Beat the Market Analyzer Review | Can you really beat the market? 

MartinaFriday, May 8th, 2020

Today, we’re going to cover an investment tool that I’ve tried and wanted to give you the low down. It’s none other than the Beat the Market Analyzer by Grant Gigliotti. 

If you’re new to, welcome! My name is Martina and my mission is to help you quit your job and earn a full time income on your own terms. 

This tool is something that most traders dream about. I was super skeptical when I first came across it because it’s what all the analysts and stock picker websites out there claim to do but usually fail miserably at. In fact, I was so skeptical that I e-mailed Grant himself and asked him about it.

He suggested I do a free trial to see for myself what his analyzer could do and then write a completely honest review. So that’s what I did and here’s that review. I do concede that I still use the tool and honestly I think for the price, it’s a complete steal because it’s just so affordable but I encourage you to read through the whole review and judge for yourself. I have tried to be as impartial as possible.

Beat the Market Analyzer Review 

Name: Beat the Market Analyzer


Price: $69 per 6 months [limited time offer of $99 per year – updated May 8, 2020] 

Owners: Grant Gigliotti

Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

Beat the Market Analyzer, Product Overview | What is it? 

Beat the Market Analyzer is a stock analysis tool that gives you a bunch of information about the value of a stock and whether it’s a good idea to buy it or not. 

The tool is based on using value investing methods based on the following 3 books on trading: 
1. The Warren Buffett Way
2. The Buffettology Series
3. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Grant took those 3 methods and has created a software algorithm that puts them into action in real life. 

Here’s what the main page looks like when you’re logged in:

For this review, I’ll be looking at the example of Amazon with 0% margin of safety because let’s say that I’m a pretty risky investor. If I wanted to be more risk averse than I could add higher margins of safety to make sure that I limit my losses as much as possible.

This is what it would look like if I typed in Amzn and clicked “Go”: 

As you can see, the first tab that pops up is the “Essential Info” tab. This tab contains the basic information that you need to know about Amazon – should you buy it? 

In this case, the answer is NO. Specifically, Beat the Market Analyzer has told you that a good price to buy Amazon would be $1,672.04 and that the company has a good rating but the price is just too high right now to be a good investment. 


The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


Pro #1: It’s incredibly easy to use and understand. You do not need to be an expert investor by any means to use this tool. 

Pro #2: Saves you an insane amount of time and information overwhelm by gathering and analyzing all the fundamentals on a stock that you would ever want to know about. 

Pro #3: Support from the owner, Grant. Just e-mail him and he’ll actually get back to you (trust me, I’ve done it!). This is pretty much a miracle in today’s age. 

Pro #4: An amazingly long track record of legitimately beating the market –> an average of 15% higher than the S&P 500 has performed per year… 


Con #1: The focus of Beat the Market Analyzer is going long and buying stocks for the longer term investment. There is no information about shorting (although you could just reverse the method) and there isn’t techniques for learning to swing or day trade. This method is definitely for long-term investment.  

Con #2: To succesfully implement value investing, it is better to have some start up capital to invest into several stocks. A minimum of $5000 is probably a good place to start to grow quickly although, if you’re using a comission free platform like Robinhood, it’s really never too early to start investing, you’ll just have to wait a bit until you’re seeing gains that you could really use to supplement or replace your income. 

Who is Beat the Market Analyzer for? 

From what I’ve seen while using it, it’s really for anyone who is doing their own trading. It’s super easy to use and it’s intuitive. It basically tells you exactly what price it would be a good idea to buy a stock at so there’s no guess work involved but it also gives you a ton of research to back up that statement unlike other analysts ratings out there. 

Specifically, it’s for people who have a lower threshold for risk and are in it for long term “value investing”. The whole platform is based on value investing – this is not an overnight strategy. It’s based on Warren Buffet’s method of analyzing the fundamentals of a company to see what it’s going to do in the long term. 

This tool is for any level of investor looking for long term value investments. 

