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Amazon Affiliate Affluence Ebook Review

After reading Dale’s amazing ebook on how to make commissions with Pinterest, I decided to buy her other ebook on amazon affiliate training, specially designed for beginners.

As you may already know if you’ve taken a look around my website, you know that I am a big fan of monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing. So I figured I’d already know everything in the book but I was surprised to learn quite a bit.

Amazon affiliate Training, like any creative industry, can be difficult to break into. It’s no different for those who want to become an Amazon affiliate without a solid foundation — or, worse, without even knowing what they need to do or where to begin. But, you’ll be able to take full advantage of this profitable business opportunity if you have the proper training, resources, and knowledge.

And, this course is just the right for you!

But before we get into the details of this review, here are a few reviews I’ve written about Dale’s other courses, which I think are useful for those just starting out on Building a 30-Day Blog and Pinterest:

Amazon Affiliate Affluence Review

Name: Amazon Affiliate Affluence


Price: $27

Owners: Dale Persons

Overall Rank: 87 out of 100

Amazon Affiliate Affluence, Product Overview | Ebook on Amazon Affiliate Training

Amazon Affiliate Affluence is an ebook created by Dale Persons. The book goes over step-by-step how to make money from the Amazon affiliate training even if you are a complete beginner. Dale starts with the basics such as how to get approved by the affiliate program, how to write reviews, and how to do the proper keyword research.

She then goes into more advanced strategies in order to increase the conversions on your site so more people who are visiting actually end up buying a product from Amazon.

A bonus that you’ll get is her 5 types of blog posts that she uses to include affiliate links and make conversions. Lastly, you’ll get some other tips and tricks to make more sales using other strategies and channels.

Here’s a little bit about the author:

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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


  1. Step-by-step guide – literally. No detail is too small including the process of getting approved by Amazon Affiliates, their rules, and how not to get suspended from the program.
  2. She gives you examples of 5 post templates that work for her which makes it 10 times easier to create content and post it on your blog that will actually work.
  3. The little-known strategies in addition to just posting a blog post with affiliate links are SUPER useful and simple although I never would have thought of them if I hadn’t gotten them from her ebook.
  4. Dale’s strategy is based on helping the readers of your blog so that your affiliate links never seem annoying or spammy and your content stays evergreen.


  1. This strategy, unlike Dale’s Pinterest strategy, will not make your conversions overnight. It takes time to get enough traffic to see results.
  2. Dale does provide her e-mail but there isn’t a quick way to contact any type of support or her in case you’re having trouble.
  3. No refunds.

Who is Amazon Affiliate Affluence for?

This ebook is for bloggers who are struggling to make money from Amazon affiliates (or any affiliate program) through blog posts. Especially if you’re bringing in a few dollars here and there but can’t seem to scale up and actually get your convert well to actually make sales.

This ebook is also for you if you get easily overwhelmed – I’m definitely guilty of buying courses in the past and bundles of courses with tons of bonus material and then NEVER going through it all because it was just way too much.

Even if you’re a complete beginner in terms of blog monetization, you can still get this ebook because Dale goes through the whole process of getting approved by the program and how to create the posts, how to include affiliate links, and how to get people to click on them.

Amazon Affiliate Affluence (training) is for bloggers who are struggling to make money from Amazon affiliates (or any affiliate program) through blog posts

Amazon Affiliate Affluence Tools & Training | Is it any Good?

Dale has a very no-fluff or bs approach in her ebooks which is why I like them and have written reviews about both of them. I hate lots of fluff because no one’s got time for that!

inside amazon affiliate affluence review


  • Everything you need to know in order to get approved as an Amazon affiliate
  • How to write blog posts that actually convert and make sales
  • How to do keyword research – the right way – to get lots of traffic and attract readers who are ready to make a purchase
  • Advanced content and linking strategies guaranteed to increase conversions


  • The top five types of blog posts you can write to make sales – plus my exact templates for writing them, with examples!
  • Secret strategies for making money as an Amazon affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Affluence Support | What if it Doesn’t Work for me?

Unfortunately, there are absolutely no guarantees of success. The book is a what you see is what you get the type of deal with no refunds.

Dale does give you access to her business e-mail. Personally, I have not tried to contact her with it but generally, my experience has answers to these types of business blog e-mails are slow and impersonal – I totally could be wrong though.

Amazon Affiliate Affluence Price | Is Amazon Affiliate Training Worth the Money?

I really think that it is worth the money. It’s only $27 and everything that you get is 100% actionable advice.

Compared to most of the courses you’ll find out there on affiliate marketing, that’s not much at all.

Even though the book is affordable, it’s definitely NOT a sure thing. In this case, you really have to put in the work day after day. I would aim to write a blog post once a day with one being an affiliate post every other day.

If you continue to do this until you hit 50 posts and are sharing consistently on Pinterest and your other social media networks, you should really start seeing results. As I said, that’s about 2 months of solid work every day.

The nice thing about this is that once you do the work, it’s always going to be there. Blogs are there for good. If you don’t update them routinely, they very very slowly start to lose rankings but for the most part, they become a source of passive income once they’re authoritative enough.

Here are some FAQs before we finish up:

Amazon Affiliate Affluence review - FAQs

My Final Opinion of Amazon Affiliate Training

I think this guide is a simple, very affordable way to get your blog optimized to actually convert visitors into Amazon customers.

Personally, I did find that it was worth the purchase. Specifically, I liked the 5 templates of blog posts (this took out the guesswork for me and gave me some new ideas on how to structure my posts) and I liked the little-known ways of getting sales besides the usual writing a review and getting people to click the links in them.

Amazon Affiliate Affluence at a Glance…

Name: Amazon Affiliate Affluence


Price: $27

Owners: Dale Persons

Overall Rank: 87 out of 100


Click on the photo below to try now:

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amazon affiliate training - if you are tired of making only 2.94$ monthly this ebook cracked the code to making money with the amazon affiliate program


Amazon Affiliate Affluence


Tools & Training




Overall Quality



  • Step-by-step focused guide for beginners.
  • 5 post templates included.
  • Other non-website affiliate marketing strategies.


  • Method requires time to see results.
  • No support method other than e-mail.
  • No refunds.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Training”

  1. Thank you for the review of this book. Looks like it is worth trying. How many pages in the book and is everything explained using images? Are there any video links on how to do things or just plain text?

    • Hi Prav,

      It’s an ebook so no videos but lots of images and step-by-step explanations for everything. I found it really clear. It’s 50 pages long although about 40% of that is appendix resources


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