchange Fees

The transaction costs should also be considered when trading on various exchange platforms. The costs vary depending on the user tier on platforms like Coinbase. You should take note of the tier you’re in and adjust your investment strategy accordingly to benefit from discounts or prevent severe losses.

Profit Calculators

For crypto traders who want to keep track of their cryptocurrency portfolio, a crypto profit calculator is incredibly helpful.

These are straightforward, easy-to-use tools that assist investors in calculating loss and profit rates. You might find these three calculators interesting:

Bybit Crypto Calculator enables traders to compute profit/loss, target price, and liquidation price using account/position data that is currently available (position margin, leverage, average entry/exit price, and contract quantity). This enables traders to better manage their positions and comprehend their trading objectives.

This cryptocurrency calculator is very thorough and includes extra features to make it easier for you to calculate your profits. It offers classes, extra tools, and digestible tutorials. Using the prices on CoinMarketCap, the loss and profit margins are calculated.

  • Easy Bitcoin Calculator

This is a great tool that performs many of the aforementioned tasks and allows users to quickly calculate their cryptocurrency losses and gains.

Things to know about calculating profits

It’s crucial to take into account the important factor when determining cryptocurrency profit and loss. These values include, among others:

  • Average Cost and Selling Price

Average selling and buying prices are crucial in determining the profitability of an investment when crypto market volatility is taken into account.

When you choose to purchase a token at the floor price, you can anticipate making the biggest profit possible. However, given the current level of cryptocurrency market volatility, profit margins occasionally can be unpredictable.

  • Profits Realized and Unrealized

Realized profits are gains from prior trades that you have already received. Unrealized profit, on the other hand, refers to potential earnings based on calculations using current market prices.

If you’re calculating your profit or loss, you should account for both realized and unrealized gains or losses.

The use of Spreadsheets

Using a Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel is another efficient way to keep track of your cryptocurrency profits, earnings, and losses.

These solutions can assist you in tracking precisely how much you have been losing or making since you began your investment journey by acting as data analytics tools. You can enter information based on your trade profit date, the investment amount you traded, your portfolio of coins, etc.

spreadsheets for crypto profit calculator

A spreadsheet is a fantastic tool for keeping track of earnings if you’re just starting out with a few coins. You must update the prices at the same rate as the daily changes in market prices. It will be equally challenging to maintain a spreadsheet with a large portfolio, though.

Why is it necessary to determine cryptocurrency profits and losses?

Every time you purchase a cryptocurrency token, you pay with actual, fiat money. The selling price must be greater than the price at which you originally purchased the tokens for subsequent purchases. If not, you will incur a loss.

Precalculations are crucial because of this. It will be impossible to calculate how much profit or loss you have made without a clear understanding of how much you invested.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of investors make the mistake of holding onto token sales for too long. This is acceptable as long as you are investing in cryptocurrencies with a long-term, patient strategy. If not, you’ll be aiming for sizable losses.

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My thoughts to you

Purchasing cryptocurrencies at a discount and then selling them when their trade value rises is perfectly acceptable. But a lot of other things also affect whether you’ll be making a useful profit or a disastrous loss.

Keeping up with the best and most recent technologies and trends is the best way to stay in the black, keeping in mind that the blockchain industry continues to be in its early stages.

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