Best Crypto Affiliate Programs This 2022

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to promote cryptocurrency. If you’re getting involved in the crypto space, it’s worth considering how you can make some money from it. There are hundreds of best crypto affiliate programs out there – everything from Bitcoin exchanges to alternative coins like Litecoin and Dash (and more!).

This blog will give you some tips on what to look for when choosing an affiliate program, as well as highlighting a few I’ve used (and trust).

Just to recall, during the 2016 Bitcoin boom, people went insane.

Some insane people even refinanced their homes to invest in the cryptocurrency gold rush, only to watch Bitcoin falter, fall, and finally crash.

So why on earth would I compile a list of affiliate programs for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

best crypto affiliate programs
Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links, so we may get a commission if you choose to use these companies. They are all companies we use and love. Thanks for supporting Don’t Want A Boss!

Well, because the price of Bitcoin has nearly doubled over the past six months. This “crashed” cryptocurrency is returning, along with many others. Because of this, the market for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, is estimated to be worth US$350 billion since 2017.

We learned many important lessons from the 2008 financial crisis, including the need to avoid relying solely on fiat money. Since cryptocurrencies are essentially stagnant, this cryptocurrency market niche has the potential to be extremely lucrative.

Here is a list of the top cryptocurrency affiliate programs for this crypto market.

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

  1. Binance
  2. Coinbase
  4. Trezor Wallet
  5. Ledger Wallet
  6. CoinLedger
  7. Bybit
  8. Phemex
  9. AQRU
  10. Changelly
  11. Cryptohopper

1. Binance Affiliate Program

Website: Binance Affiliate program
Commission rate: up to 50%
Payment method: All Cryptocurrencies (whatever referrals trade-in)

Changpeng Zhao founded Binance in 2017 in Hong Kong. Since then, they have moved their offices to areas free from Chinese influence in order to maintain their freedom to conduct business as usual.

Initially a crypto-to-crypto exchange, Binance introduced fiat transaction support in 2018. This cryptocurrency exchange supports all prominent cryptocurrencies, including Binance Coin (BNB).

One fantastic aspect of Binance is that anyone can sign up as an affiliate and receive a 20% commission. By keeping 500 BNB in your Binance wallet, you can increase this rate to 40%.

This currently costs $7850 to complete, but for the many devoted affiliates out there, it may well be worthwhile.

Last but not least, you can submit an application to be part of the 50% commission tier, though there are some requirements and manual verification.

The Binance affiliate program has a cool feature that lets you give your referrals a 5%–20% kickback (essentially a lifetime discount for them). This is paid for by your commission. This deal might encourage more people to sign up using your links. Do the math to determine whether it is worthwhile for you!

Given that, you really can’t talk about cryptocurrencies without mentioning Binance, so you might want to accept the affiliate commissions that go along with it.

Coinbase Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 50% of referral trading fees for the first 3 months
Payment method: Your local currency ($, £, €, etc.)

In 2012, Coinbase was established with the goal of advancing global equality through the use of decentralized currencies. Although it’s a lofty objective, that’s the general course that the world appears to be taking: away from fiat currencies.

You can use fiat money to purchase any of the major cryptocurrencies on this more conventional cryptocurrency trading platform (and wallet), but you can also get paid from them via PayPal. Since Coinbase is a brokerage, you can buy cryptocurrency there directly. On the other hand, Coinbase Pro is a genuine exchange platform and P2P trading platform with incredibly low trading fees.

Because they keep the majority of their data offline and offer insurance coverage of up to $250,000, Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. You receive a portion of the trading commissions paid by your referrals as part of their cryptocurrency affiliate program.

Additionally, there is no restriction on how many people you can refer to Coinbase, meaning there is no real cap on the number of affiliate commissions you can make.

Most significantly, Coinbase employs Impact to manage its affiliate program. You’re in for a treat if you’ve never been set up on Impact. To get a clear picture of your affiliate marketing efforts, try doing it this way. Affiliate Program

Website: affiliate
Commission rate: 10% or up to $20
Payment method: Cryptocurrency or cash offers standard, margin, and derivatives trading, a Visa card, a wallet, decentralized finance, interest, credit, payment rewards, and NFT products. Additionally, it offers one of the most advanced trading platforms in the industry.

The affiliate program pays 10 percent recurring commissions on referral transactions and up to $20 for leads on CJ Affiliate.

Trezor Affiliate Program

Website: Trezor affiliate program
Commission rate: 12% – 15% of each sale
Payment method: Bitcoin or bank transfer

Trezor only produces hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, and they excel at it.

The ability to decentralize our finances by storing our money on the blockchain rather than in a bank account is one of the main advantages of cryptocurrencies. Yet in one of the biggest ironies yet, online storage is the absolute last spot you want to put your cryptos.

The risk of a cyber attack or a personal error leading to the loss of your entire wallet’s contents is the main justification for this. Thus, your two most secure options are to keep your private key on paper or in a hardware wallet made by a company like Trezor.

Trezor wallet affiliates receive 12% to 15% of the sale price, and given that their premium wallets cost over €600, there is money to be earned in this affiliate marketing.

Trezor would be one of the cryptocurrency affiliate programs you could add to your authority site because hardware cryptocurrency wallets typically only need to be purchased once.

Ledger Affiliate Program

Website: Ledger affiliate program
Commission rate: 10% of each sale
Payment method: Bitcoin or bank transfer

Ledger, founded in 2014 by Eric Larchevque, makes it simple for new users to store various cryptocurrencies.

Without mentioning Ledger, you really can’t talk about Trezor or cryptocurrency wallets. They jointly rule the market for cryptocurrency hardware wallets. You’ll be doing your audience a tremendous favor by recommending a hardware wallet since they are by far the excellent way to store cryptocurrency.

