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I recently bought this ebook on how to get paid to pin on Pinterest written by Dale Persons and in the last week it’s completely revolutionized Pinterest for me.

I kid you not – I got 4 conversions within 48 hours of using this strategy and my Pinterest audience increased by well over 1000% in 3 days

It’s been absolutely CRAZY. These are unprecedented results for me from a course in terms of how quickly it all happened.

I’m used to waiting weeks if not months for things to start working – such is the world of blogging and affiliate marketing, after all. Of course, as soon as I started seeing the potential, I had to share it with you! So I’ve put together my take on this ebook, my experiences with this amazing course (Get Paid to Pin), exactly what it is, and who it’s for.

Before we get into action, here are a few reviews I’ve written about Dale’s other courses, which I think are useful for those just starting out on Building a 30-Day Blog and Amazon Affiliate Marketing so make sure to check these out!

Get Paid to Pin Review

Name: Get Paid to Pin


Price: $27

Owner: Dale Persons

Overall Rank: 93 out of 100

Get Paid to Pin, Product Overview | It’s a Digital EBook with Step-by-Step Instructions

Get Paid To Pin is a digital ebook that you can download as soon as your purchase goes through. It’s 50 pages long but half of that almost is the Appendix which focuses on key resources that will be super useful to you if you implement her strategy.

The e-book is all about how to set up your affiliate pins in Pinterest and your Pinterest account to make money.

I got this image from Dale’s website – here’s a little bit about her

All About Dale, owner of the Get Paid To Pin on Pinterest
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Next, I figure I’d give you the insider scoop on exactly what’s in the ebook. Here’s the table of contents:

Part 1: Priming Yourself to Get Paid

  1. What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. My Story
  3. Why Pinterest?
  4. Pinterest Basics

Part 2: Establishing Your Account

  1. Creating Boards
  2. Start Pinning!
  3. Joining Group Boards

Part 3: Get Started with Affiliate Pinning

  1. Make a Board for Your Affiliate Pins
  2. Joining Affiliate Programs
  3. Create Amazing Affiliate Pins
  4. Time to Pin!
  5. Promoting Your Pins
  6. My Tailwind Group Board Strategy
  7. Conclusion


430+ Pinterest Group Boards by Niche

40+ Affiliate Programs by Niche

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

This is my unique take on the pros and cons after reading the ebook and implementing all of Dale’s strategies.


  1. Step-by-step guide – literally. No detail is too small and Dale tells you what to focus on and what you can do if you want but isn’t that important. The best part is her Tailwind Group strategy which she walks you through so you can literally imitate how she gets her affiliate commissions. (Within implementing this, I got 4 conversions within 48 hours!)
  2. She gives you examples of actual pins that made her conversions and what they look like. This is great because you don’t have to spend time guessing what types of designs will work for you.
  3. The appendix is SO USEFUL. Having a list of the best boards per niche is the best shortcut so you don’t have to research them yourself. Not to mention that the way they are organized by niche secretly gives you the best idea of what niche to go into. If that niche has a good number of boards, it’s a good niche for this strategy!
  4. Dale covers what you need to know about the legalities of affiliate marketing on Pinterest so that your account doesn’t get flagged or banned.


  1. Does not get into Tailwind Tribes or how to use them which I’ve seen covered in other Pinterest affiliate marketing courses.
  2. Dale does provide her e-mail but there isn’t a quick way to contact any type of support or her in case you’re having trouble.
  3. No refunds.

Who is Get Paid to Pin for?

This EBook is literally for anyone who is looking to make a bit of extra money. Dale starts at the very beginning and her strategy is dead simple. It took me less than 3 hours to go through the whole book and implement everything.

If you get easily overwhelmed – I’m definitely guilty of buying courses in the past and bundles of courses with tons of bonus material and then NEVER going through it all because it was just way too much – then this is for you.

It’s a simple, straightforward strategy that’s quick to implement even if you have no prior knowledge of Pinterest.

this e-Book is for anyoney who wants to leverage the power of Pinterest to start earning passive income

This EBook is both for those who have blogs and those who don’t. You DO NOT NEED A BLOG to implement this strategy. You also don’t need to know anything about blogging.

Get Paid to Pin Tools & Training

tools and training in get paid to pin ebook


  • Basics of affiliate marketing
  • Optimizing your Pinterest account and Pinterest SEO basics
  • Dale’s exact pinning strategy that allows her to be successful


  • Resources on how to create really pretty pins for free
  • 430+ Pinterest Group Boards by Niche
  • 40+ Affiliate Programs by Niche

Get Paid to Pin Support

Dale does give you access to her business e-mail. Personally, I have not tried to contact her with it but generally, my experience has been answered to these types of business blog e-mails are slow and impersonal – I totally could be wrong though.

There is no promise of support or any kind of success guarantee with this ebook. What you see is what you get.

Dale does invite you to share your first affiliate commission with her though!

Get Paid to Pin Price | Is Paid to Pin Worth the Money

YES. 100%!

If you use THIS CODE (Rebekah Hutchins’ code) –> RH20 <– at checkout you’ll get an additional 20% off which makes the book only $16 and some change. You get 1 or 2 affiliate commissions and you’ve made your money back.

In addition to the affiliate sales, within 3 days of implementing Dale’s strategy (I was previously a newbie to Pinterest) my views went from 1.6k with minimal work, which I thought was amazing when I compared it to usual results from Facebook and Instagram, to 12k+.

To reiterate, that’s over 1000% GROWTH in 3 days! 

Worst case, you don’t get any sales – you’ll still get massive growth and a massive Pinterest following. If you think about it, it’s just a matter of time before you sell SOMETHING with that kind of traffic.

I haven’t get found anything online this useful for this cheap…just sayin’.

My Final Opinion of Get Paid to Pin | It is 1000% Worth it!

As I mentioned above, I got my first 4 conversions within 48 hours of implementing Dale’s Tailwind Group Strategy, which I was thrilled about and totally made every penny of the ebook worth it.

Not only that, but I was able to grow Don’t Want a Boss’ Pinterest audience by over 1000% in 3 days:

how I grew my pintrest account over 1000% in 3 days

Of course, this might not be your exact results if you don’t have Pinterest to start with – it might take you a week or two to fully get your bearings. For me, I started with an account that had just over 1k as my total audience. This is a pretty modest account with Pinterest believe it or not but at least it was something. I think this is why I was able to achieve the quick results that I did.

For someone without an account at all yet, I would estimate you’re looking at 1-2 weeks before you see similar results.

Here are some FAQs before we wrap up:

Get Paid to Pin at a Glance…

Name: Get Paid to Pin


Price: $27

Owner: Dale Persons

Overall Rank: 93 out of 100


Did you have a personal experience with Paid to Pin by Dale? Do you know someone else that did? Or would you like to share a personal opinion on the matter? If so, please add your experience below!


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Get Paid to Pin


Tools & Training




Overall Quality



  • Step-by-step guide for beginners.
  • Successful pin examples.
  • List of group boards for every good niche.


  • No Tailwind Tribes coverage.
  • No support other than e-mail.
  • No refunds.

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