Free Blogging Websites

free blogging sites - how to start a blog the right way and avoid my mistakes

Welcome to and today we’ll be talking about free blogging websites! My name is Martina and my goal is to build up a legit resource on how to quit your job and start working for yourself. I remember the day I decided to start a blog back in 2015 like it was yesterday. I …

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Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

jaaxy keyword research tool

Hi fellow internet friends and welcome to! My name is Martina and today, I’ll be doing a Jaaxy keyword research tool review based on my experience the last 4 years using it.  When I was first starting out online in 2015, I completely underestimated how important keywords were for my website. I would just write …

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How to Write Blog Post

how to write blog post

Hi fellow bloggers and internet friends! Martina here from and today we’re answering the age old question: how to write blog post?  Today we’re going to cover the basics of a website post (in WordPress because that’s what I use although the principles are the same), which serves as the building block for most …

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Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategies - The 4 core affiliate marketing strategies that always work

Welcome to! So happy to have you drop by today – my name is Martina and hopefully in the next 10 minutes or so, I’ll help you get a jump start on the best affiliate marketing strategies to build your online business.  I’ve been affiliate marketing since 2015, which is when I started my …

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How to Track a Link

How to Track a Link - How to track link clicks, absolutely no coding required I promise, Step by Step

I don’t know about you, but when I was starting my first internet business in 2015, I remember trying to find out how to track a link on my website so many times. Each time, I remember trying to figure out Google Tag Manager and then the integration of Google Analytics with that and then …

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Do Pinterest Ads Work

do pinterest ads work - yes let me show you how step by step

I wasn’t around when Google ads were cheap but I remember when Facebook ads were! 5-10 years from now, we’ll look back to now when ads on Pinterest were cheap but do Pinterest ads work? Can you actually build a profitable campaign off of them? The answer is yes and I’m going to tell you …

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Tailwind for Instagram

tailwind for instagram - take the guesswork out of growing instagram with tailwind for instagram revamped

I was not using Tailwind for Instagram until writing this post but I’ve been using it for my Pinterest accounts for a while. I recently got an e-mail from the Tailwind team that they’ve revamped Tailwind for Instagram.  Since it’s been so useful for me for Pinterest, I figured I might as well learn about …

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How to Get Ranked on Page 1

how to get ranked on page 1 - explode your blogs traffic step by step guide

You may already know that I go on and on about writing content because that is the backbone of how to get ranked on Page 1. If you don’t rank in Google, you will not have a successful blog. Creating quality content that ranks is blogging 101. In probably every single one of the articles …

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