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Welcome to and today we’ll be talking about the best free blogging websites! My name is Glorie and my goal is to build up a legit resource on how to quit your job and start working for yourself.

Top 5 free blogging websites

I remember the day I decided to start a blog back in 2015 like it was yesterday.

I did it for 2 reasons: #1 because I wanted to make money and get out of student debt once and for all (I also had a dream of one day owning a horse sanctuary) and #2: because I wanted to create an online community for horse lovers. 

My goal was to get my blog as successful as possible as fast as possible for as little money as possible (I was in a lot of debt). I kept looking for resources that gave me timelines and would fall for clickbait such as “How to make 5k a month by your 2nd-month blogging for $0”, etc.

Of course, one of the first things I figured out was where to actually set up my website and how to build one. I did it all wrong! I used Hostgator and a domain provider I don’t even remember now.

What I do remember is having to pay an extra $100 a month when I realized I needed an e-mail with my domain to show affiliate companies that I was legitimate. 

It was a nightmare. 

I’ve included in this post everything I wish I knew about finding the best free blogging websites to start off with. I’ve listed them in the order of my least favourite to my most favourite. 


Tumblr is basically a social media platform centered around little blog posts. It’s old but it’s still popular and a lot of people still use it. 

I would NOT recommend it for starting a legit blog – you can definitely use it to supplement your blog though.

 I had 2 Tumblr accounts in the past and ended up closing shop on both of them because I found that Tumblr is extremely niche (only very specific niches do well) and if you want to make money from your blog, it is not the right place to be. 

free blogging websites - tumblr


Medium is relatively new. It was launched by Evan Williams in August 2012 and it’s been gaining popularity. It’s an online publishing platform owned by A Medium Corporation

Medium articles have been going viral on Facebook and other places online – I think I’ve read at least 3 or 4 viral articles on COVID-19 alone in the last few months.

 It’s 100% free to have a medium account and hosting is included. You just get on there and write. 

Once again, I would not really recommend it to build a business on because you’ll have a hard time monetizing (legit affiliate programs won’t approve you and you can’t monetize with advertising).

best free blogging websites - Medium free blogging services


Wix is headquartered in Tel Aviv and was launched in 2006 so it’s also been around for a while. I don’t know about you but I see at least 5-6 ads a week about Wix and how amazing it is so the company has not slowed down at all in terms of promotional material. 

The website builder is based on Adobe Flash and its claim to fame is how easy it is to build a nice-looking website on it. 

Wix's website front page

Of course, you can get the same functionality with WordPress if you add Elementor (a website builder platform). 

I personally don’t like Wix – I think it looks really pretty but when it comes to SEO and actually ranking in Google I don’t trust it.


The classic. WordPress has been around since the beginning of blogging (almost). WordPress offers both hosting and a website builder based on PHP. It was founded in 2003 and it’s the mother of all blogging platforms. 

WordPress is also multifunctional so if you want to sell anything, you can install a plugin like Sell Media (for printables) or WooCommerce (for everything else). It’s got the state-of-the-art SEO plugins and thousands of other apps. 

If you’re looking for gorgeous themes, there are thousands of free (and lots more paid themes) build specifically for WordPress. 

The problem with going against the grain and choosing a site builder like Wix is the same as having an iPhone but then a PC computer – you just make life harder for yourself. The majority of the online world is using WordPress and in this case, going against the grain makes it more difficult for you down the line as you’re building your business. 

free blogging websites - wordpress

1. Site Rubix (WordPress + Hosting) 

Site Rubix is my #1 recommendation. It’s what I use for my 3 online businesses and what I have used since 2016 after I flailed around a lot in my 1st year online trying to figure out what I was doing. 

I found Site Rubix after getting into a really messy situation with Hostgator where I had to pay a ton of money for my own e-mail domains. Over $100 a month! I knew there had to be a better way. 

