Budget-Friendly Day Trading Computer Setup

When most beginners take a seat in front of the computer, their immediate thoughts of day trading are can be a bit unpleasant. This is a pretty normal reaction especially when you have these different charts, graphs, and an overwhelming amount of numbers displayed in front of the screen. Depending on how much experience and knowledge you have, you should plan on investing in budget-friendly Day Trading Computer Setup. You can’t tell me that’s not exciting!

Some traders fall into a trap of day trading without the proper computer setup. To be effective in trading, you must have ideal trade station setups. These devices may not be the flashiest, latest, or most pricey, but they should serve a specific purpose and help you to do your work to the best of your capability!

If you’re looking for a wide range of equipment that fits that’s budget-friendly, stay tuned to this post! This is going to be an important list for beginners and more advanced traders, giving you my best choices based on the equipment’s comfort, assurance, and productivity.

Day Trading Computer

There is some discussion over which computer to choose. Some people prefer a Mac Pro because of its outstanding specs. And while I use a MacBook Pro, others criticize all Apple devices as simply unsuitable for meeting the needs of day traders. Obviously, we have our own opinions on which one works the best. 

What matters is that your PC is capable of booting up Windows 7 or 10. To avoid lagging, you’ll need a fast processor as well as enough memory and RAM.

Be sure your computer has adequate RAM and a fast enough processor to avoid lagging, crashing, or freezing. Most trading software needs fast and up-to-date memory and processors.

Because you’ll be spending so much time in front of it, acquire at least 1 large flat-screen monitor and 1 laptop so you can have at least two windows open at the same time. Picking a computer requires a little more thought and consideration, though. 

First and foremost, if you’re just getting started, your current PC is perfectly acceptable. You only need to make sure it has:

  • High-capacity RAM. Day traders should have at least 8 GB of RAM to quickly view all of their data and swoop in for split-second trades and also, avoid lagging.
  • A powerful processor (CPU). Your CPU will also influence how often programs and operations your computer can run simultaneously. The CPU speed on a stock trader’s desktop should be at a minimum of 2.8 GHz.
  • An inexpensive graphics card. A graphics card with 2 GB RAM and a strong ROP (Render Output Unit) suffices if you only have one or two monitors.
  • 250 GB SSD and 24-inch monitor with a 1080p resolution.

If you’re more experienced in day trading, live trading, or using multiple monitors and seeking to trade with a large amount of money, you’ll need a greater, more efficient, and secure computer. At this time in your trading career, a higher-quality computer will lower the danger of equipment failure, let you complete trades quicker, and simply give a more pleasant trading experience.


Consider trading on a single monitor. You must continually analyze financial data, track markets, watch the news, read up on pricing history, and so on as a trader. But when comes to day trading, having access to crucial indicators is crucial. 

Even though you could do the work solely on a single monitor, the fact that you have to switch across four or five tabs all the time wastes both time and money.

Now that we’re done with the specs, I highly recommend using an affordable monitor.

I found the HP VH240a 23.8-inch Full HD 1080p to be the best budget-friendly gaming monitor out there. Despite the smaller screen size compared to the expensive ones and a less expensive monitor, the wide viewing angles make it an excellent choice for standard day trading equipment. This monitor gives you a:

budget-friendly Day Trading Computer setup
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  • 23.8-inch Full HD monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio and anti-glare matte IPS LED-backlit panel (1920 x 1080p At 60 Hz) (2 million pixels, 16.7 million colors)
  • A thin and nearly frameless ultra-widescreen monitor with 3-sided narrow edges that allows for a seamless multi-monitor setup.
  • 90° horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) rotation, adjustable height and tilt (-5° to 30°), and 178° positional viewing for the highest quality at any angle.

Is it okay to use a laptop instead?

A desktop workstation setup is a way to go if you’re really dedicated to day trading in a way that you plan to make your main source of income. Laptops are also acceptable because they are more transportable and flexible.

Whether you choose a laptop or a desktop depends on how important mobility is to you. The backup power source is another benefit of utilizing a laptop. Having a backup power supply is essential for periods of a power outage, assuming you have a trustworthy battery.

Personally, I like to use both, a desktop and a laptop. So it’s easier for me to trade and offers me a good opportunity to trade whenever I am.

Monitor Stand

There are some monitor stands offered with a limited number of viewing and ergonomic (Ergonomic monitors can be adjusted to your sitting position, making you more comfy and productive) options. Investing in monitor stands are a fantastic option if you’re utilizing two or more monitors in your workstation setup and wish to increase the angle and viewing position, or improve your workplace ergonomics.

Check the price here: Amazon

The number of monitors, monitor size, and monitor setup will all depend on the sort of monitor stand you choose. You might want to think about how many charts you need to look at in greater depth whenever you’re day trading or you might want to work simultaneously in your workstation. 

I highly recommend Amazon Basics Single Monitor Stand. This affordable monitor stand gives you:

  • A single-arm monitor stand saves desk space while providing ergonomic placement
  • A single-arm monitor stand with a black finish constructed of robust yet lightweight metal is included.
  • The arm expands and retracts, tilts (70 degrees back to 5 degrees forward) for convenient screen viewing, and rotates from landscape to portrait mode with ease.

