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There are a million ways to make money online.

No, really – there actually are.

And I’m sure you know that otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for a way right now.

A way to get out of that job that you hate. Away from the boss that drives you crazy. And towards the freedom that you’ve always wanted in your life.

The ability to do what you want when you want because you want to do it.

Don’t want to show up Monday? That’s fine! You’re still going to get paid.

That’s what you’re looking for.

And you know deep down that it exists because other people right now are doing it.

Let me share a secret with you.

Those other people are NOT special. They don’t have some secret superpower or crazy connections or bags of cash hidden away to invest. Nope. They’re just like you and me!

The only thing that separates you from them is action.

Let me guess – you’re thinking “Okay, okay, I get it but I have no idea what to do or where to start!”

Or maybe you’ve been burned before online? A scam. False promises. A few hundred (or thousand) down the drain. And now you’re paralyzed. You don’t want to give up but you’re too scared to try anything new.

Or maybe you just don’t think anything will actually work for you? In theory it sounds great but when you try it, it just NEVER actually works so you’re always on the hunt for the next shiny thing that might do it.

Any of these sound familiar?

I’m just speculating here because I’ve been in all of those positions before. I know the thoughts, emotions, anxieties and all the rest of it.

This is what I’ve realized after almost 6 years now:

#1. This is what WORKS to make money from home:

Affiliate Marketing with Ads

Blogging (certain strategies ONLY!)


Anything else is a waste of time. Forget survey sites, cash back things, selling physical products, dropshipping, etc. All of that is useless or it’s so hard/time consuming to do that it’s just not worth it.

#2. The ONLY way to make money online sustainably without at least 3-5k to invest in a business is a BLOG (certain strategies ONLY!)

Any type of investing or advertising obviously requires money. So if you’re budget is really tight, either save up or start a blog.

#3. Creating successful blog is HARD work. It’s very time consuming up front but it’s extremely low in terms of cost. A successful new blog started in 2020 is monetized primarily with a PRODUCT. (The days of ads are over.)

It’s no longer feasible to monetize a blog with ad networks. Not only is it SUPER time consuming and annoying but it just doesn’t make sense anymore. To make 6 figures with a blog, you need MILLIONS of pageviews. Isn’t it easier to sell a 100$ product to 1000 people in 1 year? YES. Yes it is.

Another method that still works is micro-niche blogs monetized with affiliate income from like Amazon (or another affiliate programs). Just keep an eye on your commissions. If you’re promoting 20$ stuff from Amazon, at 3% commission, it’s going to take you a long time to reach 6 figures if you ever do. Then you’re back on that hamster wheel just like with ads chasing pageviews.

Don’t have money to invest right now?

Have some money to invest?

If you have 3-5k to invest, then you can turn that into a 6 figure business fairly quickly if you follow the correct steps.

The least time consuming and least risky (if you know what you’re doing) way to make money is INVESTING in the stock market. Investing in cryptocurrency also can work but I find it super annoying to do. I hate having to transfer my money back and forth between crypto and dollars. I hate how volatile the market is. I hate how un-user friendly the software is.

Honestly, I find the whole crypto world a bitttt scammy for my taste. But it does work to make money.

The other thing that works is affiliate marketing using ads. Native Ads, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Ads or Push Ads. They can all work. This is a little riskier I find because when you spend money on ads, you can never know 100% if you’ll ever make money back. You just gotta try and try until something works and then you can keep running and scaling it.

We are currently in the process of developing a step-by-step course for Stock Investing (how to make $500 a day).


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