When I first started with Site Rubix, I just wanted to start completely fresh. So I started an art blog. If you choose to set up your website with them for free, you’ll get a domain that looks like this:

As you can see below, building a website with Site Rubix is super easy and intuitive:

free blogging websites - site rubix

It’s a fully functional WordPress blog BUT since it’s free, it will be a subdomain of Site Rubix until you decide to buy it (usually domains cost $10-15 per year). Mine cost $15 per year.

Since it’s a legit WordPress site, you get all gorgeous WordPress themes:

free blogging websites - site rubix

The best part about it is that when you choose to upgrade to your very own website, you can migrate it to your own domain with a legit 1 click. 

So when I started my new website, I literally worked on building out the whole thing (for free!), and then when I was ready to actually monetize it and needed to get accepted by affiliate programs and ad networks, ONLY THEN did I actually pay for it. I saved myself a few months of the domain and hosting that way and you can do the same. 

Also, you have unlimited domain emails 100% included with Siterubix. Common e-mails that you’ll use as a blogger are: A


You can easily integrate these with your g-mail account or the g-mail account of your future VA! 

Build yours now in 5 minutes for free: 

Best Free Blogging Websites are Great for Starting Out

Free websites are great for starting out if you can easily convert them to your own website when you’re ready. 

It’s very difficult to monetize blogs that aren’t your own. You won’t get approved for the best affiliate programs or ad networks if you don’t actually own your own domain. 

This applies to making money online in general. It won’t work for you unless you actually treat it like a business – a legitimate business. You need to invest money to make money (not a lot mind you but you need to invest a little bit). 

P.S. If you found this article helpful, please pin it for later or share it with your friends! 

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  1. Hi Martina, your post is great! I can’t help reading other pages and posts after this.
    Information is clear and website is neat. Thank you so much for your help!

  2. Hi Martina,
    Great post!! I totally agree with your recommendation. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and for the cost of hosting, you also get training from experts, a keyword research tool, a huge community for support, and so much more.
    I remember looking around for better deals, and all total, couldn’t come close to the membership price at WA.
    I hope your readers take you up on your recommendation. It’s the best blogging platform online!

    • Hi Suzanne,
      I agree that for the hosting and website builder, it’s hard to come close to the value of WA especially as a beginner. The training really includes the basics of affiliate marketing and it’s hard to come by that in terms of A-Z training as a beginner 🙂

  3. Starting a website for free when you are a complete beginner and novice, will save you a lot of money. I am with Wealthy Affiliate and built my website with SiteRubix, which was super easy and quick. I was attracted to Wealthy Affiliate because I could join them for free and see if it was the right platform for me. 

    Although one can keep SiteRubix as your domain name, I did buy a domain name. I can certainly recommend SiteRubix website builder to anybody that wants to build a website  and with free membership to start, you cannot get a better deal.

  4. Hi Martina, I love your story and impressed by your perseverance. I think by failing at first, you are able to provide much more authentic advice. Your point about having a blog is to blog –  may seem obvious but I am guilty of fussing with other bits of my website and social media, that I probably don’t actually blog as much as I should. Do you blog full time? How many posts in the week/month do you you aim for? 

    • Hi Rivi, thanks for taking the time in reading my blog post! Currently, I’m focusing on other things to do. I am a Crypto Trader and I work full time. But, even though I have a lot of tasks on my mind, I still get to set a schedule of publishing 3-4 new posts a month and consistently updating them.

  5. There are many free blogging sites. All you have to do is find the right platform and get going. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. I was a free member in the beginning and later I started paying the membership and I never repented. It is up to you to decide but one important thing is that you will not make a mistake.

  6. This information is very useful to those who are just starting out in blogging and affiliate marketing. I just started this year and lucky for me it was with wealthy affiliate. It is amazing getting to learn how to build out your very own site that you own yourself. I could only imagen how frustrating it must have been trying to find something cheap and easy to use.  WordPress is very smooth and allows for many possibilities for anyone to choose which direction to go with their online business or blog. It was nice that you broke down your least favorite to most favorite. I would recommend your advice to anyone great insight. 


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