Coinbase Wallet vs Trust Wallet: Which One Is More Reliable?

Nowadays, you want a bitcoin that does more than just give you a secure place to save your crypto assets. As a matter of fact, you also want more features. For instance, you might want a wallet that enables you to use decentralized applications, earn interest on your cryptocurrency, make it simple to send and receive payments, and converts EUR to INR.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many of these wallets on the market. However, we do have Coinbase Wallet vs Trust Wallet. The question then becomes, which of these two is better?

This is what our Coinbase Wallet vs. Trust Wallet comparison will uncover.

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What is Coinbase Wallet?

One of the best options for mobile crypto wallets is the Coinbase wallet. You may transfer, receive, and save a variety of coins and ERC20 tokens using the included Web3 Dapp browser.

A Web3 browser that is included with the wallet allows you to access decentralized apps that are powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Additionally, you will be able to send cryptocurrency payments to anyone with relative ease utilizing the wallet.

Additionally, it helps you manage your own private keys and store your crypto assets directly on your smartphone and enables you to back up the private keys associated with your wallet to Google Drive. Therefore, you can always get your money back.

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What is Trust Wallet?

One of the most widely used cryptocurrency wallets is the Trust wallet. Because it is open-source, using it is completely free for both iOS and Android devices. The majority of its adaptability comes from the fact that the code was written in the respective platforms’ native language.

The wallet makes it easy to transfer, receive, and store Bitcoin as well as a variety of other coins. Additionally, it supports over 160 crypto assets.

Furthermore, Trust Wallet enables you to earn interest on your cryptocurrency. Additionally, it has a built-in Web3 browser. As a result, it’s simple to access decentralized games or play blockchain games.

Additionally, you can buy, sell, and swap thousands of currencies and blockchain kinds as well as acquire NFTs through its multi-coin transactions.

In order to secure and safeguard your cryptocurrency investments, you can also utilize Face ID, Touch ID, or conventional passwords.

Key Features

Here are Coinbase Wallet’s key features:

  • XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether Classic, and more may all be sent, received, and stored securely.
  • Utilize Secure Element technology to maintain control over your private keys, which are kept solely on your device.
  • To help you avoid losing your money, back u the private keys to your wallet to Google Drive.
  • Web 3 decentralized applications enabled by Ethereum smart contracts are accessible.
  • View the most recent exchange rates for the items in your wallet in your home currency.
  • Connect your account and move cryptocurrency to your own custody without any hassle.
  • Use your private key to cryptographically sign messages.

Here are Trust Wallet’s key features:

  • Bitcoin and many other altcoins and digital assets may be sent, received, and stored safely and securely.
  • It is a multi-crypto wallet that supports Binance DEX and was created with the simplicity and storage of crypto assets in mind.
  • Secure your private keys with bank-level protection.
  • Use Trust Wallet to play blockchain games, gain interest in your cryptocurrency, and gain access to the newest DeFi platforms and DApps.
  • Secure your cryptocurrency investments by using Face ID, Touch ID, or conventional passwords.
  • View the amount, history, and other details of your crypto wallet.
  • Direct trading between Uniswap and PancakeSwap integration in the wallet.

Security Features

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet provides you with high levels of security and user privacy. You are not actually required to complete your KYC by the wallet. Furthermore, since it is a non-custodial wallet, there is no need for you to keep any data.

Additionally, two-factor authentication is in place. Therefore, it will be difficult for hackers to access your wallet. The private key for your wallet is also kept on your mobile device rather than via wallet services. You also get support for passwords, Touch ID, and Face ID. So you may increase security by adding another layer.

Coinbase wallet

Coinbase, on the other hand, has numerous security precautions in place. It guarantees that your investments are properly protected. Additionally, it secures the storage of your private keys on your device using Secure Element Technology.

You also receive a ton of additional authentication choices, like two-factor authentication. So that your wallet is safe. Additionally, you can increase security by using your device’s security features like FaceID, PINs, or passwords.

Ease of Use

Trust Wallet

Both wallets are quite simple to use. But I prefer Trust Wallet personally. Why? because it allows you to purchase cryptocurrency directly from your wallet. You may acquire cryptocurrency and add newer coins to your portfolio without connecting to a cryptocurrency exchange because of this.

