Free Keyword Search – Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

I’ve made a ton of videos overtime for outsourcers that used to work for me so I’ve decided that those videos actually make amazing content for teaching purposes. Specifically this one below is a quick tutorial and a Jaaxy keywod tool review. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that offers first time users free keyword search!

You can do 30 searches for free to get over 600 results for 0$, which I think is a pretty good deal. You’re definitely going to get at least 30 great article ideas if not more from that. Usually I can actually find up to 3-5 great keywords in each search I do that can be used for different articles so you might be able to find up to 150 articles which is enough to fill up an entire high quality website.

After the first 30 searches, unfortunatlely, you do have to pay a fee to keep using it but honestly I think it’s totally worth it. I personally have a 30 day pro plan.

As you heard me say in the video, I did used to use Google Keyword Planner and while that is really great, this is just so much more user friendly and you can make you own customized lists and edit them and in general this is just so much nicer and more fun to use.

Okay, so before I go on too long about why I like Jaaxy and I prefer it over other platforms, let’s first just quickly cover why keyword searching is actually really important if you have a website online that you want people to find through Google.

I would say this basically constitutes almost everyone online because there’s very few reasons you’d create a website online without wanting poeple to find and see at least some of it.

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Why is Keyword Searching Important?

Keyword searching is key when you’re trying to rank on Google because you have to SELECT the proper keywords to rank for. It’s only after you select a keyword that you can do your whole on page SEO checklist.

Why is Keyword Research Important

And of course your on page SEO checklist is what signals to Google that this is your keyword and this is the main content/message of your article. Basically it’s like saying to Google “Hey, check me out over here! You should rank me for this keyword because I explain it thoroughly in detail and I’m exactly what people are looking for when they search that term online!”

Okay, so having a keyword that reflects the main topic of your article is important but why can’t you just choose any keyword that you want? Why do you heave to search for it and select the right ones?

There are 2 parts to that answer:

  1. Searches & Traffic
  2. Competition

First off, you want to make sure that the keyword you choose to label your article with is popular, meaning people are actually searching for it. Furthermore, you want to make sure that not only are they searching it but that they are actually visiting the pages that pop up on page 1 for that search term.

Secondly, you want to make sure that the competition for that keyword is in a reasonable range for the stage that your website is in. If you’re a brand new website with no authority yet, then you don’t wnat

How to do the Free Keyword Search with Jaaxy

So now we’re at the nitty gritty stuff!

Free Keyword Search with Jaaxy

You probably already got the idea in the video but after just entering your test search term into the searchbar, you’ve got to go through the ones that pop up and get the QSR to figure out the competition.

Traffic – The More the Merrier!

In terms of how much traffic and search terms you’re looking for, the more the merrier. If the traffic is under 10 for a keyword then I won’t bother with it at all but even if it’s like 50 or 60 per month then I’ll try to rank for it because it’s what we call “low hanging fruit” meaning it’s very easy to rank for and these types of keywords can really add up if you have a lot of them.

And eventually you’re articles will start ranking for more than 1 keyword too.

A trick can be to go back to a high authoritiy article that you’ve already written and see if you can find a related low hanging fruit keyword and then write a little paragraph with that keyword in the article. This should allow you to rank for it more easily.


Avg – The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month (on Google & other Search Engines)

Traffic – Visits to your website if your page acheives first page rankings in the Search Engines

A tip that’s super useful to remember is to always prioritize “Traffic” over “Avg”. Whenever you’re choosing between keywords, it’s much more important that you’re getting more traffic than just people searching for the keyword. Some keywords people like searching for but don’t actually want to visit all the different pages to find a good answer – maybe they head over to images right after or something like that.

Competition – QSR, KQI & SEO 

Don’t be intimidated by thse acronyms, we’ll go through one by one and I’ll explain each one to you. The key that you understand here is that you want to optimize the traffic to competion ratio.

You want to get the highest amount of traffic for the least amount of competition.

As we talked about above, the low hanging fruit will (almost) always have super low competition because no one is working too hard to rank for low hanging fruit, which is their mistake and how you can get an edge on those websites.

For all the other middle keywords, however, you’re always trying to make sure that you’re optimizing the ratio. If you have 3 keywords you can choose from that relate to a good article you want to write, choose the one with the best ratio (highest traffic to lowest competition).


QSR (Quoted Search Results) – The nubmer of competing websites in Google ranked for this exact keyword. Less is better!

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – Red is poor, Yellow is OK, Green is great. Think of this as a way for Jaaxy to do your ratio calculations for you!

SEO – Pretty much analogous to KQI except that it’s mor accurate and reflective. Basically it tells you the likelyhood you’ll be able to rank for this keyword on Page 1 of Google with higher being better. It ranks on a scale of 1-100 so 1 is the worst possible score with a very low likelyhood you’ll be able to ranka and 100 being you will definitely be able to rank (probably because there are no other websites competing against you).

Other Cool Stuff

In addition to the easy to use features, Jaaxy also has some other awesome stuff that you can use although this is just with the membership.

The features that I talk about here are the ones that I like and use all the time but there’s a whole bunch of other features too that I don’t use that often (full disclosure! haha) so I’m not going to get into them because I wouldn’t be able to give you a good description.

Saved Lists

I absolutely love this feature because this allows me to keep track of my keywords. I love spreadsheets as you saw in the video but they are inconvinent and kind of a pain when you’re trying to keep track of keywords that you’ve already used before.

