Global SEO Strategy

In this post, I’m going to talk about the most fundamental Global SEO strategy that works – trust me it actually works! This is an SEO strategy that you need to know once you already have your blog ranking for keywords and start to get traffic.

I’m going to show you how to take a ranking in the first 2 to 3 pages of Google for a targeted keyword and push it to page 1 and as close to position 1 as possible faster than any other method you’ll find.

In previous posts, we’ve talked about On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO (or backlinking). This is an additional SEO strategy that you need to start implementing once the ranking starts to happen.

I’m also going to write posts about other strategies that are a little bit more complicated, but I wanted to start with this one because it’s super simple and it’s really the only additional one that you need to optimize your posts. I’m also a big believer in the basics.

The only tools you need for this strategy are your blog, RankIQ, and Google webmaster. 

The caveat to this strategy is that you can’t use it until you’re starting to rank at least a little bit so make sure you have at least 50 to 60 posts to work with.

Global SEO Strategy – Have Your Targeted Keywords In Place

Remember my magic numbers?

100 is what you’re aiming for with a new blog ASAP. Actually, as more and more blogs pop up, you’re probably going to be aiming closer to 150 now.

Classically the magic number is 100 for the number of posts that you need to really start making a dent in rankings. If you haven’t started to rank yet, like I said, go back and work your way up to the point where your ranking is.

To Get your Targeted Keywords in place you need enough content

Now, let’s get into the strategy.

How this SEO Strategy Improves Traffic

Let’s say you have a post that’s ranking for 3 different keywords:

Keyword 1: The post is on page 2 position 1, you’re getting 10 clicks on this link per month and you want to get on page 1 where you’re hoping to get 85+ clicks.

Keyword 2: The post is on page 1 position 8, you’re getting 60 clicks on this link per month and you want to move it up as close to position 1 as possible so you can push that number of clicks even higher – let’s say around 80 clicks as well.

Keyword 3: The post is on page 3 position 2, you’re getting 3 clicks on this link per month and you want to move it up to page 1 where you’re hoping to get 110+ clicks.

So overall you’re hoping to get an extra 200+ clicks per month on this link. That’s pretty good if you can get there. Also as you optimize this one page, the pages it links to will benefit and you’ll naturally start to rank for more keywords for that same post too!

Global SEO Strategy that Works

How to Find the Best Targeted Keywords to Start With

As I said, you have Google webmaster in order to get this data. Here’s what you want to be looking at when you’re within Google Webmaster:

Google webmaster settings in order to find keywords to optimize

So you want to go to “Search Analytics” and select Clicks, Position, and Queries so you’re looking at the position and number of clicks your keywords (queries) are getting.

Here’s an example of some of my data for one of my posts for my equestrian blog:

example 1 of my keyword ranking to optimize
example 2 of my keyword ranking to optimize
example 3 of my keyword ranking to optimize

If I click the little square and arrow next to the keyword, it will take me to Google like so (for the first keyword above):

Google page rankings for keyword to optimize from Google Webmaster

So as you can see, I’m ranked 2 for this keyword right now (which is great since it says on average the last month I’ve been 2.9 so I’m moving up!)

Don’t mind all the extra stuff in the screenshot – I just use a Chrome extension called SEOquake to gauge how difficult it will be to overpass the posts above me in terms of rankings. I haven’t been using it for that long but if it continues to work as well as it has for me so far I’ll make a post on it not to worry!

Make sure that you’re setting up Google Webmaster with your Rank Math SEO Plugin and that you have your Sitemap configured!

After you figure out all of the keywords your post is ranking for, then you have to go back to the post with that list of keywords in mind.

Global SEO Strategy: Step-by-Step Process

Now you’re going to complete a series of simple steps in order to optimize this post and specifically optimize it further for those keywords.

SEO Strategy Step 1: Optimize your Media

The first thing that you want to find out is if you can optimize your media. If your post is already saturated with images (a 3000-word post with 10+ images is saturated) then you probably don’t need anymore. But if it’s just images, then what about a video?