Also, swapping and exchanging your currencies is made simple using Trust Wallet. Thus, you might get an interest in your crypto investments. Moreover, you will be able to collect NFTs and connect to DeFi apps.

Coinbase Wallet

The Coinbase wallet makes managing and storing your cryptocurrency incredibly simple. Sending and receiving cryptocurrency is simple. Overall, a QR code scanner is present in both wallets. As a result, using cryptocurrency is simple, as is sending money to other wallets.


Coinbase Wallet

The Coinbase wallet is superior in terms of accessibilty because it also has a mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. You can use it with your desktop browser as well. Additionally, it includes a browser extension that can be downloaded for all the widely used browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet does not offer desktop functionality. As a result, you won’t be able to manage your money via PC if you ever need to. But in this situation, the Coinbase wallet is undoubtedly useful.


Trust Wallet

You won’t be charged anything to use Trust Wallet, which is a free cryptocurrency wallet. When you exchange one cryptocurrency for another using the Dapp browser or the in-app DEX, even Trust Wallet doesn’t charge any fees. It doesn’t charge you any transaction fees, in contrast to other cryptocurrency wallets. But is it truly cost-free? No.

The single fee Trust Wallet levies is for the app’s transaction processing (network fees). The proof-of-stake chains and miners, however, necessitate this. In addition, if the Bitcoin blockchain is heavily utilized. Then, it has the option to charge between $5 and $10 each transaction.

Coinbase Wallet

Meanwhile, the Coinbase wallet features a complex charge structure. Both the wallet and exchange on Coinbase charge transaction fees.

The good thing is, transactions between Coinbase wallets are free. But, when transactions involve other wallets, network fees could be charged.

You will also need to pay a fiat or variable fee if you want to trade on the platform. The changeable cost is entirely based on your chosen payment method, where you are located, and other factors. The cost often ranges from 1.49% to 3.99% as well.

The following are some fee standards for the total amount of trade:

Total Trade AmountFees
$10 or less$0.99
More than $10 and up to $25$1.49
More than $25 and up to $50$1.99
More than $50 and up to $200$2.99

There are “Coinbase costs” based on the form of payment, the purchase value, and the region you are buying from, in addition to the spread and deposit cost on the purchase value.

The charge rules for each kind of payment in the United States are as follows:

Payment MethodFee
ACH TransferFREE
Bank Account1.49%
Credit/Debit Card3.99%
Crypto Conversion2.00%
Coinbase USD Wallet1.49%
Wire Transfer$10 ($25 Outgoing)

Customer Support

You can get good customer assistance from either wallet. Therefore, in the event that something goes wrong, it would be simple for you to contact customer service for assistance.

Customers of Coinbase Wallet can contact customer service by phone, email, or Twitter. Simply sign into the Coinbase website to open an email support form or dial 888-908-7930 to speak with a representative.

On the other side, Trust Wallet is supported by a strong support staff that you may get in touch with through a ticketing system. Any user who submits a ticket will receive a prompt response.

Additionally, you can reach them by email at, or any of their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.

Coinbase Wallet vs Trust Wallet: Summary

FeaturesCoinbaseTrust Wallet
Mobile appYesYes
Type of walletDecentralized WalletSoftware Wallet
Private KeysAvailableAvailable
Available Coins182, including BTC, LTC, ETC, XLM, BCH, XRP, DOGE and all ERC-2o tokens197, including over 160K assets and blockchains
Supported CoinsOver 100Almost all coins
Storage TypeHot WalletHot Wallet
Cold StorageYesNo
Customer SupportEmail, Twitter, Email and submit form supportEmail, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Articles, and raising a ticket
Support Hardware WalletNoNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Italian & IndonesianEnglish, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Spanish, Brazilian, , Portuguese, French, Turkish & Dutch
ChargesNetwork Fee & Variable Fee, range 1.49% to 3.99%Only Network Fees


That concludes the Coinbase Wallet vs Trust Wallet comparison. The two crypto wallets are very similar to one another. So browse both apps, check out the things they have to offer, and evaluate the costs. Afterward, take your favorite wallet and sit down.

The greatest wallet is, of course, the one that meets your needs. However, before choosing one, you can look at a few factors including the variety of cryptocurrencies supported, fees, security, type of wallet, and customer service.

Please feel free to ask any further questions in the comment section below!

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