If you’re looking more for day trading or even swing trading then this tool isn’t for you. It’s meant for those who are really in it for the longer haul – it’s for the “longs” of the stock market. 

Also, the tool is meant to be a buy indicator. If you’re more into shorting (although right now that strategy has a whole lot of limitations with the market in all the 2020 craziness), then this tool will probably be of limited value. You could of course reverse the strategy and just short the stocks that have the lowest buy prices compared to the current price of the stock but that isn’t what the tool was meant for. 

I would recommend that you have around $5000 to put into the market because otherwise it takes a while to grow your portfolio. Even $5000 is not that much to start off with but at least it will jump start your growth than starting with a few hundred. If you’re not quite at that level yet, it might be better to wait on getting the analyzer until you’re sure you can easily make the money back from the purchase and more. 

Beat the Market Analyzer Tools & Training | What is included? 

The Analyzer is the tool that you would be getting so let’s dive right into what it includes. I’ll walk you through the process of analyzing a stock. Let’s take Amazon as an example! 

Tools – Beat the Market Analyzer

So let’s say I wanted to decide whether Amazon was a good buy right now. 

I would type it into the analyzer and this is what I would see as the results – the first page is the “Essential Info”: 


As you can see, the analyzer has told me this is NOT a good investment at the moment. Specifically, it’s determined that Amazon is has a “Good Company Rating, but Price is Too High.” 

But the tool has gone even further than that. It’s compiled all the information on the company and it has determined that the price at which Amazon would be a good buy at is $1,672.04 where it is currently at $2,376.83. The company is largely overbought right now because of the speculation that it’s sales will drastically increase due to COVID-19. 

I’m going to skip over Summary Info because that’s just basic information about what Amazon is. Next, let’s look at the “Company Rating” tab: 

As you can see, the tool gives each category a score and together it makes up a “Value Score” total out of 100. Amazon is, of course, a great company but the return of invested capital right now would be low because it’s already gone up so much on speculation. For that reason, it’s just not a good investment even though it’s a good company. 

Next, let’s look at the “Stock Value” tab:

This was super exciting to me because it literally uses value investing fundamentals (i.e. what Warren Buffet used to build his fortune) in order to calculate the expected annual rate of return on your investment! I mean, how cool is that? 

Anyways, as you can see for Amazon, you’re actually expected to loose money if you invest in it right now. So definitely NOT a good buy. 

Next, let’s look at the “Pricing” tab: 

This is pretty standard information for the most part. The exciting bit is on the very right, which is where the analyzer tells you whether you’re getting a bargain price. Obviously, Amazon is NOT at a discount price right now and therefore it’s not a bargain buy. 

Last but not least, the “Misc. Fundamentals” tab:   

Now, we’re getting into Ben Graham’s rules of investing. So not only are you getting Warren Buffet’s rules but also Ben Graham’s. 

First you want to see how big the company’s debt is. In Amazon’s case, the Debt/Equity is greater than 1 therefore they have more debt than equity although definitely not by much – it’s only the slightest bit. 

Next, you want to see how low the P/E ratio is. The lower it is, the more “undervalued” the stock is. Specifically, 16 is the threshold that Ben Graham used. Of course, Amazon is currently overvalued and therefore not a good investment.

There’s also an app! 


I have basic knowledge of trading and the stock market therefore I really didn’t find I needed any training but if you are a complete beginner, there is training on exactly how to do Qualitative Analysis: 

Another good place to turn if you’re interested in learning more about the fundamentals on which the Analyzer works is the 3 books on which the methods were founded:

1. The Warren Buffett Way
2. The Buffettology Series
3. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

If you still feel like you need more help or if you’re schedule is too crazy to actually find your own stocks, Grant has more help available: 

#1: Weekly Reports of the Best Stocks 

#2: The Wealth Builders Club

Beat the Market Analyzer Support | What if I get stuck or something doesn’t work? 

