Avoiding Low-Yield Tasks

Most of us have already experienced doing low-yield tasks. Some of us are struggling at it right now.

Being productive is a common prerequisite for reaching our objectives. However, we frequently associate productivity with getting more things done rather than getting the most important things done. It’s practically impossible not to feel overwhelmed and overworked when this is the situation.

It’s natural for our attention to be drawn in a variety of ways during a day of our lives. Sometimes, we do everything at once and get overwhelmed by it then While replying to emails as soon as they arrive in our inbox or checking our phones every five minutes may feel good at the time, it is frequently a distraction from the more important job we have on our plates.

What’s more, for every work we engage in, research shows it takes us an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to our original task and it’d because we’re either unmotivated or distracted.

how can we overcome low-yield tasks

How do we overcome low-yield tasks?

The 2 major things that have held me back in the past when it came to growing my businesses were: 

  1. Spending a LOT of time working on things that weren’t affecting my profit margin.
  2. Avoiding making decisions about my business and then following through on them.

Please don’t make these same mistakes! I would not wish my several years of floundering on anyone. 

So how do you know if you’re working on the wrong stuff? Building a business takes time, right? 

Yes and no. 

I would argue that you should know pretty soon into testing whether something is going to work or not. 

There are obviously exceptions like search engine things, which take months upon months to work (if they ever work). But would you want to base your business’ success on something that risky anyways? 

My weaknesses are:
– creating elaborate business plans 6+ months down the road (I do this to avoid making right now decisions that matter) 
– spending hours on design like pins, graphics, schematics (I do this because I want to make sure I’m seen professionally and I love the design so I’d rather do that than create quality content, which I find stressful) 
– going OCD on my blogs and changing layouts so that my posts are all structured the same way (again, because I’m funneling anxiety about doing the real work into busywork) 

Whenever the low-yield tasks start to happen, I have to tell myself to stop and just take a break. After at least 1 hour (usually I need more) of doing something fun and totally unrelated to work, I’ll schedule 30 minutes of time where I have to do the #1 thing that I know has the best chance of making money for my business soon. 

For me that’s product creation, building out an affiliate campaign, or researching promising stocks. It’s also sometimes making those really hard decisions of what I’m going to try next if my last x attempts have been unsuccessful. 

This happens a lot when I’m building out campaigns. 5 in a row won’t work and then I have to really take a step back, reflect on what I’ve done so far and think about what the next steps should be. 

What I want you to do right now is schedule 30 minutes (yep, just 30) tomorrow to work on your #1 thing that’s the most likely to make you money the soonest. After you work your butt off for those 30 minutes, then take at least 2 hours to do something you love. 

When considering whether or not to take on a high yield task or low-yield tasks, examine whether it corresponds with your mission and what’s most important to your business goals. Play to your strengths and a little self-awareness can help you decide how to best allocate your time and resources.

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