The program pays out a 10% referral commission all over its three affiliate offers, and enrollment is fairly simple.

To know which hardwallet is the better, check out my post: Trezor Vs. Ledger Nano

CoinLedger Affiliate Program

Website: CoinLedger Affiliate Program
Commission rate: 25% Recurring commission
Payment method: Fiat Currency (Paypal)

The most popular cryptocurrency tax software available is called CoinLedger. Connect your exchanges and wallets, and CoinLedger will quickly calculate your taxes. Use the generated forms to file your taxes using your preferred program, such as TaxAct or TurboTax, or send them to a tax expert.

Today, CoinLedger is recommended to its audience by thousands of affiliates because it is a reputable company and a useful tool that every cryptocurrency investor will eventually require. By promoting this tool, some affiliates have made over $50,000 in commissions.

Through this program, affiliates are eligible for recurring commissions of 25%.

Bybit Affiliate Program

Website: Bybit Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30% Trader commission share and 10% Sub-Affiliate Commission Reward

The popularity of Bybit, a derivative cryptocurrency exchange, has recently skyrocketed. If you’re at all connected to the industry, you’ve probably seen them on Twitter, YouTube, or elsewhere online. Their affiliate program ranks among the best, and their affiliates are earning good money by promoting the brand-new derivative exchange, which is why you have seen them.

With the Bybit affiliate program, you can get paid for referring customers as well as customers who refer other customers. This system, which resembles a pyramid, can produce results.

Phemex Affiliate Program

Website: Phemex Referral programAll-Star Program
Commission rate: Up to 50% Rev Share or $100 CPA and 10% Sub-Affiliate Commission Reward

Phemex is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that provides leveraged trading on well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ChainLink up to 100x.

Phemex provides one of the best crypto affiliate networks in the markets with high commissions and transparent reporting, despite the fact that they are still relatively unknown in the world of cryptocurrencies. In light of this, let’s examine the Phemex affiliate program!

The affiliate program is open to everyone. You can get your referral link and begin earning without having a business or website—all you need is an email address.

The Phemex affiliate program now offers two different types of plans. Their referral programs enable you to refer friends and receive a one-time payment in BTC. You receive an immediate bonus in your Phemex account when they deposit a certain amount.

The second program, known as All-Star, enables you to receive up to 50% of the commissions produced by your referrals. You can’t access this immediately; you must fill out a brief form, but it’s simple to do so and there are no strict requirements to be accepted. I was approved in less than a business day.

To learn more about their referrals and bonuses, click here.

AQRU Affiliate Program

Website: AQRU Referral Program
Commission rate: $100 USDC upon successful referral

AQRU is a peer-to-peer decentralized, open, and secure platform for staking cryptocurrencies. Due to the Proof of Authority algorithm it uses and the low power consumption, it is very environmentally friendly.

AQRU’s support for over 100 digital currencies, including the most well-known ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., is its best feature. On their website, which is below, you can register for free:

Investors at AQRU have access to a variety of passive income opportunities, including an affiliate program. They offer up to 8% APR with no minimum investment requirement and accept BTC, ETH, LTC, and DOGE as collateral currencies.

Changelly Affiliate Program

Website: Changelly referral program
Commission rate: 50% lifetime
Payment method: The currency referrals trade-in

One of the more recent and well-known cryptocurrency exchanges is Changelly.

Without ever needing to deposit any of your coins or money with Changelly, they let you trade in more than 150 different cryptocurrencies.

Instead, you simply make your trade after searching through dozens of exchanges for the best rates. Having said that, Changelly is closer to a hybrid exchange than one for strict purists because you can purchase cryptocurrency on the website using your Visa card.

There are no additional or unexpected fees; there is a flat fee of 0.25% when exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. Either by including their widget on your website or by using a referral (affiliate) link that you can place anywhere, you can make a lot of money with the Changelly affiliate program.

You are then entitled to receive 50% of all transaction fees that Changelly assesses to your referral once they open an account using one of the two methods you provided.

Cryptohopper Affiliate Program

Website: Cryptohopper affiliate program
Commission rate: 10-15% per sale
Payment method: The currency referrals trade in

It can be challenging to market sophisticated cryptocurrency products to novice traders. An affordable automated crypto trading bot is available from Cryptohopper, and it should be simple to sell to traders of any experience level.

Read my full review: Cryptohopper Review

The Cryptohopper affiliate program enables customers to take advantage of our automated trading services while learning more about digital assets. Users who sign up for the program can receive discounts on their subscription costs.

When a user clicks on an affiliate link, Cryptohopper stores a cookie in their browser and can identify who used that link to purchase a subscription. The affiliate will receive up to 15% of the subscription fees as a commission if a user starts an account within 30 days and buys a subscription using an affiliate link.

How much affiliates have made will be revealed by affiliate payments. The money will be added to your account balance in 4 to 6 weeks after you join, promote, and receive conversions. Users may request withdrawals once their balance reaches $75. The payouts are processed on Mondays and can be requested twice per month.

My Takeaway

Service providers searching to capitalize on the cashless cryptocurrency phenomenon have completely overrun this particular niche.

Numerous exchanges, markets, and lenders are constantly emerging. The issue is that many of them vanish just as quickly as the extravagant wealth promised by an upcoming ICO.

how affiliate marketing works

Therefore, the programs we’ve listed here are the top affiliate programs for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Building an authority site in this niche, or a related sub-niche is never too late because it appears that these cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

I’ll teach you the fundamentals for free if you have no idea what affiliate marketing is, how to pick a niche, or how to perform any of the keyword research voodoo you keep hearing about!

We provide you with free instructions on how to generate passive income through affiliate marketing by clicking here:

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