Are you EXHAUSTED of going to work day in and day out from 9 to 5?

Do you resent the boring routine you force yourself through EVERY single day and praying for the clock to hit 5 just a little bit faster?

Do you just HATE having a boss?

The internet has made a lot of dreams come true. It has allowed us to achieve unbelievable feats at the click of a button. One of these amazing feats is working from home. There are now thousands of people who are building a business from home by doing something they love. The net has changed our lives. We can book holiday flights to anywhere in the world with a couple of clicks, we can buy just about anything we need online and many people work from our home offices without even getting out of their pajamas!

im sick and tired of my 9 to 5 job

If you answered yes to any of the 3 questions above then you are in the right place.

If you are willing to give me 5 minutes, I can tell you how to actually make money online reliably, sustainably, and without taking out a 2nd mortgage on your house to pay for some fancy course.

A life without a boss is indeed possible. There’s a whole other world out there of people who are living that life right now. A life where they are their own boss.

The Legitimate Way to Getting Started Online

Unless you have a huge inheritance or have just won the lottery, you’re like everyone else and you need money. Money may not be able to buy happiness but it can buy food, shelter, clothing, and pretty much everything else – I’m not sure how happy you’re going to be if you can’t afford any of those things.

So how do you make money without having a job?

  • You create your own job.

How do you create your own job?

  • You build a business.

How do you single-handedly build a business? 

You learn how to make money online. 

I will show you how to build your own legitimate online business. Before we go further, I want to clarify what this is NOT:

  • This is NOT an MLM or pyramid scheme of any kind
  • This is NOT a “get rich quick” program
  • This is NOT a fancy “motivational” course with a massive price tag

I am NOT going to show you how to “get rich quick” in any way shape or form. If this is what you’re interested in, you won’t find it here and you should know that instead of making you money, get rich quick promises are going to get you broke quick. Full disclosure – I’m speaking from experience because I have in the past bought my fair share of those.

Instead, I am going to show you how to build a real online business in any niche that you want brick by brick in order to achieve a reliable, sustainable, and realistic monthly income.

The 3 Things you’ll Need to Build your First Business…


When you’re working in the online space, you absolutely need your own website. If you don’t have this, you can make money but you’re not in control of your business and that makes it temporary and subject to the whims of whatever platform you’re using (Facebook, Google, etc.)

Thankfully, building a website has never been easier or cheaper. In fact, you can build your website in less than 5 minutes today for $0 and I’ll show you how.

A website without value, however, is not going to mean anything. Think about what kinds of things you buy online or websites that you like to visit frequently. Why do you go to them? Presumably, because they have some kind of value to you.

You’re on this page right now reading this because hopefully, I’m providing value by teaching you something that you didn’t previously know.

Creating value is arguably the toughest part of starting a business. The nice thing about starting a business online is that there is undoubtedly something you have to teach others. Think about how many people are using the internet right now.

There is a VERY high chance that someone is looking to answer a question using Google that YOU have the answer to! 

All you have to do is put that answer in words on your website to create a website with value.


Next, you need to learn how to drive traffic to your website. This comes from practice.

Initially, you will learn the steps. You’ll learn how to create content on your website in a way that other people searching for it in Google will be able to find you. You’ll learn how to show up in Google Searches.

Eventually, as you practice more and more, you’ll start to understand the process of driving traffic and it will become like “muscle memory.” Just like a sport or the job you’re doing now, once you practice enough it just becomes natural. You’ll start creating content for your website in a way that always gets ranked by Google and other search engines.

The same thing goes for getting people who visit your website to make a purchase. Initially, you will learn the steps on exactly how to do this but after enough practice, it will start coming naturally to you.


This is often the key ingredient and is why most people fail. I’ve failed online more times than I can count on my two hands. I’ve ben in the online space for over 5 years now and pretty much seen it all (or a lot of it).

When you are starting something new, you’re going to get stuck.

Think back to middle school and your math textbook. You could have had the best math textbook out there that explained everything about how to solve different math problems but eventually, you would get stuck. Eventually, you wouldn’t understand how the textbook went from step C to step D.

So, what did you do?

You went to your math teacher/your really smart friend/tutor and asked for help. Only then after they explained it to you in a different way were you able to understand.

This is the same thing with starting a business. You need support!

Get Started Today with Everything you Need for $0

I think that my five minutes are up so if what I’ve said makes sense to you, then let’s get you started!

You will not need any money to get started and that means no credit card either. I strongly believe that you need to try out a product first to see if you like it and if it works for you before paying for it.

Think about the Apple store. You don’t go buying a phone or a laptop without trying it first. Clothing stores are another example – there’s always a fitting room because 1 size does not fit all.

You’ll immediately get everything you need:

  • A website with value:
    • Step-by-step website builder
    • 2 free fully functional WordPress websites ready to start making you money
    • Training on what your website should be about and finding your unique value (AKA finding your niche)
    • How to write in a way that’s actually helpful to your readers
  • Education on driving traffic:
    • How to get people to actually see your website
    • How to get ranked in Google
    • Free keyword searches
    • How to get people to “pay you”
    • Video classes, tutorials, classrooms on specific topics, and more!
  • 24/7 Support when you need it:
    • Technical support for your website
    • Business support when you get stuck
    • Ability to get help from a community of 10,000s users
    • Live Chat
    • Personal help from me

You’ll get all of that right away for $0 and no credit card. Seems a little bit crazy and maybe that’s because it is but you still need to do all the leg work to actually build your business. This will just help you learn HOW.

Not ready yet? Click here to LEARN MORE.

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