9 Best Crypto Alert Apps in 2022 (For Android and IOS)

Trading cryptocurrencies is a popular type of investing, but the market is highly unpredictable. Price swings are fairly prevalent due to a lack of restrictions, inherent worth, and so on. Bitcoins can change dramatically within minutes, if not seconds, because of the volatility of this market.

This is where crypto alerts come in. Let’s look at the best crypto alert apps and websites to help traders and investors remain on top of the market.

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Top 9 Best Crypto Alert Applications & Services

Crypto alerts can be a very great resource for investors and traders. Because, it is now possible to receive alerts not just when price changes occur, but also about the most recent crypto news updates, impending exchange listings, and other data.

The types of alerts and their accurate cryptocurrency price tracker, however, vary from platform to platform. Therefore, no two crypto alert services are alike.

So, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the finest crypto alert apps and websites on the market right now.

1. eToro

eToro is a well-known online broker that accepts a wide range of crypto assets, including cryptocurrency. It serves around 25 million users from all over the world. The platform offers a variety of digital assets and allows users to establish current price alerts for their favorite coins. eToro is the greatest site to start trading cryptocurrencies for novices. 

When the selected crypto price increases in a predefined range, eToro will notify the user. It is also possible to receive alerts when the price of the digital asset rises or falls by a predetermined proportion. This means that investors can respond rapidly without having to monitor the market.

best crypto alert apps - eToro

If you want to get full instructions on how to set alerts on eToro, click here.

2. Cryptocurrency Alerting

Cryptocurrency Alerting is a reliable resource for thousands of traders, blockchain developers, enterprises, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This alerting technology monitors the crypto space with over 27,000 digital tokens and collects real time data from over 46 exchanges. It keeps track of wallet transactions, exchange listings, and other on-chain statistics. You can configure alerts that are actively watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing them to receive precise messages based on their tactics.

best crypto alert apps - cryptocurrency trading
image from: App Store

Email, text messages, phone calls, or browser notification can all be used to get transaction alerts. Users can also choose to receive updates via Telegram, Discord, or Slack bots. This service also provides one of the top crypto alert apps, allowing investors to receive market information while on the road.

To set an alert, you must first define the parameters. First, you select the mechanism for receiving the notice. Then, you inform the mobile crypto app that you want to get notified whenever the value of your chosen cryptocurrency exceeds a specified threshold.

3. Investing.com

Investing.com is a famous financial portal that provides investors and traders with a variety of tools. It collects data on over 300,000 financial instruments from various exchanges across the world, so it’s no surprise that Investing.com includes crypto price notifications.

You can create customizable price alerts for the cryptocurrency you want to follow and monitor.

best crypto alert apps - investing.com
image by: APK Pure

The website or app will notify you whenever there is a price change or an economic event. In addition, Investing.com has authorized authors and professionals who produce analytical pieces for various financial products.

You can receive alert notifications from Investing.com via smartphone or desktop. You may also manage your alerts through the Alert Center in the app.

4. Coinalert.me

Coinalert.me is one of the best crypto alert apps for cryptocurrency traders. While other apps allow you to purchase and sell coins, Coinalert.me just shows you updates for the coins you want.

You can select the market and the coin pair to monitor. Then, depending on the trading volume or the asset’s price, set up a trigger. You can also specify a price range, like maximum and minimum prices, based on your preferred price threshold.

best crypto alert apps - coinalert.me
image by: medium.com

Coinalert.me is exclusively available for Android users, however, iOS users can access the web version. Even if you don’t have the app, you can still receive notifications via Telegram and email.

5. Tradingview

TradingView is well-renowned for its extensive trading tools, which include a technical analysis, and numerous indicators, price charts, and other features.

The platform includes hundreds of pre-built studies, 50+ sophisticated drawing tools, and a set of most important tools for in-depth market analysis that cover the most common trading principles. In fact, many notable cryptocurrency brokers have joined with TradingView to provide their users with cutting-edge market analysis tools.

best crypto alert apps - tradingview
image by: TradingView

Given this, it is no surprise that this platform is also widely used as a cryptocurrency price alert app. TradingView customers can specify up to 12 distinct alert criteria. Price action, indications, or methods can all be used to create them.

If you want to learn more about setting up price alerts on Tradingview, go here.

6. Coinwink

If you’re looking for a user-friendly solution, Coinwink is worth a look.

Coinwink allows you to avoid continually checking cryptocurrency prices. This is because you will be notified immediately if your coin reaches a particular threshold. Having a detached viewpoint can truly benefit the trader in terms of favorable outcomes.

