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A long time ago, affiliate marketing was the best way to make money online. Since then, the structure of how affiliates are compensated and sales are conducted has changed dramatically β€” but there’s still gold in those hills! In the next 5 minutes, I’ll walk you through affiliate marketing with Pinterest and, specifically, how to make your first affiliate sale in less than 30 days step-by-step.

In the end, I’ll also share a tool you can use to cut down the time even further – it will allow you to get your first commission in less than 24 hours.

Traditionally, making your first affiliate sale is a long process. You find a niche, you build a blog, you rank articles in that blog, you start getting a good amount of traffic, you post affiliate links on your blog within relevant articles, and then make sure enough people are clicking on those links that some of them convert and make you commissions.

The process is straightforward enough but it takes a while to build out a quality niche blog and a lot of work to write a sufficient amount of helpful content. The blog has to be a helpful resource 1st and a revenue generator 2nd. It’s just not feasible to try to build a blog to make money (at least not in my opinion) unless you automate everything because it’s just too much work.

There is an easier way to make a little bit of income while you’re going through the process of building up your blog. All you need is the following:

1) Pinterest

2) Canva

3) A niche

4) *Optional: A blog

* A blog is not necessary for this method but it’s helpful to make yourself look more legitimate, let your visitors know that you’re a real person, and prove that you’re a quality business.

This guide goes through things pretty quickly. If you find I’m going too fast, check out Pinterest’s guide on How to Make Money with Pinterest. They go through things extremely thoroughly and might fill in some gaps for you that I skim through.

I first tried to pin affiliate URLs directly to Pinterest in 2015. Back then, it was against Pinterest’s terms of use which was so frustrating because it was obvious how powerful that would be.

Luckily as of 2019, Pinterest has allowed the pinning of affiliate links. This means this is only year #2 of this being a thing. This is fairly young in the world of internet marketing.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

How does Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest work?

Step 1: Create a Pinterest Profile

If you don’t already have one, sign up for Pinterest and create a business profile.

Make sure you include some keywords in your name and your bio. If you have a blog, add the URL and then verify it using Pinterest’s instructions.

Here’s an example of how I set up my profile

affiliate marketing with Pinterest - how to set up your pinterest profile

Notice the keywords in the description, the fact that I elaborated on my description too, and that my URL is verified. I’ve noticed that my logo is really engrained in my Google branding right now and people are starting to recognize it so I’ve kept that as my profile picture but a great idea is to put your face so people know that you’re a real person.

Step 2: Create 5+ Pinterest Boards for Specific Topics and Fill Them Up

The next step is to create at least 5 boards that are specific to your niche. You don’t want to just do “Business” or “Social Media”. Rather you want to do “Instagram Tips” or “How to Start a Blog”.

Next, make sure you include lots of keywords in the descriptions of those boards.

Here’s an example of one of my boards:

affiliate marketing with Pinterest - How to set up your boards in Pinterest

Notice how many keywords I’ve included in my description and how the topic of my board is very specific?

Whatever your niche is, you can do the same thing.

Next, make sure each of your boards is filled up with at least 50 relevant pins. This is NOT hard with Pinterest

Step 3: Join Good Quality Affiliate Programs Related to your Niche

I like to promote my favourite products/resources that have independent affiliate programs because I love them and use them consistently in my business.

You can check out my list of TOP TEN Affiliate Programs that I use most frequently for my business. 

Step 4: Create Gorgeous Pins and Post Them with your Affiliate URL

I use Canva Pro to create all of my pins. I have certain templates that I like doing and have become my “branding” for my website. I suggest you look around Pinterest for big accounts and get some inspiration from their pins.

Once you have an idea of what people like, you can design your very own pins.

Here are some examples of mine:

affiliate marketing with Pinterest - how to design pins for pinterest

Some important tips for affiliate pins to avoid getting in trouble:

  1. Don’t include your website on affiliate pins
  2. In the description for affiliate pins, make sure that you include something that shows it’s an advertisement – a lot of accounts don’t do this but I like to stay safe and transparent
  3. Don’t make any false claims in your pins

Step 5: Pin 20-30 Times a Day with an Affiliate Pin Every 5th Pin

Every day, you want to re-pin quality content to your Pinterest profile. Every 5th pin or so should be an affiliate pin. Within the month, you’ll have over 700 pins of which 150 of them should be affiliate pins.

That’s a whole lot of links for people to see and using relevant keywords in the descriptions and in your board descriptions should ensure that you’re consistently ranking.

How to Cut Down the Time to your First Affiliate Commission from 1 month to 24 hours

Only in 2020 did I realize that Pinterest changed its terms of use. The only reason I was even reminded of the fact that I had the idea of pinning affiliate links directly to Pinterest back in 2015 was actually because of a pin that I saw while browsing Pinterest. This turned out to be a link that led me to Blogging Her Way, a blog by Dale and one of my new favourite resources online.

I knew the steps that I’ve outlined in this post already and they had already worked for me but she claimed you could fast-forward the process of getting commissions to 24 HOURS! I thought this was crazy. I mean 1 day? This is revolutionary in the world of affiliate marketing where the traditional blog route takes at least 1-2 months (if you’ve got like 8 hours a day to invest).

I decided to take her course because it was only $20 and I figured the worse that would happen is that I don’t learn anything new and see how other business owners are leveraging Pinterest. But when I took her course, her strategy immediately clicked with me and I realized the 2 steps I had been missing: groups and tailwind.

After I read her e-book, I got 4 conversions in 48 hours and grew my Pinterest by 1000%…

To learn exactly how to use these tools, I recommend getting her newly updated E-BOOK. You can get through the whole thing in a few hours and it really accelerated my own strategy. Plus, you don’t even need a blog for this strategy to work – all you need is a Pinterest account! How cool is that?

I also made a FULL REVIEW of this amazing e-book so you’ll know exactly what you’ll do if you purchase it: Get Paid To Pin On Pinterest.

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