Bullet-Proof Goal Setting

When we’re growing up, we’re taught that setting goals for ourselves is a good thing. By setting goals for ourselves, we’re incentivized to strive for the next level and become better at things.  Often when you’re younger, other people set goals for you and so you’re more detached from them. The English teacher sets a …

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Avoiding Low-Yield Tasks

The 2 major things that have held me back in the past when it came to growing my businesses were: #1. Spending a LOT of time working on things that weren’t affecting my profit margin #2. Avoiding making decisions about my business and then following through on them Please don’t make these same mistakes!  I would not …

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Where to Get Blog Traffic

I wanted to share my go-to list when I think about where I want to advertise my blog posts.  Part of my daily routine is doing 1 post/pin/comment/etc. per day and you’d be surprised how quickly that adds up… Leaving comments on blog posts Engaging in Facebook Groups Engaging on YouTube Engaging on Instagram Engaging on …

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How to Write Blog Post

how to write blog post

Hi fellow bloggers and internet friends! Martina here from DontWantABoss.com and today we’re answering the age old question: how to write blog post?  Today we’re going to cover the basics of a website post (in WordPress because that’s what I use although the principles are the same), which serves as the building block for most …

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Find a Product to Sell Online

ECommerce 101: Find a Product to Sell Online

The only way e-commerce still works is if you find a product to sell online and if that product is the RIGHT product. Otherwise – let’s face it – Amazon can beat small business e-commerce stores no problem. In order to sell in 2020, your product needs to be extremely in demand AND also either: …

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How to Get Rid of Toxic People

How to Get Rid of Toxic People

This topic is a sensitive one and it’s not something that I normally write about but how to get rid of toxic people is something I’ve struggled with consistently in my life. I really hope my experiences can help you. This past weekend I drove in the whole COVID-19 situation to visit some of my …

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