You could get a video from Youtube or could you make a quick video yourself even if you’re just talking in it.

Also if you don’t have any infographics, could potentially create an infographic for that blog post, put it in the post, and then post the infographic on Pinterest with a backlink to the post.

With a video, you don’t have the option but with any additional image you add, you want to make sure you’re including one of the keywords in that image.

part of this global seo strategy is optimizing your media for your targeted keywords

Ideally, you want to make sure that each of the keywords you’re optimizing for is in AT LEAST one alt text of a post image. 

Don’t overdo it and put each keyword in like 5 or 6 images but if you can make all the alt texts related, that is always good!

SEO Strategy Step 2: Add Targeted Backlinks

You want to add more backlinks and try to make sure the anchor text includes the keywords if possible. 

You can also just create more backlinks now that your post is a little bit more mature and ranking well by reposting on social media with the new images you’ve added.

SEO Strategy Step 3: Create More Targeted Content

Step 3 is by far the most important step in my opinion and it works the fastest.

You want to write another 250+ words in your post focusing on the keyword you’re targeting. So if you have 3 keywords then you’re going to be writing a total of 750+ additional words to your post. Within those words, you’re going to want to include headings with the keywords in them as well.

create more targeted content around your targeted keywords

As always, do not keyword stuff – you don’t want a density more than 2.5% or so so very small but you do want to make sure that the topic is around that of the keyword that you’re targeting. A great way to do this is to do some more research in the area.

Also a side note – if you find other blogs that have great information when you’re doing your research for the extra words, those are usually great places to leave comments telling the author that you found their material so awesome you used some of it to update one of your posts.

That way you can link back to your post and voila! You have an additional backlink with very little extra effort.

SEO Strategy Step 4: Get More Comments!

Lastly, you want to make sure you get more comments added to your post. So like let’s say that post has 4 comments or so. Try to aim to increase that number to 10 or 20 or even more!

If you don’t have people to ask or some sort of community to get comments on your blog, I have a resource for you. Basically, it’s part of my #1 recommended resource for entrepreneurs starting online home businesses. You will have access to a community where you can either provide comments to other bloggers in order to receive them or you can simply pay for them and then other community members will give you comments. Scroll to the bottom of this post to learn more…

If you ever don’t like the quality of the comment someone has given to you, then you can just disapprove it and you’ll automatically be put back on the queue for a new one.

That pretty much covers it.

Global SEO Strategy – Efficient & Reliable

Notice how none of the steps are very long except for maybe backlinking.

Backlinking is definitely way more time-consuming than any of the other steps that we talked about. It’s totally understandable if you just don’t have time to do that consistently. That’s okay! Just make sure you’re doing the other ones consistently.

Let Google Know You’ve Made Changes!

Once you’ve done all of these steps, you want to make sure Google knows all of the work you’ve done and re-evaluates your ranking position.

I would suggest asking Google to re-crawl your post and all associated links in both the mobile and desktop versions. Once you’ve re-crawled your post, wait a week or so and then check the rankings again and watch the magic!

In order to re-crawl your post, go to Google Webmaster and click the “Fetch as Google” tab:

click the fetch as google tab on the side of your website

Next, enter the URL of the post you want to crawl and click “Fetch and Render” in both Desktop and Mobile:

ask Google to crawl your post in the desktop version
ask Google to crawl your post in the mobile smartphone version

You want to start doing this as a routine every single time you notice your rankings starting to improve and you’re nearing the top pages. Of course, if you get to position 1 right away on a certain keyword then there’s no need but if you’re close but not quite there, these are all things you can do to give you that last little push.

This is also something that’s going to help your entire blog grow. 

Of course, the main thing you want to make sure you’re doing is just writing more awesome content on a consistent basis until you’re over 100 and better yet, over 150 posts.

