My Daily Pinterest Strategy

Another short & sweet email this week! This is exactly what I do daily on Pinterest to get traffic to my blogs.  I generally try not to go above 30 boards ever on Pinterest because, frankly I get overwhelmed.  Also I don’t think it helps anymore to have a ton of boards.  I also don’t …

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Pinterest Templates

pinterest templates

Hi internet friends and welcome! My name is Martina and today I’ll be going over a resource for Pinterest templates that you can use for your pins from Carly – author of Mommy on Purpose.  I don’t use personally use them but I have taken her Pinteresting Strategies course on how to get 100k+ pageviews to …

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How to Drive Traffic from Pinterest

how to drive traffic with pinterest

Hi internet friends and welcome! My name is Martina and today I’ll be going over a course that I’ve taken about how to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog (400k+ pageviews/month type of traffic) called Pinteresting Strategies This course is by Carly Campbell, one of my favourite lady bosses! You may know Carly from Pinterest:  …

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Do Pinterest Ads Work

do pinterest ads work - yes let me show you how step by step

I wasn’t around when Google ads were cheap but I remember when Facebook ads were! 5-10 years from now, we’ll look back to now when ads on Pinterest were cheap but do Pinterest ads work? Can you actually build a profitable campaign off of them? The answer is yes and I’m going to tell you …

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Tailwind for Instagram

tailwind for instagram - take the guesswork out of growing instagram with tailwind for instagram revamped

I was not using Tailwind for Instagram until writing this post but I’ve been using it for my Pinterest accounts for a while. I recently got an e-mail from the Tailwind team that they’ve revamped Tailwind for Instagram.  Since it’s been so useful for me for Pinterest, I figured I might as well learn about …

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How to Get Ranked on Page 1

how to get ranked on page 1 - explode your blogs traffic step by step guide

You may already know that I go on and on about writing content because that is the backbone of how to get ranked on Page 1. If you don’t rank in Google, you will not have a successful blog. Creating quality content that ranks is blogging 101. In probably every single one of the articles …

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Make a Facebook Page

How to Make a Facebook Page & Grow it to 10k

In this post, you’re going to learn the step-by-step process of how to make a Facebook Page and grow it to 10k+ followers. I created facebook business pages for 2 of my online businesses and then grew those pages to over 10k followers each. This strategy worked for me on separate occasions in two completely separate …

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The Best SEO Tool

the best seo tool to consistently rank 1 in google

If you want to create an online presence you need to understand keywords and I know the best SEO tool to do just that. Keywords are the key to organic rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Whether it be for a local business, an online business, or an affiliate driven business – …

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SEO Article Writing Service

The Best SEO Article Writing Service

Writing content for your website can be a lot of work so you may want to consider getting an SEO article writing service. Any internet marketer worth their salt knows that building a website that will get organic traffic and thus can be monetized needs a huge amount of good quality content. The faster that …

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