Using a monitor stand is a great option because it lets you adjust for yourself the height and position of your monitor where you are most comfortable. Also, some monitor stands allow your monitor to be rotated into a portrait position, allowing more space for your table and letting you use that monitor in another way, which makes your PC setup more versatile.

Docking Station

One of the equipment you’ll need in your day trading workstation is a docking station if you prefer to work on a laptop. This allows you to connect a laptop to various computer accessories using a single connecting point.

ABIWAZY-US USB C Docking Station Dual Monitor is the perfect equipment for you. For only a cheap price, you’ll get the following features:

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  • The Docking Station Dual Monitor can effortlessly achieve dual-monitor and triple-monitor displays for Windows OS, allowing you to work more efficiently by using various monitors when day trading.
  • You can effortlessly expand your laptop from one type c/thunderbolt 3 port to 14 ports with this USB C hub with multiple adapters. Dell XPS13/15, Dell Latitude 13 7000/ E7370, Surface/Lenovo/HP, and other laptops are all compatible with this USB C to dual HDMI Adapter.
  • The Dual Monitor Docking Station charges your laptop at up to 85W while attaching several peripherals, allowing you to charge your laptop faster and worry less about power storage.

Connecting and disconnecting several monitors, keyboards, and mice every time you want to shift your laptop can be inconvenient and a bit annoying. So having your laptop access your monitors, audio devices, printers, mice, and keyboards attached to the docking station can be a great idea. A docking station is an excellent option that does not require or compromise the performance of the computer.


Logitech is always providing gamers with a wide range of mouse in various sizes and styles. The Logitech G403 is a simple mouse with gentle slopes and curves that indicate it will be comfortable to hold. 

Check the price here: Amazon

It is acutely sensitive and accurate, and it is available in both wired and wireless versions. It fits well in the hand and has a right or left bias. Its simple design and high-quality construction make it excellent for day trading.


If you’re just getting started with day trading, it’s okay to start with the standard equipment that depends on your preferences. But if you plan to be fully invested in your trading career, then looking for the best day trading equipment to trade efficiently is advised. And when it comes to day trading, the keyboard is really important.

A decent keyboard can assist you in efficiently executing complex commands. You can give custom commands to the programmable keys to switch between tabs, open buying or selling orders, and so on. It will also boost your work efficiency and productivity. If you want to make it big in this competitive trading industry, you should find a perfect keyboard that’s absolutely budget-friendly for day trading.

Wireless keyboards are slightly slower than wired keyboards, which is no longer a mystery. Day traders, on the other hand, cannot afford this lag because they want precise precision. To address the problem, Logitech G experts created a sophisticated basic solution and tuned the sensors on their keyboards. As a result, the Logitech G613 was made.

Check the price here: Amazon

Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED – Wireless and Mechanical is the perfect way to go. It has:

  • Quick response
  • Offers programmable keys
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Durable switches

Trading Desk

In order to provide comfort when day trading, it’s only natural that they have some excellent setups. Many day traders approach their setups differently, just as they use different trading techniques. Standing desks are quickly becoming the standard in many workplaces nowadays. The reason is that standing desks with height adjustments are vital for a healthier work environment.

There’s a standing desk out there for everyone, whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned pro, or part of a team of dedicated day traders. And personally, I love recommending the Seven Warrior Gaming Desk 60-inch.  It stands up steadily thanks to an ultra-stable and durable T-shaped leg design. A strong steel structure with a load-bearing capacity of up to 330 pounds supports the sturdy tabletop. Leg pads that may be adjusted guarantee that the table remains stable even on uneven ground.

Check the price here: Amazon

With this trading desk, you can work in the same setting whether you’re sitting or standing. Because it contains an electric motor, switching between the two distinct settings is amazingly, unbelievably simple. With just a click, you can switch 3 different heights.


You’re ready to go, friend! You now have the ideal home trading desk setup, with everything you need to grow your income stream. Of course, these are the physical, trade-specific tools you’ll need, but make sure you educate yourself on the ins and outs of the trade as well as how to make the best decisions for you.

If you’re still unsure when to start day trading crypto on leverage, you can always come back to this post: Beginner’s Guide To Day Trading Crypto. It’s got everything you need to know about day trading eg. setting up accounts, using a simulator, and implementing the right strategy.

Once you got that, let me help you out day trading in the real game, and click the button below!

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  1. When I tried trading, I started with my mobile, I guess I wrong, obviously after reading your article I realized that I didn’t have the proper setup.

    Very good information you have there to setup a trading desk, I didn’t know that there are special products and specification I should buy.

    I will keep looking your posts to learn more about setups.

    Nice article

    • Hi Moses. Glad u find this helpful! It’s highly recommended to use a computer or a laptop when you day trade. It helps you see the charts, order book, and the prices clearly

  2. As a beginner when it comes to day trading, I have been wondering how one should start. So finding this post on budget friendly computer setup for day trading,is really helpful. It is great advise to have at least two screens that you can look at simultaneously. It will save you switching between screens the whole time. 

    Thank you for sharing some great resources on stands, monitors, keyboards and other essential equipment that one will require to start day trading.  


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