The analyzer is very user friendly and it’s difficult to not use it properly. 

If you do happen to get stuck or just want some help, you can contact Grant himself. I have personally e-mailed him and he responds usually within 24 hours and is super friendly: 

I am confident personally guaranteeing that he will have no problem helping you out if you have any questions. 

Beat the Market Analyzer Price | Is it worth the money? 

100% it is worth it if you’re actively investing and if you have a good amount of money to put into the market. If you’re starting off with $100, it might be a while before you’ve made your $69 back (that would be a return of 69%! which is extremely high in the market). 

If you’re starting out with $5000 on the other hand, you only need a gain of 1-2% to make your money back and you’ll be looking at far more than that if you take the advice of the analyzer. 

My Final Opinion of Beat the Market Analyzer | Can you actually beat the market? 

Overall, I think the analyzer is completely legitimate. It’s a tool that literally gives the do-it-yourself long-term investor everything that they need within seconds on any stock they might be interested in. 

I would go so far as to say this is the best tool to base your long-term strategy on for stock investing. It’s also probably the most affordable tool that you can get. 

“Experts” in investing charge up to thousands to give their personal “tips” on what to invest in but with this, you honestly don’t need that. You’ll know exactly what price you should buy any stock out to get it at a discounted price and have the best chance at making the highest returns. 

YES, you can actually beat the market. 

My caveats would be to remember that this a long-term strategy analyzor. Don’t expect the stocks that are undervalued to go up overnight or even in a few weeks. The rate of return that is calculated is a yearly rate but momentary speculation, bad news or the current state of the market has a big influence on the price right now. 

If you are a serious long-term investor focused on building wealth just like Warren Buffet over decades rather than getting quick wins over months, then this is the tool for you and it’s honestly the only one that you need. 

Beat the Market Analyzer at a Glance… 

Name: Beat the Market Analyzer


Price: $69 per 6 months [limited time offer of $99 per year – updated May 8, 2020] 

Owners: Grant Gigliotti

Overall Rank: 97 out of 100


I really really hope that this review was helpful and I’d love to hear your experiences if you decide to join the program. If you’ve already had experience with Beat the Market Analyzer and would like to share them, please include your comments below! 

– Martina

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Beat the Market Analyzer Review - how to actually beat the stock market

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  1. Thank you so much for this review! As someone on the road to achieving full financial independence, it’s great to know all of my options, and whether or not they’re any good. Haha I actually hadn’t heard of this platform until now, but you did an excellent job of breaking it down to its most essential elements. I will definitely refer back to this page. God bless you!

  2. Hi Martina,
    I am great fan of Warren Buffet’s investment style, I am a long term investor when it comes Equity Markets, i don’t believe in short term trading. I quite like what you have mentioned about Beat the market analyzer, and the fact that the tool is based on value investing methods. $100 for a year sounds like a good deal and it is not as expensive as compared to other investment tools in the market, I will look into this, thanks for sharing this info.

    • Hi Satz,
      I do both long term investing and short term – the shorter term the trading and the more volatile the stocks, the higher your risk tolerance has to be. Long term investing is definitely the way to build real wealth, however, because that’s where you get the really big wins (i.e. getting into Shopify early). On the grand scheme of tools/courses/etc. out there – I really have to agree. $100 is quite reasonable and like I said, I use it myself 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing The Market Analyzer, I am not familiar with the stock market so all this is brand new to me. I did find all your information extremely interesting, and I am going to share your article with my family and friends on my social media pages

    Great review

    • Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for the support! If you do have questions on getting started in the stock market I’d be more than happy to answer them for you 🙂


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Beat the Market Analyzer


Tools & Training




Overall Quality



  • Easy to use and intuitive.
  • Saves you a lot of researching time.
  • Support from the Owner himself.


  • Focus is long-term investment therefore no shorting or day-trading advice.
  • Requires capital to invest.
  • Doesn't factor in market news or speculation.