Personal information about users is never disclosed to third parties, and you won’t receive spam emails and messages.

best crypto alert apps - coinwink

Coinwink is a fully free plan. It has thousands of subscribers and usually sends out over 100,000 alerts.

It states that successful trading activities is done with an easygoing, winning mindset that is based on honed intuition rather than extensive analysis.

7. Crypto Launchpad (Telegram Channel for Crypto Alerts)

I discovered that Crypto Launchpad is one of the leading sources of relevant advice about new currency releases after reviewing the crypto breakthrough alerts available on Telegram. This Telegram channel has around 3,000 subscribers and a high level of participation.

best crypto alert apps - crypto launchpad Telegram channel

Most importantly, this channel informs its members about the top new cryptos. This eliminates the need for investors to hunt the internet for new coin initiatives worthy of their attention.

Instead, Crypto Launchpad handles everything. Investors can determine whether or not to buy the suggested cryptocurrency based on the alerts.

8. Coinmarketcap

CoinMarketCap is without a doubt the most popular website for tracking cryptocurrency prices. At the time of writing, it listed over 20,000 cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, CoinMarketCap includes an ICO calendar, making it simple for investors to identify the next cryptocurrency to erupt in the financial markets.

best crypto alert apps - CoinMarketCap
image by Google Play

This platform’s watchlist is one of its most useful features. Investors can sign up for a CoinMarketCap account and establish a watchlist of digital currencies, and keep track of all cryptocurrency markets.

CoinMarketCap also provides one of the market’s best cryptocurrency price alert apps.

Users can now receive push notifications regarding market updates immediately on their cell phones. Most importantly, CoinMarketCap is entirely free to use.

9. Coinbase

If you’re new to cryptocurrency trading, the dramatic price fluctuations of Bitcoin — and, by extension, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum — might be alarming. Seasoned traders, on the other hand, regard market changes as opportunities to increase their holdings and profits. You can trade cryptocurrencies more effectively with Coinbase.

You can’t set up automatic purchases and sales of bitcoins, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum as you can on an exchange site like GDAX or Poloniex, but Coinbase does let you set up price alerts to guarantee you don’t miss out on buying and selling chances. Best of all, activating price notifications is simple and straightforward, and the setup is identical for iPhones and Android devices.

Learn how to set price alerts on Coinbase in this article.

What exactly is a Crypto Price Alert?

A crypto price alert is a notification that appears on your phone when the price of a coin reaches or approaches a specified price level.

To stay ahead of this, you must have an app that can be configured to deliver alerts once the price surpasses a certain threshold. The idea should be obvious: buy before the currency rises and sell before it falls.

Price notifications are used by cryptocurrency traders to stay ahead of the market. They want to understand when a currency has been overvalued and can be sold for a profit, as well as when it has been undervalued and could be purchased.

How Do Crypto Alerts Function?

Crypto alerts websites mainly collect information from exchanges and other platforms in order to keep their consumers up to speed on market developments.

The alerts received will be determined not just by the site, but also by the investor’s choices.

As an example:

Assume a user has configured custom alerts to receive a notification whenever the price of Bitcoin exceeds $30,000. When these requirements are met, the platform will notify the user promptly.

As previously said, the alarm can be delivered via app, email, SMS, push notification, or even phone call. However, active alerts will differ from one user to the next.

Some alert sites also give crypto signals, which are trading recommendations that tell the traders which coin pair to trade.

A long-term Investor should be aware that information acquired from a bitcoin price alert app or a signal provider may not always be correct. Because alerts are frequently delayed, the market may have altered by the right time the user acts on the information.

As a result, it is critical to utilize alerts just as a starting point and then conduct an independent investigation to determine whether there is a missed opportunity to benefit or avoid a loss.

What’s the Best Crypto Alert App?

Overall, cryptocurrency price alerts are quite useful for traders because they provide information on price movements for specific cryptocurrencies.

Some of the best crypto alert apps are also useful for newbies who wish to learn more about the market.

Personally, Cryptocurrency Alerting is my favorite crypto price alert app since it allows you to personalize alerts depending on your preferences. It also boasts the most notification mechanisms of any app or website.

Because it monitors over 25,000 coins, your token is almost certainly among them. You may also establish price alerts for bitcoin prices on over 40 exchanges.

After a month of trading, if you have several successful deals in your portfolio and have already done a similar study for a few exchanges, forecasting based on recent price variations will be easier.

If you want to make data-driven judgments in the crypto market, it’s best to utilize a crypto price alert app to keep track of price movements.

If you want to make data-driven judgments in the crypto market, it’s best to utilize a crypto price alert app to keep track of price movements.

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