I much preffer to keep track of keywords that I still need to write artcles for in my list. For instance, here’s an example of my list for Don’t Want A Boss, which is newly updated as I’m writing this post becuase I added the keywords for this post to it. You can easily export this itself as a CSV, a TXT or rename it, which makes it super user friendly.

I didn’t use the export feature in the video because we were adding keywords over a long period of time and I prefer to use the lists to collect keywords in spurts and then delete them off the list as I write articles about them.

But another excellent strategy would be to collect all the keywords for your website (100+ I would recommend to start) and then export that so you can keep track of your rankings in a new column and then as you write your articles, you can delete keywords and create a motivational count down for yourself!

Jaaxy Saved Lists Feature

Affiliate Program Searches

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Search

You can actually use Jaaxy to search different affiliate programs in your niche! How cool is that. Here it’s set on “Comission Junction” but as you can see below you can choose from any one of the following affiliate product databases:

  • Comission Junction
  • Link Share
  • Digital River
  • Click Bank

As an example, I’ve typed in sketch for you guys and searched Click Bank so you can see what the results look like! It’s pretty cool to have this all in one place right?

Think of it as your very own little business dashboard!

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Searching Click Bank


Site Rank

Last but certainly not least is Site Rank, which lets you track rankings of ANY WEBSITE! WOOOOO! How cool is that?

You can track your own rankings, the rankings of your competitiors, etc. There are no limits really.

Here’s an example for a keyword I used to rank an article:

Example of Site Rank for Jaaxy

Jaaxy for the Win

With all the awesome stuff it offers and the ease of use, I’m definitely not going back to Google Keyword Planner again. I just like working with nice operating systems and this has all the functionality I need and more.

Plus, I love how the software tells in a number from 1-100 how easy it is to rank for a keyword. I mean, how much better can you get?

All you have to do is type words related to your niche and a bunch of different options will pop up for you for the taking.

My advice would be to do the free trial, write down all the stats of the kewyords that you choose in a spreadsheet like I do in the video above. Try and get 100+ keywords (which should definitely be doable with 30 free searches) and then build out your website on those keywords.

Choose 90% easy, low-hanging fruit and choose 10% harder higher traffic keywords if your website is brand new. And create your 3k+ word pillar articles (the main articles of your website) around those hard keywords.

Of course, as always – make sure there’s plenty of links between your posts!!!

After you’ve build out that base, and you’re ranking well for the kewyords you have, then you can start targetting more and more difficult kewyords that will really exponentially grow your traffic.

Ready to get started? Click on the link below to get your free keywords today:

>> Click here to try it now 100% free! <<





Don’t forget to check out my other posts related to SEO for a complete package of SEO resources: 




  1. Hi Martina,

    A very full Jaaxy review you’ve given here! Very informative and interesting. I also like how you have put your own personal spin on it instead of writing just a cookie cutter review. I’m definitely going to go check it out

    I write reviews on my website and you’ve have made me rethink how I can deliver my own reviews…I love to make people laugh before they realize what I said was a joke..If you get my drift.

    More grease to your elbows Martina…

    • Hey Stella! 

      Haha, I’m glad you liked my writing style 🙂 

      Let me know if you have anymore questions about using Jaaxy



  2. I’ve decided to move from keyword planner to Jaaxy because it has a lot more features, like you’ve said. I explored them myself with the free version. 

    Just want to say that the affiliate program searches is one of the amazing features that I have never seen in any other keyword tools. It is definitely the best tool for affiliate marketers, but I believe it is great for anyone who is doing the online business! 

    There are so many great features and I am still learning about this tool but your article (as well as the video) really helped me out.

    Thank you so much for the great info!

    • Hey Kyoko, 

      I’m happy to hear that! And yes, the affiliate program searches is honestly so useful. It’s really great just keeping everything organized and in one place too. I’m sure you know how overwhelming online business can get so anything that helps to keep everything under control is super valuable in my books 

      Best of luck! 


  3. Once i started building my own website and writing content, i soon realized that unique and good keyword is almost as important as good content. No need to waste a lot of time for finding keyword, jaaxy is super fast, and really easy to use, another great thing is that jaaxy is free.

  4. Hi Martina!
    My website is ranking high after I started using Jaaxy. Especially, Alphabet soup feature is great to find long tail keywords.I love all the features of Jaaxy. As a premium member, I am using Jaaxy Lite. Can you say what are additional features I can get if I upgrade to superior memberships? your video about Jaaxy is also Superb.
    Thanks for your great post

    • Hey Prabakaran,

      I’m happy your website is ranking better! 

      So if you’re using Jaaxy Lite, you’re getting access to: 

      Manual QSR (Competition)Manual Domain AvailabilityAffiliate Program SearchSort Keyword Data

      If you upgrade to Pro, you’ll get the following in addition to what you already have: 

      Brainstorm Platform3x Multi-tabbed KW SearchSiteRank Tracking

      And if you upgrade to Enterprise, you’ll also get the following: 

      Instant QSR (Competition)Instant Domain AvailabilityBrainstorm Platform5x Multi-tabbed KW Search

      Hope this helps! 


  5. I’ve been using Jaaxy before and the only thing I received was PURE SATISFACTION!! If you have JAaxy, you don’t need any other keyword tool. Now I don’t use it because my service in Wealthy Affiliate provides it free for me 🙂

    Jaaxy is also a great way to learn the fundamentals of keyword research and web marketing data evaluation. I advise EVERYONE to at least try it out for a month 🙂

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