This strategy is to make sure that you’re getting all the keywords that you want and to help you along when you’re trying to rank the more competitive keywords that need a little bit more focus.

An Extra SEO Ranking Trick

As a side note, you can also start ranking for keywords that are not 100% related to your post once you start broadening your reach. You can do the step where you add 250+ words to the post around that keyword and then link out to another post that goes more in-depth into that keyword.

For example, I wrote a review about saddle soap and the manufacturing company has yellow and white saddle soap – my review was about the yellow soap.

One of the keywords that I was ranking for was “Fiebings saddle soap white vs Yellow” I wrote about the comparison between yellow and white saddle within the review article adding my 250+ words. Then, I linked out from that to a completely new article where I wrote about the differences between white and yellow soap.

This allows me to rank broadly for keywords for several posts and gain more presence in my niche. It also helps me interlink between posts and helps my readers get the information that they are specifically looking for with the keywords that they search.

an SEO strategy that actually works and will help you rank targeted keywords

I really hope this article helped you with your SEO! And just let me reiterate this, the On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO article are really the fundamentals of all SEO. You don’t need anything else.

There are always fancier, more advanced tactics that you can get sucked into but they aren’t necessary. If SEO is something that overwhelms you, stick with the basics and you’ll be golden!

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  1. I also think that creating more targeted content is a good idea. However you mentioned about the headings. Should I use a couple of H3 or H2? I read that if I use H2 , it can be better for SEO. But when I do that it is just too big for my theme. Do you think should I change my theme?

    • I have the same problem – I do use some H2 every now and again if I’m trying to do some targeting but initially I try and avoid it. I find that H2 is too big for most themes. Definitely don’t change your theme for this but if you are trying to target keywords, I would suggest just doing the H2 anyways even if it doesn’t look as great as you would like it to

  2. Thanks for this great walkthrough on how to boost your rankings in google.

    I will say I agree with everything on here expect the backlinking part.

    I know adding new content, comments, and using fetch as google will help — but at the same time I’m almost certain acquiring back links to try and boost your rankings can also hurt your rankings drastically.

    Either way I think many people can benefit from this post and get better rankings I think.

    • Hey Michael, 

      Happy to help! 

      Backlinks do not hurt your rankings – it’s backlinks that are poorly acquired, paid for in a sketchy manner, or provided through PBNs and other non-legitamate methods that will sabotage your website because Google has gotten very good at telling the difference. 

      If all backlinks negatively affected your site, then every time another website referred to yours, that would actually hurt your rankings and all competitors would be linking to each others sites all the time, which wouldn’t make any sense.

  3. I really appreciate the knowledge you are bringing to the game. I agree with you 100%, I’m actually enrolled in a course, and I learned the exact same thing your talking about.

    I learned that the aim goal is 100, for the SEO keyword strategy. I noticed that you mentioned Jaaxy, I should upgrade and reap the benefits that Jaaxy has to offer.

    I also appreciate the tips and guided principles you layed out in your article, it really helped me out.


  4. Hi, Martina
    Really appreciate the post on SEO simplified, very well described and it was very much informative to me, i will try to implement on my blog post, but before that i need to work on getting more blog post because i don’t have the number aiming for the magic number 100.

    • Yes, your #1 goal when you first start a blog is to get to that 100! After that, it’s all downhill so to speak 🙂

  5. Hi Martina! Thanks for proper instruction in what good SEO is.
    I have written more posts where I have used questions in my keyword phrase.
    I must say that it works.
    People ask a lot about the search engines. When I examine which keywords rank high in the search console, there are many that rank very well without using them in the description or the header.
    I wonder how to do it. Is it Google that shows incorrect results?

    • Hey Steen, 

      It totally depends on how competitive the keyword is. For low competition keywords, sometimes you don’t need much to rank very well whereas for more competitive ones you’ll need to do everything and then some. Usually the more competitive they are, the more traffic you’ll get. But I mean, whatever works for you! 

      This is what’s worked for me but if you have another strategy than stick to it! 


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